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Tips novice collectors


A brief history of collecting. The twentieth century: the great migration of collectors

At the end of the historical material under heading "Tips for beginning collectors" — on how new-Йорк ousted Paris from the pedestal art-рынка and approved collecting in its present form


A brief history of collecting. From Venetian Republic to the XX century

The second part of our material under heading "Tips for beginning collectors." Today we will talk about how to create the culture of collecting in Europe for centuries — and in what form approached the beginning of the XX century


A brief history of collecting. The ancient world and the middle Ages

In the history of the subject that-то may seem naive, the other — to be used in the practice of market participants. One thing is certain: in any profession, knowledge of each successful person should be based on the successes and failures of his predecessors


Find a masterpiece at a flea market: "secret technology" or "survivorship bias"?

Buy for five dollars and sell it for a million. A passionate desire to pull a lottery ticket pursues many inexperienced buyers. Don't piss me with your books Yes, museums! Answer simple: how to buy a masterpiece at a flea market?


How to buy a painting as a gift

Have important person have a budget for a gift, dedicated and want to do-то decent. What to give Tom, who almost has everything? Buy picture — are advised by experienced people. I agree with them. But will have to try not to be trapped


How to sell a picture

A family heirloom, inheritance, hung yourself on the wall, and hung. But decided to sell it, people first think. Where to sell? How not to sell too cheap? Not so simple questions as soon as it comes down to it


Than to confirm that the picture belongs to you

Whether a collector of documents in the possession of the picture? Beginners want the final paper, actual armor. What if it gets stolen? What if you need to sell? Than I will prove that the painting is mine?


How much time is "surviving" the picture to the next resale

What is the payback period to be allocated for investment in the painting? How much time you need the picture to "otvisetsya"? And when it makes sense again to auction off to make money on the resale?


How to lose money on "investment" in art. 11 "bad advice"

In addition to the quite radical scenario with the purchase of fakes (they generally will not speak), there are some pretty reliable ways to return the money invested and permanently disappointed in the purchase of works of art


Why rogues are not afraid to fake living artists

It would seem, what's the point to offer fake living artist, if he sees it and finds out? Why would-то to risk that? These doubts rational thinking people strongly into the hands of rogues of all stripes


Question of the day: What are the first prices to put the artist on his paintings?

For how to sell the movie in the beginning? What price is considered reasonable? Opinion AI is addressed primarily to young artists working without gallery and without auction sales. The rest can not even read — will understand without us


Question of the week: is it Possible to judge the authenticity of paintings from the photo?

"How can you say that it is a fake photo, without seeing the painting live!" Did you hear that? The first thing to do at these words, — guard. This "argument" is usually floated when it is unclean


Question of the week: is it Worth it to promote the artist directly and only through auctions?

This idea is visited by many novice promoters, especially from other businesses that are not connected with art. Why do the fools spend money on the show, if you can take a shortcut and immediately exhibit? Right to negotiate — and the hat!


How to start a new collector? Idea first — sixties

Buying art in a crisis is beneficial. Such an affordable price was not, perhaps, Oh, 15 years. Many people ask: how to approach the topic? Which artists should more pay attention to the auctions? What to buy to not be disappointed? Below — one of the opinions


As an artist to get to the auction

For the novice collector, this question logically pereformuliruem to another: "how do you know whether to buy the work of the artist, which has still not been auction sales?". Approaches to decision-making is almost the same


How to invest in art in a time of crisis. Situation 2017

Eight years more-менее bad economic conditions freed from many illusions. But life at art-рынке not stopped. Just it is necessary to adapt. How? Below — advice from a position of real experience ARTinvestment.RU


Why buy art at auction?

There is always more, where newcomers are manipulated, there are dealers hyping "their" — because all you heard of it? What fables are not around there is one of the most transparent forms of trading art


How not to buy a fake

Remember errors dangerous actions and basic precautions when buying paintings and drawings


How to find out of work price


Услуги ARTinvestment


Индивидуальные консультации от опытных искусствоведов по любым вопросам в сфере искусства

Составление Инвестиционного Портфеля

Подбор предметов искусства для инвестирования под любую инвестиционную стратегию

Индивидуальная оценка

Наши эксперты проведут профессиональную оценку вашего предмета искусства, учитывая его состояние, авторство, историю и другие факторы


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КАНТОР Максим Карлович (1957) Портрет женщины (Анна). 1992 (64,6 × 47 см, лист)

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БРИТОВ Ким Николаевич (1925–2010) К весне. 2004 (30,5 × 40,4 см)

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СОМОВ Константин Андреевич (1869–1939) Фарфоровые фигурки на каминной полке. 1928 (32 × 33,5 см в свету)

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