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ARTinvestment.RU   26 апреля 2018

For appraisers, introduced a new mandatory qualification exam. It is not easy. As a result, the majority of experts who really understand the specifics of the evaluation of works of art, almost lose the right to engage in this activity

the Topic is narrow but significant. Direct all about our lives.

How did it come to this?

Early to engage in evaluation activities with the right to issue official reports on the assessment of movable cultural property, experts need to have relevant education (plus an additional higher diploma of the appraiser), to be in a self-regulatory organization, to pay fees and have insurance. From 1 April 2018, it added one more thing: the assessors were obliged to pass the exam and obtain a qualification certificate from the Ministry. But that's just to pass by its narrow profile, not on the assessment of cultural values, and the evaluation of movable property in General. That is now required to confirm the ability to evaluate paintings, and transport, equipment, furniture, and so on. Who would not want to take the risks to be excluded from its self-regulatory organization of appraisers and lose the right to this work for a period of almost three years. So, severely.

Why test for most appraisers-искусствоведов has become a real problem?

Imagine that you are a driver with 15-летним experience. The rules of the road you are not new, the skills of defensive driving have, "avtopodstav" in my life I've seen and generally unwritten rules of behavior on the road also own. And here you are: perestavaya-ка, brother, on the driver's license again. Why? It is unclear prophylactically. Okay, —, I think you, — knows the absurdity in life. Once the government requires, therefore, knows why he wants it. Let's get tickets — will be prepared. And in response to receiving the tickets we give. But the exam would not be according to your cars, and planes of light aviation. What do you unhappy? What do you care? There are internal combustion engines and newmachine. So get ready for problems about twin-engine planes with wear.

now, weak?

And than you can say "oppressors"? To threaten that the wheel will not sit down and anyone not lucky? Then first, look via the road. You see, there are hundreds of people? Is the pilots. Unlike you, they worked for many years in light aviation in the examination matters are dealt with professionally. The eye without the blink of an eye instead you sit behind the wheel of your car. Yes, maybe the car at a mechanics they are not used to driving and road signs will remember immediately. But, unlike you, the exams they passed and the rights they have.

by the Way, with competitors-пилотами — is not such an abstract metaphor. As it turns out, it was. In 2015, the working group (which included art historians, analysts of the art market and other people versed in it) has developed a good draft of the Federal valuation standard (FVS) movable cultural property — document with the criteria necessary for a correct evaluation of works of art. Specialists a lot of times going to the meeting in the Ministry of economic development, argued, clarified wording, and wrote the text. The case was already submitted for approval see-то formal approval and suddenly everything died down. How to cut. Level of the document is first lowered with the Federal standard to guidelines. And then about him not forgotten. Only after severalyears, the head of the working group Michael Kurapov told the developers what happened. It turned out that the document said "no" to their colleagues — appraisers of the Public Council under the Ministry of economic development. I assume that seasoned professionals reasoned that competitors with knowledge about art they don't need to appreciate art and so they are entitled by law. That is, with mustaches and extra instruction-стандарты from all sorts of critics for their work is not needed. So we can say that the most skilled enemies appraisers of movable cultural property was the other appraisers of movable property.

this is advantageous to establish new restrictions and prohibitions? Who could theoretically be "in the black" from raising new barriers in the form of a qualification examination for untrained appraisers art? I think that's who:

1. Other assessors in the direction of "movable property". They are obviously better prepared for the exam. Having passed it successfully, these specialists will have full right to independently assess and movable cultural values (dkts), too.

2. The organizers of the exams. Organization and examinations — is a new scope of work, payable, in the region of 6 000 rubles for one examinee.

3. Forces and people who are able to lower the tension around exams. It's not about what many thought, and in a broad sense. Including the organization of additional training and exam preparation, for example.

4. Forces and people who don't need to briskly versed in the art and art-рынке people sticking their "flu-like noses" into other people's business and denied whose-то evaluation. Whether evaluation of non-core assets of banks (corporate collections), or estimation of items for procurement committees of museums, for example.

However, what's the use to argue who benefits when the — that you will not work.

Therefore, the appraisers specializing in art, sat down and began to think hard how to live.

20 APR 2018 market participants of the assessment center gathered at the round table in the State Institute of art — to decide what to do with the exam. The word was held by the Director of the State Institute of arts Natalia Sipovskaya, Director General of SRO "Business Union of Appraisers" Irina Shevtsova, head of the working group on standard of cultural values and Chairman of the expert Council of SRO "Business Union of Appraisers" Michael Kurapov, member of the Board of the Confederation of antique and art-дилеров (MKAAD) Natalia Spivak, Vice-президент MKAAD Mikhail Perchenko, Director of the Institute of art-бизнеса Irina Kolosova, etc. From the Ministry of economic development, the Ministry of culture and other government agencies, as usual, no one. The only amendment that Perchenko — Advisor to the Minister of culture, although were from MKAAD.

Unscrew the film back a little. Until the round table started, I was trying to suggest what can be the scenarios for the response of the community of appraisers of cultural property. Then it seemed to me that there are three:

1. To perceive the ban as a natural disaster and to urgently regroup. For example, at the level of SRO open courses-программы for artists in preparation for the ill-fated exam: to coach their people on the issues and challenges to take part of the expenses, etc.

2. Elect the tactics of passive resistance. Times not givewe write the normal evaluation reports — from us then be content with a simple consultation. Ah, the consultation, the courts do not accept? Well, nothing to do: work with those who have attended.

