The society Mir Iskusstva

1898-1924 St-Петербург — Petrograd

Members-учредители: L. S. Bakst, A. N. Benoit, S. P. Diaghilev, E. E. Lansere, V. F. Nouvel, A. P. Nurok, K. A. Somov, D. V. Filosofov.

Members-учредители renewed "World of art": L. S. Bakst, A. N. Benoit, I. Ya. Bilibin, O. E. Braz, I. Grabar, M. V. Dobuzhinsky, B. M. Kustodiev, E. E. Lansere, . D. Milioti, A. L. Ober, A. P. Ostroumova-Лебедева, . Roerich, V. A. Serov, K. A. Somov, . A. Tarkhov, J. F. Tsionglinsky, S. P. Yaremich.

active members: B. I. Anisfeld, K. F. Bogaevsky, L. A. Bruni, M. A. Vrubel, A. F. GAUS, A. Golovin, . S. Goncharov, B. D. Grigoriev, V. I. Denisov, I. V. Zholtovsky, V. D. A. Zamirailo, , P. P. Konchalovsky, K. A. Korovin, S. Korovin, P. V. Kuznetsov, A. V. Kuprin, N. E. Lancer, , A. V. Lentulov, E. K. Luksh-Маковская, A. T. Matveev, I. I. Mashkov, D. I. Mitrokhin, G. I. Narbut, K. S. Petrov-Водкин, V. A. Pokrovskiy, A. A. Rylov, F. E. Rosic, . N. Sapunov, M. S. Saryan, Z. E. Serebryakova, D. S. Stelletsky, S. Y. Sudeikin, A. I. Tamans, P. P. Trubetskoy, . P. Ulyanov, P. S. Utkin, V. D. Falileev, R. R. Falk, . P. Feofilaktov, I. A. Fomin, S. V. Chekhonin, A. K. Shervashidze, V. A. Shchuko, A.V. Shchusev, A. E. Yakovlev, M. V. Yakunchikova and others.

Exponent: H. M. Aladzhalov, I. V. Alekseev, Y. P. Annenkov, A. A. Arapov, A. Arkhipov, V. N. Baksheev, V. D. Baranov-Россине, E. M. Bebutov, G. M. Bobrowski, F. V. Botkin, I. I. Brodsky, D. D. Burliuk, A. M. Vasnetsov, V. M. Vasnetsov, G. S. Vereysky, S. A. Vinogradov, M. A. Voloshin, . V. Dosekin, V. P. Kittenplay, S. Y. Zhukovsky, S. V. Ivanov, D. N. Kardovsky, . P. Krymov, M. F. Larionov, Levitan, G. K. Lukomsky, F. A. Malyavin, . V. Meshcherin, P. I. Neradovsky, M. V. Nesterov, L. O. Pasternak, V. V. Perepletchikov, P. I. Petrovichev, A. P. Ryabushkin, M. V. Sabashnikova, A. Savinov, A. S. Sorin, V. E. Tatlin, M. Z. Chagall, K. F. Yuon, G. B. Yakulov and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я (1899, St-Петербург) — 5-я (1903, St.-Петербург); extraordinary — 1906 (Saint-Петербург); 1-я (the renewed "World of art") — 1910/1911 (St-Петербург, Moscow) — 1922 (Moscow and Petrograd); exhibition of studies, sketches and drawings — 1915, 1916 (Petrograd).

One of the most significant artistic associations of the turn of XIX — XX centuries, the master of which largely determined the appearance and further development of whole branches of art — book and magazine graphics, set design, decorative-прикладного art.

the Appearance was preceded by the so-called "circle of self", organized in the late 1880-х students, which sought to synthetic perception of cultural phenomena. - Graduates of the private gymnasium of K. I. May: A. N. Benoit, D. V. Filosofov, V. F. Nouvel; later joined L. S. Bakst, S. P. Diaghilev, E. E. Lansere A. P. Nurok, K. A. Somov. From the mid 1890-х circle actually was headed by S. P. Diaghilev, whose efforts in January 1898 at the Museum school of Baron A. L. Stieglitz was conducted"Exhibition of Russian and Finnish artists". It, along with the members of the group participated M. A. Vrubel, A. M. Vasnetsov, K. A. Korovin, Levitan, S. V. Malyutin, M. V. Nesterov, A. P. Ryabushkin, V. A. Serov, as well as Finnish artists V. Blomster, A. Galen, A. Edelfelt and others.

in the Spring of 1898 by S. P. Dyagilev with the participation of members of the group and support I. E. Repina, Serov, M. V. Nesterov, Levitan organized a literary-художественный the magazine "World of art", publishers of which were Princess M. K. Tenisheva and S. I. Mamontov. The editorial office was located in the house of Sergei Diaghilev on Foundry Avenue, 1900 — in building No. 11 on the embankment of the Fontanka river.

the First issue was published in November 9, 1898; to 1901 it was published every two weeks, from 1901 — once a month. Artistic policy was determined by S. P. Diaghilev (the chief editor) and A. N. Benoit; aesthetic platform of the journal-based debate with the two main directions in the art of the second half of the nineteenth century — academicism and Wanderers. In contrast, they put forward the idea of synthesis of arts and a special kind of retrospect was based on careful attention to the antiquity and diverse use of the historical-культурных reminiscences. The most important part of the program world of art was the requirement of individuality artistic-образного creativity, that would encourage them to engage prominent artists belonging to different artistic movements.

