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Why the confiscated paintings do not need to be sent to museums
ARTinvestment.RU   09 августа 2019

In the Wake of the news about sending in the Museum "New Jerusalem" authorities seized paintings Janna bullock had a few calls with the question: "why is this Museum?" Really, why?

But even more interesting: why is Ministry and Ministry of culture, it is not the first time give the confiscated paintings in museums, instead of trying to gain money for them. At the level of the logic of act is quite absurd. For example, the budget withdrew funds. The damage. It is necessary to compensate. It would seem, sell — get money. And compensate at least some-то part. But no. Property, paintings and drawings instead take and send to the Museum. Although this Museum is not robbed nobody. Naturally, in such a scenario any money no one will see. It's just weird, how to take confiscated cars, rehabilitated banks, and send them to the garage of the regional government or the court.

Why then is it done? I will try to suggest.

In-первых so much easier for the officials. Museum with no headaches. Because in order to sell, with the "confiscated" need much to understand. The expertise of authenticity, do what-никакую assessment, to organize the bidding. What to do with falshaki or unclaimed at the auction things, I do not understand. And so, handed over to the Museum — and super. Then let them understand.

In-вторых, it is "politically wise". If you start to organize a commercial event, as evil tongues will start to dig, look for a conflict of interest, trying to blame God knows what. And if you give to the Museum, that reproach as it were, and not what people show care for the state.

-третьих, you can always report that the strengthening of the Foundation of the Museum will potentially lead to an increase in the number of viewers, the growth of tourist arrivals, creation of new workplaces in the sphere of culture. That probably is true. But in the distant future. And yet the sudden expansion of funds will lead to the beginning of additional expenses.

However, no explanation nor look for, but the essence does not change. Money from the collection of the Moscow government in its budget will not receive. And from the pictures, as we know, no hospitals, no schools can not be built.

Why pass it in the "New Jerusalem", also you can guess. So profitable politically. Time the damage caused to the budget of the Moscow region, and confiscated assets should go to one of the best regional museums, not in the capital.

Such an attempt Solomon solutions.

But only at first glance.

For which the Museum or send, still bad. And here's why.

We figured at the prices: only five Museum shows paintings (and there are dozens, if not hundreds) pulling in $650 000. The removal of such a large array of Russian classics from circulation, depletes the national art market. And it is already heavily in deficit. The vast majority of paintings were requisitioned, confiscated and sent (as now) in museums. If the books and coins was still possible as-то to hide from prying eyes in communal apartments, the meter canvases — difficult and dangerous. It is not surprising that the strong things and the masterpieces of Russian art has been preserved for the most part abroad. There they bought Russian, and sometimes brought here for a gallery and dealer trade. But to compensate for the previous withdrawal from the market import not helped. The deficit of Russian classics have been, and still is. And no one considers that the trade art — is also industry, their jobs and everything else.

is Doubly unfortunate that the sending of the confiscatedart is not on the market and in museums is becoming standard practice. More recently it became known that the regional museums of Samara, Tver and other cities the Ministry of culture will send 24 000 works of from the collection of the liquidated by the Supreme court of the International Confederation of unions of artists. Half of the Fund of the successor of the Union of artists of the USSR. Is also given, instead of selling. But these works, at least not directly withdrawn from market turnover. Unlike articles from bullock.

finally, what's the worst way "collection — confiscation — Museum". The data transmission process "confiscated" at the state Museum — is always an event, catching the attention of the press and the public. And today in "the New Jerusalem", where they bring works from the collection bullock, gathered a crew of many television channels. About the event the third day write the major news agencies. Inevitably their reports and announcements are the words "collection", "Antiques", "pictures", "confiscated", "fraud", "legalization". Everything in a mess, without discrimination. Pictures, crime, gilded frame. The person who understands will understand what is what. But each case casts a shadow on the entire industry. Go then explain that collectors are the majority of respected, educated people, intellectuals, not adventurous warehouse. Many of them have published monographs, prepare exhibits, provide their work for an important Museum projects. In a word, are boring from the point of view of the crime life. Of course, things happen. But to put the collectables in the context of crime — is very very dense Soviet prejudice. But in fact it does. Negative information flow spares no one. And the damage to compensate for it is impossible.

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