Borovkova Anatoly Ivanovich was imprisoned for 5.5 years
ARTinvestment.RU   16 мая 2016

Antiquary, a member of MKAAD was charged with theft of items or documents having special historical, scientific, artistic or cultural value made by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or by an organized group

may 12, 2016 in the Tver district the Moscow city court was announced the sentence in the case 01-0014/2016. Defendants Pepeliaev A. A. (St. 158 part 2 item)), Gutkovich V. I. (St. 164 part 2 item a)) and Borovkov A. I. (St. 164 part 2 item a)) received from 7 to 5.5 years in prison. Alas, not conditionally. Our Anatoly Ivanovich, one of the most respected antique dealers and an outstanding expert in the field of Russian avant-garde books, was taken into custody in the courtroom.

Article 164, part 2, paragraph (a — is theft of items or documents having special historical, scientific, artistic or cultural value, regardless of the method of the theft committed by a group of persons by prior conspiracy or by an organized group. shall be Punished with imprisonment for up to fifteen years with a fine in the amount up to five hundred thousand rubles or the salary or other income of the convicted person for a period up to three years or without such and with restriction of liberty for a term up to two years or without it.

Sentencing has not yet been published, so the exact wording will post later. But the essence of the case, which put Anatoly Ivanovich, has been repeatedly published in the press. Briefly. Many years ago Borovkov made in newspaper ads on willingness to buy antique books and especially books of Russian avant-garde for serious money. Listed specific names and price points. Scans of the ads you can see in , here. For example, in Vitebsk edition 1920 Kazimir Malevich's "Suprematism 34 drawings" deliverer could get from $50 000, for the book Matyushina "Handbook of color", 1932 — from $5 000. And so on — a whole list. It seems to be a normal business-ход. But for the "gifted", just in case, big and bold was written: "Books with stamps of libraries or their traces not to offer!".

nevertheless, "pundits" were found. Went to the library and cut the pages with drawings, stealing blocks or entire books. Quote from article MK: "fake documents, the criminals came in the funds and cut out of the collections page with illustrations or carried away whole books. “I just pulled out the core, replaced it, put cover — that's all”, — later told the investigators Galkevich. The list of stolen books were “Easter Island” Zhdanovich (the Paris edition 1919), “Kobzar” by Taras Shevchenko (1840), 2 books of Samuel Marshak “Circus” and “Ice cream” (1925), “ABC” Lebedeva (1925), and others. The cost of these books — from 300 thousand to 1.5 million rubles. Perhaps this list would be even longer, if one day the librarian decided to check the book out right in front of Vyacheslav Gulkevichi and have not found a substitute. The man was detained. Later caught and Pepelyaeva (Fayzulin by the time he died). Both called the customer of the famous Moscow collector Anatoly Borovkov. They explained that the theft of valuable books prompted their publication on the Internet Borovkova, in which the dealer has indicated their desire to buy certain books for very good money. These works Pepeliaev with Gulkevichi and stealing from libraries, and then brought to the dealer".

Why? The quote at "Radio News": "the Kidnappers of books really wanted to sell the stolen editions in the shop "Russian avant-garde". That's just Borovkov says that when he saw the library press, asked not to be disturbed. However, after the detention of “bibliophiles” pointed it at Borovkova as a customer. “I don't know who you can sell books with the seals. If buying, what-то idiot — in the hope that in 50 years she will not be than-то... the fact that the price for it 10 times, if not more, lower than usual for instance. The collector is never buy”, — Borovkov says. However, both performers at each interrogation insisted to steal the book from the library they were asked exactly Borovkov. And paid for the service a lot of money — a few thousand dollars".

the Result we know. The court believed that a sophisticated, careful, authoritative 66-летний the antique dealer confided, and, in fact, handed his fate in the hands of petty criminals, thieves not burdened with skills and proper intelligence. For the notoriously illiquid and dangerous books with stamps. The court believed. Maybe someone-то else believes. I personally — no.

But I believe that in the market of Russian avant-garde books (like any other antique segment) individual disrupted rival the choicest deals are sometimes able to be perceived as a personal insult. If the desired thing is taken from-под nose collector — is fraught with consequences. But in terms of commercial Borovkov has the reputation of a man who traded hard, transactions are made rapidly, without much regard for the interests of competitors. Naturally, the antiquary, working about 40 years in the high-margin (where from $100 sometimes fails to make $1000) and the conflicting market, for a time acquires a lot of enemies, enemies and enemies. Including influential detractors from the upper spheres.

Antique community, of course, shocked by the development of the case Borovkova — is not the word! A month ago, Anatoly Ivanovich, a member of MKAAD, solemnly celebrated at the opening of Antiquarian salon — Vasily Bychkov said kind words about the oldest party, including noted his philanthropic activities. As a result, as we see 66-летнему antiquary not read any merits to the state, including numerous commendations from the museums, which regularly Borovkov gave the relevant exhibits.

When at the end of March at the Salon, we talked he has at the stand of "Russian avant-garde 1910-1930-хх years", about the upcoming court spoke only in passing, without much interest and attention. Talked about the works in his exhibition, about the examinations on new arrivals, shopping on the successes and curiosities. On these topics he has light up eyes. I just do not have the impression that Anatoly Ivanovich was really worried from-за another court. At the meeting, was not invited, nor asked for, life is not lamented. It can be used. All-таки third trial of-за the same. From a sieve. Perhaps after all of this himself, and appeared a new story as a farce. It turned out, in vain. The danger posed by the justice, were greatly underestimated.

  • Анатолий Боровков на 40-м Антикварном салоне. 26 марта 2016 года

the Verdict Anatoly Ivanovich can be seen as a private tragedy, and as a signal. As an invitation to draw conclusions. Each @their mdas. For example, I suggest such conclusions:

  1. Suspected faulty methods in the antique trade, if desired, may be punished the same term as murder without aggravating circumstances (Art. 105 of the criminal code the sentence for murder — from 6 years). The doubt is not in favor of antiquaries.
  2. Any serious discussion of the liberalization and promotion of market of antique trade today look grotesque. You can offer anything you want, but that's not the problem. Borovkova case (and a number of developing cases for other antique dealers) has a much greater impact on the investment climate than any positive agenda.
  3. the reputation of not working today. As well as do not work and humanitarian concerns (disability, heart attacks, etc.). Patronage and other public-полезная activities, guarantees, what it comes down to, not taken into account. And do not outweigh the testimony of the criminals.

What more is there to say?

Anatoly Ivanovich, I wish You courage and strength to survive this situation. You don't think we are all well aware. You a speedy return.


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