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  • 28.01.2020 Alternative investments as an asset class. What is it? Talk about alternative investments — everything at the same time must provide the owner money, fame, and adrenaline
  • 09.08.2019 Why the confiscated paintings do not need to be sent to museums In the Wake of the news about sending in the Museum "New Jerusalem" authorities seized paintings Janna bullock had a few calls with the question: "why is this Museum?" Really, why?
  • 07.03.2019 Passion right route Deciding to "protect the rights" of artists and their heirs, the government imposed art-рынок another casinoroom — 5% on the right route. And instead of useful work has started walking...
  • 26.04.2018 Appraisers art was going to complain to Putin For appraisers, introduced a new mandatory qualification exam. It is not easy. As a result, the majority of experts who really understand the specifics of the evaluation of works of art, almost lose the right to engage in this activity
  • 26.05.2016 From the Ministry of culture asked for the removal of the picture of Nyssa Prosecutors said that the experts accredited by the Ministry of culture, understate the value exported at Sotheby's masterpieces, created conditions for illegal border crossing and allowed other violations
  • 24.05.2016 Artist Pavlensky found guilty, freed from punishment and left behind bars The conflict is simple: to punish the action with the burning of tires, the Statute of limitations, and for the arson of the door of the reception of the FSB, the court decision is still pending. Meanwhile, the artist continues to hold in jail
  • 16.05.2016 Borovkova Anatoly Ivanovich was imprisoned for 5.5 years Antiquary, a member of MKAAD was charged with theft of items or documents having special historical, scientific, artistic or cultural value made by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or by an organized group
  • 28.01.2016 Certification of cultural property. A real prospect or trolling art-рынка? In the working group of the Committee on property to discuss the draft law "On circulation of cultural property in the Russian Federation", envisaging a radical change of rules of work on the art market
  • 10.08.2008 Imported cultural values allowed out of Russia In spring 2008, the State Duma introduced a bill which, if adopted, would easily take out of the country's values, previously acquired outside the country
  • 09.08.2008 Non-import of cultural property in Russia will be free The state intends to abolish all customs duties on importation to Russia of cultural values to create private collections, museums and collections
  • 28.07.2008 The state examination in the export of cultural property Temporarily exported cultural property provided for the state examination twice: before and after removal of the return to Russia. That is the prescription of law
  • 27.07.2008 The state examination on the export of cultural property All the cultural treasures, declared for export shall be subject to mandatory review. That is the prescription of law
  • 27.07.2008 Loans bail art The banks and auction houses offer their customers various options for mortgage loans of works from their collections. The higher up the market of art so popular that practice
  • 16.07.2008 About the smuggling of cultural property Supreme Court clarified the issues of qualifications of the smuggling, including on the responsibility for the illegal movement across borders of cultural values. New Publication ARTinvestment.RU under the heading «Act for collector»
  • 15.07.2008 The weapons in private collections The weapons - one of the oldest collectibles. The rights of owners, including collectors, regulated by the law «On Arms», amendments to which have been taken 19 times
  • 15.07.2008 Cemeynye values: general and personal Need to share the common property the family, as well as officially out of the total mass of the personal property of each spouse is not only in a divorce. At ARTinvestment.RU published another story rubric «Act for collector»
  • 14.07.2008 The import of cultural property for personal, family and other non-business purposes Do you want to import purchased abroad picture free? Formally, the law allows it, that's just how simple a simplified declaration and the special register?
  • 13.07.2008 How to avoid splitting the collection in a divorce The law obliges the share jointly acquired the collection of objects that one spouse acquired during the marriage, even if his second half condemned hobbies, and even prevented the collector. What to do in this difficult situation?
  • 26.05.2008 The author's share. Droit de suite in Russian The government in April approved the order and the size of remuneration to authors and their heirs in the public resale of works of fine art, authorship of manuscripts (autographs) of literary and musical works
  • 10.07.2007 ART-insurance. Part 2 With conventional insurance, property to its true value insurant states, confirming its documented (contracts and other documents on the property, paid bills, court decisions, opinions of experts / specialists, etc.)
  • 28.06.2007 ART-insurance. Part 1 Do the owners of cultural property and intermediaries beginning to emerge sustained interest in the insurance of such objects
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