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Question of the week: is it Possible to judge the authenticity of paintings from the photo?

"How can you say that it is a fake photo, without seeing the painting live!" Did you hear that? The first thing to do at these words, — guard. This "argument" is usually floated when it is unclean

Most likely. We are not the world to restore justice and not the courts who-то eyes open. We solve the problem in a pragmatic way, for yourself. To auction or well, it's away from sin? Need to get involved in expensive expertise or obviously understand that not worth powder and shot?

And believe me, a simple photo to take such decisions often enough for the eyes.


the fact that the superpoddelki ("Shishkin", "Leonardo" and "Cellini" quality as a movie) — is a rarity. It is in "Sherlock" video on solar Eclipse, the authorship is removed. And everything in life less intricate. Fortunately, 90 % "fakes of mass destruction", circulating in the market, — is a pretty shoddy product. Stuff, designed for people very far from art. Any additional research for these falshakov conduct is not required. Not only the specialist but also to any nasnodename man everything will be immediately clear even to the most disgusting photo.

That gives a fake, in addition to the quality class "daub"?

1. a copy of a story or a compilation on the theme of famous originals. This is when an Amateur copy or a composition based on several works supplied a fake signature and issued for the original. Often in such cases the victim is grasping at straws and begins to put forward the theory that this may be repetition. Say, did the artist return to a favorite story? We say: he could, of course. And many did, and more options are written, and on orders things copied. All good, except that the forgers are not deprived of a kind sense of humor, or rather, contempt for an uneducated clientele. A fake inspired by Serebryakova, without scruple sign, Lansky, and the plot Mashkov is a picture of Falk, Clune, Altman. Imagine the distance from Mashkova to kluna? I am sure that the crooks represent. But here, again, "people hawala".

Photos of the original paintings, which were sculpted following "masterpieces", we are, alas, not found. Traces (signatures on the forgeries) are in the South-восток region — in Kurovskoye in Kolomna. We would be grateful if someone-нибудь know the original and send it on [email protected].

2. the Abundance of "fake" tags, labels, decals and other alleged traces of the existence of work in the circulation. "Inventory classes", numbers, notes. The more the better. The potential victim must give the impression that the thing is old, was not just on exhibitions and only narrowly got the stamp "authorized for export from the USSR". Moreover, when the-нибудь deceived the purchaser understands that many of the more falshakov and signed in the same handwriting. Outrageous disregard for the emotional state of customers!

3. Deliberate mismatch of class material to the positioning of the proposed place of sale. Why, one wonders, to sell the world first names of the mysterious "European collection" at auction or at a gallery in Russia? Then suddenly Raphael to haul in three of the border in Russia, and not to put on the most expensive auction world, Sotheby's and Christie's, which moreover are at the side? Which the seller is so naive? Talk about the rich Russian lovers — guff. Then what the sellers here?

4. Deliberate distortion of the initials of the artist with the sonorous name. The buyer reads: "Lentulov". Bah! Lentulov! Who does not know Lentulov! And that is what-то "M. Lentulov" (garde-бубновалетовца name was Aristarchus), the buyer may not pay attention. Why is it done? Maybe for the sake of affectation: another mockery of the naive buyer. Maybe it's a formal attempt to evade responsibility. You bought Lentulov — here you Lentulov. Yes, a little-known painter M. Lentulov. Oh, you thought that Aristarchus? Well where did you used to watch?

As you can see, in order to decide on each item, simple picture will be enough for the eyes. Even inferior.

a Miracle will happen, you don't have to persuade. No photos in high resolution, no personal inspection or a survey of experts does not add any new information on the merits. Better the extra money and time to save on the really important case: when the work is so good that you will not be sorry to spend 30 000-50 000 rubles for a comprehensive examination at the right place.

and the last. The most important thing. Fake may not be quite sochildren's errors (in initials or dates, when the year of the creation years later of the death of the alleged author). There can be all right: and the name of the-отчество, and turnover without namozolivshih eyes tags. It's all indirect evidence. And most importantly, it should alert — is the quality of the painting, a stylistic dissimilarity. Hours browsing the reference works of this author is enough to show reasonable doubt. Or has not appeared.

Believe the eyes and nose. The forgers not seven spans in a forehead, and the talent they are usually not great. They and fantasy usually tight (hence the clumsy compilation) and perseverance (hence missing the style, dates, periods, biography). So the chances usually on the side of the buyer. Not sure — do not rush, take your time to study and not rely on sheer luck.

What else to read on the topic on AI:
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