3. Become experts for successful counts of appraisers of vehicles, machinery and equipment. Option, of course, so-so, a little honor and "by money". But the exam is not necessary.

But all three of my guesses turned out to be past. Appraisers of art came up with the fourth way. If to simplify, the essence is this: the exam to recognize "nastavenim" loudly to declare about the problem, create a resolution and send copies to the presidential Administration and Putin. In the Ministry of economy and the Ministry of culture — also copies, but they especially have no hope. The problem with the evaluation of art for the state is not a priority, the paper will walk at the level of deputies.

And what exactly will be offered to the authorities and Putin appraisers of art? At a certain political will, the assessment of movable cultural property it is possible to isolate and withdraw from-под of the law No. 135-ФЗ "About estimated activity". There is a precedent. For example, when risked to choke cadastral appraisal (a real estate and land — this is a question of massive social values), then it made an exception and brought the cadastral valuation of-под actions 135-го of the law. As a special case. If you do the same with the evaluation of art, the exams then you will pass is not necessary. At least not like that. Dkts (movable cultural values) — is, of course, the problem is not comparable in importance with the inventory, but all of a sudden too?

in addition, to support a special approach to the assessment of movable cultural property, the roundtable participants suggested to create the Interdepartmental Commission with stakeholders in the qualitative evaluation of structures. Among them was called MVD, FSB, customs, the Ministry of culture.

Look at all this and think: is the exam so difficult that is for him such a fuss?

regarding the difficulty of the exam there are different opinions. Natalia Sipovskaya, Director of the Institute of art, which receives a treatment for an appropriate assessment of the cultural values directly calls exam nastavenim. In turn, the appraiser and art historian Juliana Dobrov (NINE them. P. M. Tretyakov), which has already tried to pass this exam, believes that the situation is not so hopeless.

Vladimir Bogdanov: Ulyana, you are almost passed the first time, do not get two points. So, to pass a qualifying exam to art can?

Uliana Dobrova: Yes, I think it is quite possible, if you have a basic knowledge on the assessment of movable property and to spend preparation for five days, as I, and ten.

VB: Tell us more how is the exam? How much is he on time? Whether allow to use the computer for solving problems?
U. D.: the Exam is very strict. No unnecessary movements. It lasts two and a half hours. However, I want to inspire confidence in colleagues. In-первых, the exam allows you to use Excel — indispensable for any appraiser program. In-вторых, free webinars, a list of questions and e-training designed to get hand in solving problems. In addition, there are special tutorialto prepare for the exam according to the assessment of movable property. I think that the appraisers who have passed the course assessment of machinery and equipment in courses of professional training, require only the repetition of material and the refinement of algorithms for solving problems. There are nuances and differences, including practice assessments.

V. B.: I heard that the tickets for the preparation of such tickets on the knowledge of traffic rules, the Ministry of economy does not give. What sources would you recommend to prepare for the appraisers?

U. D.: Why not give? On the website of the Ministry of economic development published questions. They are almost identical to the questions on the real exam. Just different conditions in the task: basically change the quantitative data, and the condition and the solution algorithm are the same. In addition, there is a good tutorial, referenced including my colleagues from the Russian society of Appraisers.

V. B.: is There in your opinion what-то benefit from exams? Do you see personally what-то a grain of truth in this story?

U. D.: I would not want to argue with distinguished colleagues from the Institute of Art. Besides, I have no clear answer. On the one hand, the examination cleans and structures the logic of evaluation activity makes to gather and relax in a constant appraisal practice, update their knowledge in issues of related character. For example, appraisers of cultural property rarely work with mortgages, because banks are not interested to give loan against the art, little confidence. But the pledge — is a separate Federal Standard No. 9. On the other hand, the logic in the exam according to the assessment of machinery and equipment appraisers cultural values is completely absent. I think the fact that the authors of textbooks on the evaluation of movable property, machinery and equipment never up to the task to write an exam on the assessment of ck. Because the assessment of cultural values there are a lot of irrational, subjective, associated with taste and specificity of the humanitarian knowledge. Minimum knowledge for the appraiser KTS, in addition to the basic evaluation skills, — is four years of undergraduate art history.

Rented or not @all mdas that, in the end, the details and nuances. It is important that the exam — is first and foremost a new ban, which in recent years has been particularly generous of our government. It is a headache and unnecessary complication for many knowledgeable people. Examination the evaluation of machines for art — same absurdity as the upcoming ban for the galleries and auctions to keep confidential information about their customers. Or as the continuing decades of economic and legal restrictions on the import and export of cultural property. The same absurdity, as permissions on the export of works of contemporary art. All of this lasts for many years: has business activity inhibits the export in the cultural sector. But things are there: do government agencies always have better things to do.

With this exam one way or another will understand. Personally, my feeling @all mdas will still have to pass on the General grounds. And most importantly, the prohibitive on this are unlikely to calm down. The bureaucratic system is arranged so that created and will create artificial employment, organizing trouble for others. And it is ourart-оценщикам to fend off one absurdity, and then come up with a new. Putin will have to write more frequently. Fit so special staff hiring.

What else to read on:
Topics of examination questions and examples of individual tasks included in the qualification exam in the field of valuation activity;
Simulator for preparation for the qualification examination appraisers;
"Evaluation of machinery and equipment: a textbook". M. A. Fedotova, A. P. Kovalev, A. A. Kuschel, and others.

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