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Baksheev Vasily Nikolaevich

Бакшеев, Василий Николаевич


Baksheev Vasiliy Nikolaevich

December 13, 1862 (Moscow) - September 28, 1958 (Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist

Born in a family servant. In 1878-1889 he studied at MUZHVZ, first at the architectural department at AP Popov, since 1883 - on a picturesque AK Savrasov, IM Pryanishnikova VD Polenov, Vladimir Makovsky. In 1889, for the painting "The Return of pilgrimage" was awarded a large silver medal and was promoted to the class artist. In 1895 he traveled to Europe, visited Paris, Munich.

lived in Moscow and the countryside Zaytsevo in Moscow. He worked as a landscape painter, created the genre paintings and still lifes. He was a member of the Moscow Association of Artists (1893-1895). Since 1896 - Member of TPHV (participated in exhibitions of the Association since 1891), for several years has been authorized by the organization of exhibitions TPHV in Moscow. Exhibited his works at exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Lovers of Fine Arts (1890-1896, 1910), "World of Art" (1901), 36-year-artists (1901-1903), Union of Russian Artists (1903, 1904, 1906), the international exhibitions in Rome (1911) and Munich (1913). In 1913 he was awarded the title of Academician.

In 1884-1889 he taught drawing in the shelter of the Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, in 1897-1918 - in MUZHVZ.

After the October Revolution was a member of the Commission for the Protection of works of art and antiquities at the Moscow Soviet (1917-1919), was a board member of the Tretyakov Gallery (1918-1919). In 1917-1919 was a member of the union "painters" in 1922 joined the Union of Russian Artists, in 1922-1928 - a member of AHRR. In 1928 was one of the founders of the Society realist artists. In the 1930's have repeatedly traveled to the creative assignment for the USSR. He participated in many group exhibitions in the Soviet Union and abroad, particularly in the 2 nd National Art Exhibition in Moscow (1919), 1-st state of free art exhibitions in Petrograd (1919), exhibitions of Russian art in New York ( 1924), Toronto (1925), Los Angeles (1925), the World Exhibition in Paris (1937), various all-Union exhibitions. Held solo exhibitions in Moscow (1937, 1947/1948, 1952/1953), Leningrad (1937).

is actively involved in teaching activities: in 1933-1940 he taught at the Institute for Advanced Studies of artists, in 1940-1958 - in the Moscow Regional Art School memory 1905, in 1945-1951 - at the Moscow Fine Arts Production School named. MI Kalinin, Professor (since 1940). For his efforts he was awarded the title of Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR (1937), active member of USSR Academy of Arts (1947), People's Artist of USSR (1956), winner of the Stalin Prize (1943), two Orders of Lenin and Red Banner of Labor. Author of memoirs (Moscow, 1961).

retrospective exhibitions of the artist's place in the Kirov (1962) and Moscow (1973).

Baksheev - one of the greatest masters of Russian (Soviet) painting of the first half of the twentieth century, develops the tradition of realistic art, in particular, plein air lyrical landscape. Combined with restraint, impressionistic brushwork with a symbolic generalization of images ( "Girl, are breast-feeding the pigeons," 1887; "Rime, 1900;" Autumnal rays ", 1916). A number of recent works inherent memorial and political significance of images ( "At home MI Kalinin, 1947).

Baksheeva works are in many museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum and others.

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