With the first issues of "World of art" promoted "Russian national style", expressed in the work of V. M. Vasnetsov, S. V. Malyutin, E. D. Polenova, M. V. yakunchikova. Later attention was focused on the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries; world of art was able to re-submit the work F. Rokotov, D. G. Levitsky, V. L. Borovikovsky, O. A. Kiprensky, A. G. Venetsianov, architects of Russian Baroque and classicism. At the same time, the magazine introduces readers to the modern Western European art — creativity A. Bocklin, F. stuck, P. Puvis de Chavannes, Moreau, E. Burne Jones.

in Addition to fine art, "the art World" covered the current problems of musical and theatrical life of St. Petersburg. Literary Department appeared in 1900, a significant place in it was given to the poetry of the symbolists and religious-философскому direction, not associated with artistic issues. The Department was headed by D. V. Filosofov; among the principal officers were D. S. Merezhkovsky, Z. N. Gippius, V. V. Rozanov, Shestov L. I., F. K. Sologub, K. D. Balmont.

the Magazine had a refined artistic-графическим design: covers, intros, endings, drop caps draw E. E. Lansere, A. N. Benoit, K. A. Somov, L. S. Bakst, M. V. Dobuzhinsky, G. I. Narbut, M. V. Yakunchikova and others.

In January — February 1899 at the Museum school of Baron A. L. Stieglitz held the first art exhibition of the magazine, which in addition to Russian artists participated European masters — Questionnaire L., A....., A. Benard, F. Brangwyn, E. carrier, F. Lenbach, M. Lieberman, C. Monet, G. Moreau, P. Puvis de Chavan, John. Whistler and others. Along with painting and graphics were exhibited pottery plant "Abramtsevo", embroidery on drawings . J. Davydova and E.D. Polenova, jewelry and R. Lalique vases Л.-К. Tiffany.

1900-1903 were held four exhibitions of the journal (the fourth was exhibited in St. Petersburg and Moscow), which in total were attended by over 60 artists. Exhibitions were held in the halls of IAH and the society.

the Selection of items was conducted under the supervision of the exhibition Committee, elected at the annual meeting of the permanent participants of exhibitions. The exhibition immediately took a prominent place in the artistic life of St. Petersburg. So, 2-я exhibition Association (1900) has collected more than 10 thousand spectators, and the net income from the sale of works amounted to about 17 thousand rubles. The exhibition was accompanied by the publishing of directories.

In 1902 the works of world of art was exhibited in the Russian section of the International exhibition in Paris; K. A. Korovin, F. A. Malyavin, V. A. Serov, p. P. Trubetskoy he was awarded the highest awards.

In 1902-1903, with the participation of "World of art" in St. Petersburg was organized by the permanent salon "Modern art", which was shown the jewelry, majolica, porcelain, furniture, decorative panels.

In February 1903, the world of art has teamed up with the Moscow group exhibition of 36 artists, and resulted in the Union of Russian artists. The latest issue of the magazine (No. 12 of 1904) was released in early 1905.

From 1903 to 1910, the group had not formally existed, however in February — March 1906 S. P. Diaghilev staged under this name an exhibition in which, along with the main core, participated the representatives of the latest trends — B. I. Anisfeld, M. F. Larionov, V. D. Milioti and . D. Milioti, . N. Sapunov, . P. Ulyanov, A. G. Jawlensky and others.

In early 1910, soon after the closure of 7-й exhibition of the Union of Russian artists, there was a split in the organisation. The reason for it was "Artistic writing" A. N. Benoist in the newspaper "Speech", which contained sharp criticism of the works of Moscow members of the Union. In the autumn of the same year, after fruitless negotiations with the Moscow group, seventeen of Petersburgers headed A. N. Benoit out of the CPX and stated its intention to resume the "World of art".

the First organizational meeting was held in October 1910. The Charter, approved June 17, 1914, order stated: "to promote the development of Russian art and facilitate its members to sell their art works." Chairs of the Committee were . Roerich (1910-1913), E. E. Lansere (1913-1916), I. Ya. Bilibin (1916-1917); secretaries — M. V. Dobuzhinsky, G. I. Narbut (1916).

In late 1910 — the beginning of 1911 was held on 1-я exhibition society, which after St. Petersburg was shown in Moscow. Later the exhibition was shown in St. Petersburg and Moscow, 2-я exhibition — even in Kiev. Along with the regular exhibitions in 1915 and 1916 took place the exhibition of sketches, sketches, drawings. By 1917 the society had more than 50 active members. The last pre-revolutionary exhibition was held at the art Bureau E. N. Dobychina in Petrograd and became a real event in the life of the city. The newspaper "Speech" said: "I Held a brilliant, unprecedented Vernissage of the exhibition "World of art". With two hours of... halls began to fill with audience, at four o'clock was almost impossible to move... nowhere was not only to hang but to put top dress, and manythe visitors, despite the heat, I had to undress. Since the opening of the head of the exhibition was besieged by buyers of paintings...", the Number of visitors during the exhibition exceeded 12 thousand people, and the amount from the sale of works amounted to more than 60 thousand rubles.

After the February revolution, the members have performed with many public initiatives and actively participated in the development of projects of reconstruction of the artistic life. In March 1917, when their participation was organized by the Special Council on the arts ("Gorky Commission"), which aims to organize the protection of cultural and artistic values.

In October 1917, actual members of the "art World" became bubnovaya — A. V. Kuprin, A. V. Lentulov, A. I. Milman, V. V. Rozhdestvensky, R. R. Falk and others. Chairman of the society was elected I. I. Mashkov. At the last Moscow exhibition Association (1917/1918, 1921, 1922) work was dominated by former members of "Jack of diamonds" and there was practically no works of the "old" world of art. This caused a protest of the Petrograd group, which did not recognize the rights of Muscovites to act on behalf of the company and held independent exhibitions (1918, 1922, 1924). The group also participated in the exhibitions of the Petrograd House of arts.

In 1927 in Paris hosted a retrospective exhibition "World of art".

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