Policy of the JSC "safe" in relation to the processing of personal data
ARTinvestment.RU   29 апреля 2017

Consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with the law N 152-ФЗ "On personal data" and "Policy of JSC "safe" in relation to the processing of personal data"

Legal and actual address of JSC "safe":
105064, Moscow, Gorokhovskiy per. 7, bld 1

1. The purpose and scope of the policy in relation to personal data

1.1. The document "Policy of CJSC "safe" in relation to the processing of personal data" (hereinafter – the "Policy") applies to all personal data of the subjects treated, ZAO "safe" with using automation tools and manually.

1.2. The document defines the position of ZAO "safe" in relation to the processing and protection of personal data aimed at observance and protection of human subjects, which is the site of the domain ARTinvestment.EN, belonging to the JSC "safe", including their right to inviolability of private life, personal and family privacy.

1.3. To "political" has access to any personal data subject. Link to the text of the "Policy" is published on all pages of the sites within the domain ARTinvestment.EN.

2. The terms used

2.1. Personal data (PD) — information related to a specific natural person, including surname, name, patronymic; date, month and year of birth; delivery address; phones; email address; logins in messenger.

2.2. the Processing of personal data — action or set of actions (operations) with PD committed with use of means of automation or without, including the collection, receipt, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, transfer and deletion of personal data.

3. The subjects of the processing of personal data

3.1. ZAO "safe" processes or may process the personal data of the following entities:

3.1.1. registered users of the sites ARTinvestment.RU (including artinvestment.ru, forum.artinvestment.ru and artinvestment.ru/sales);

3.1.2. employees of JSC "safe";

3.1.3. entities which signed contracts with civil-правового character.

4. The principles and conditions of personal data processing

4.1. ZAO "safe" taking of legal, organizational and technical measures for handling and protection of personal data, the JSC "safe" in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal law № 152-ФЗ "On personal data", other Federal laws of the Russian Federation.

4.2. ZAO "safe" ensures the security of personal data by protecting against unauthorized access to data from destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, transmission, distribution and other illegal and malicious acts.

4.3. In the "Politics" of CJSC "safe" is committed to process only those personal data that meet the objectives of their treatment.

4.4. ZAO "safe" processes personal data only if:

4.4.1. the processing of personal data is carried out with the consent of personal data subject to the processing of personal data;

4.4.2. the processing of personal data is required for providing quality services to the subject of personal data;

4.4.3. the processing of personal data necessary for the execution of the contract which is the subject of personal data, as well as for the contract at the initiative of the data subject.

4.5. ZAO "safe" is entitled to entrust the processing of personal data to third parties, on the basis of concluded with these individualsof the contract in the case that these persons undertake to observe the principles and rules of processing and protection of personal data, stipulated by Federal law № 152-ФЗ "On personal data".

5. Policy of personal data subjects

5.1. By submitting your personal data on the websites of JSC "safe", the user (the data subject) agrees to their processing and obtaining information that is relevant to the purpose of providing personal data, including newsletters and alerts sent by e-mail of the subject of PD subsystem and via personal messages.

5.2. ZAO "safe" has the right to send information, including advertising, messages and alerts by e-mail or private messaging subsystem user of the site (subject DD) in the case of committing actions, confirming the agreement.

5.3. System messages from the sites of CJSC "safe", informing the user about the stages of registration, authorization, password recovery and other system messages that are generated automatically and cannot be rejected by the user — subject to PD.

5.4. Referring to the sites of CJSC "safe", the user expresses their consent to the collection and analysis of data using cookie technology, including third parties, for the purposes of generating statistics and optimizing display advertising.

5.5. ZAO "safe" gets the metadata of users of the sites artinvestment.ru (cookie, ip-адреса, location information) and may use this information in purposes not inconsistent with this "Policy" and the law № 152-ФЗ "On personal data". In case of disagreement of the subject of PD on the processing of these data, it is necessary to leave the site.

6. Rights of the data subject

6.1 the Subject of personal data is being processed, ZAO "safe", has the right:

6.1.1. receive advance warning about the collection and processing of personal data for the fulfilment of certain actions on the website, including filling out registration forms, as well as to the possibility of waiver of actions related to the provision of personal data in the event of disagreement with this "Policy";

6.1.2. to obtain information about the location of ZAO "safe", as well as contact information to contact the person responsible for the processing of personal data;

6.1.3. clarification on the handling of personal data of the subject in response to a written request sent to the JSC "safe" at the address 105064, Moscow, Gorokhovskiy per. 7, bld 1;

6.1.4. require edit, block or destroy their personal data if they are obtained illegally or are not necessary for the declared purpose of processing;

6.1.5. to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data;

6.1.6. to opt out of receiving newsletters (non-system messages) and advertising messages by informing the JSC "safe" about your decision by e-mail info@artinvestment.ru;

6.1.7. to require the elimination of misconduct in relation to his personal data.

7. Protection of personal data

7.1 In processing the personal data of CJSC "safe" taking the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to protect personal data against unauthorized oraccidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, dissemination and other illegal actions concerning personal data, namely:

7.1.1. definition of threats to the security of personal data during their processing in personal data information systems;

7.1.2. detection of unauthorized access to personal data and measures;

7.1.3. restore personal data, modified or destroyed as a result of unauthorized access to;

7.1.4. the monitoring of the measures taken to ensure the security of personal data and security level of personal data information systems;

7.1.5. accounting machine carriers of personal data;

7.1.6. conducting proceedings concerning violations of security requirements of personal data.

8. Responsibility

8.1. In order to coordinate actions to ensure the security of personal data, the JSC "safe" nominated person responsible for ensuring the security of personal data.

8.2. ZAO "safe" is responsible under applicable law of the Russian Federation in case of default of the provisions of this "Policy."

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