Art Investment

ARTinvestment.RU organizes seminars for investors and art-дилеров

Main themes:

Topic 1: Art-бизнес-русски

Review the current market situation (price movements, the dynamics of consumer activity). The analysis of the results of the recent indicative events — salons and fairs. Where to buy and sell paintings? "Promotion" tricks auctions. How to select the artist for investment. How to verify the authenticity of the works and not to buy a fake. How to check the price. Work with the Moscow auctions. Review candidates for investment.

Topic 2: Working with Russian auctions: how to buy, sell and organize

the Main myths and misconceptions about auctions. How does the auction. The specifics of the auctions: in what houses to go to. Recommendations to customers. Advice to deliverers. The main fault of the organizers. The pros and cons of shopping at auctions. The danger of aggressive promotion by auction. Private experience of start of the Auction. Russian auction market in the here and now: current situation and new trends.

Theme 3: Promotion of the artist at art-рынке

How to identify the artist with good prospects for the art-рынке. Methods of promotion of the artist at art-рынке. Organization of exhibitions and press-конференций. Working with the media. Creating a catalog: cost, production, tips. How to build a working with the Agency and art-консультантом. Methods of promotion on the Internet.

Theme 4: Investing in artists-шестидесятников ("nonconformists", "second avant-garde", "other art")

What is the "other art". Key figures, the names of the second row and undervalued, according to experts, the artists in an informal post-war art: a comprehensive review. The most valuable periods and themes in the works of the sixties. Dynamics of auction results and prospects of investments. How to create an investment collection of works of the sixties.

Theme 5: Investing in contemporary art: the benefits, risks, recommendations

the Purchase of works of contemporary art: benefits and risks. Russian or foreign? Who's who in contemporary art? Prices for works of contemporary art on the open market (auctions) and in the galleries. Auctions of contemporary art. The purchase of works of young artists: what to look for.

Topic 6: collecting in economy-сегменте. What to buy with a budget of 30 000 rubles per month

New opportunities for collectors in a situation of "buyer's market". Is it better to buy 10 works for 30 000 or one in 300 000? Buy famous names or open a new one? Liquidity as the primary goal in economy-сегменте. Options acquisitions of works of art in the range of 30 000-60 000. Investment purchase with a budget of 60 000-120 000. Specific examples. Today where to buy affordable art (affordable art)? Buy directly from the artist: "for" and "against". Features shopping at the Russian auctions. Increasing the level of collection. Where to sell work from its collection.

Each seminar is simultaneously read by two leading: Director ARTinvestment.RU Konstantin Babulin and editor ARTinvestment.RU Vladimir Bogdanov.

the seminar Program is developing since 2008. Performances were held at the Institute of Art and Antiques business, International business school of Financial University (DBA), Antique shops and other venues. Promo-презентацию can be downloaded here.

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МАКОВСКИЙ Владимир Егорович (1846–1920) В телеге (Сваты). 1886 (17,3 × 26,5 см)

Current bid50000 RUB
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КУСТОДИЕВ Борис Михайлович (1878–1927) Титульный лист из альбома «Шестнадцать автолитографий». 1921 (38,6 × 30,3 см)

Current bid100 RUB
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КЛЕВЕР Юлий Юльевич (1850–1924) Зимние сумерки (57,4 × 88,3 см)

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