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ARTinvestment.RU   27 марта 2008

Information on the Internet project ARTinvestment.RU

ARTinvestment.RU — online-проект dedicated to Russian art market. The website ARTinvestment.RU addressed to collectors and professional market participants, especially the galleries, investors and analysts.

the basis of the site content ARTinvestment.RU went to the auction data from 2000 to the present day about the works of Russian painters of the XVII — XXI centuries. The information obtained from auctions USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Russia, and Israel, allow us to estimate the dynamics of the value of works by specific artists to produce a convincing argument for the current price levels and make decisions based on reliable market information. Especially full on the website are the most valuable and practical information layer — sales statistics for 2006-2016. For most works of this period are published in the system of mandatory technical and price parameters, and photography.

ARTinvestment.RU contains information about more than 190 000 deals with the works of Russian artists, including works by representatives of the Russian Diaspora. The database includes more than 10 000 artists — as masters of the first magnitude, and authors, little known to the public, — whose life and creativity (even in some periods) have been associated with Russia. For more than 190,000 of the works participating in the auction in 2000, provides detailed technical parameters, estimate and sale price, if such information was published by the organizer of the auction, while lot found a buyer. For many of the artists included in the database, provided the original biography.

ARTinvestment.RU publishes regular reviews of developments of the art market, and practical advice to investors. Separately prepare a series of information materials addressed to young investors, explaining the basics of investment collections and tips how to choose the direction of investment and avoid the pitfalls in the art market. Especially information flow ARTinvestment.RU is to publish its own price forecasts for key upcoming "Russian bid". Experts ARTinvestment.RU approximately two weeks before the auction publish a professional opinion on the prospects of individual lots with their own significant price appreciation, supported by an analytical justification.

Expert advice website ARTinvestment.RU forming an opinion, which is the basis for assigning complex indicators of investment risk for the individual works. The match marks — indicators of investment risk — accompany items as past and upcoming auctions. This allows collectors and investors to reduce risk when making decisions.

Expert advice includes not only experts-искусствоведы, but also gallery owners and collectors with high competence in their respective fields.

Database ARTinvestment.RU receives regular daily update. The system tracks information about the upcoming auction with works by Russian artists, and after the auction, made to the base data on the auction results. Developed search algorithms provide the ability to scan not only specialized "Russian auction" large houses, but the majority of trading small and medium auctionsappear the works of Russian artists. All this allows to call ARTinvestment.RU indispensable practical tool for professional market and also for a wide range of users in need of unbiased pricing information on the art market.

for more information about the project ARTinvestment.RU can be obtained by phone (495) 632-16-81 or using e-mail.

CEO — Konstantin Babulin, Director — Alexander Sinev, chief editor — Vladimir Bogdanov, Executive editor — Elena Vladimirova, editor — Maria Onuchina.

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