Opened 27-й auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"
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The catalogue contains artworks of Seeds Agroskin, Alexei Vaulin, Dima Goryachkin, Dasha Delone, Anna Laurel, Denis Mikhailov, Andrei Munz, Arman Sirunian, Kathy-Анны Taguchi and Tatiana Yang

the fee from buyers is 18%.

Catalogue of the Auction No. 341 and 27-го auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots 27-го curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

In the composition of the auction of 10 lots — nine paintings and one sculpture.

Simon Agroskin. Promenade. 2014

Landscapes and still lifes Seeds Agroskin full-scale, figurative, and, at first glance, very close to reality, but to reality what — speculative, imaginary or physical? "The subject and the visible world on the brink of extinction, dissolution and collapse before the inevitable end of civilization — that is, perhaps, a concept close to me" (Simon Agroskin,

We already know, smart people explained that the picture died, and to paint indecent. Well, Agroskin what? Do not know? Yes, he just reads magazines and achievements of critical thought watching attentively. Simple man. A simple artist. Just the artist.

In fact — schoolboy studies. Sitter. One is sitting, another standing, a third turned. In fact — is written with mud. GRESELI. Well, put them in plastic bags, so the details didn't distract from the main. And what's actually important? By-моему, most importantly, that man, without a moment's hesitation, dares to claim the skill. And not without reason. Artist business attempts. Beauty no, well, that just wanted to pay and hang on the wall. Slope is not, well, that article tisnut wanted. And the picture is. Painting there. There is an art, declares itself quite clearly, regardless of who and what about it will tell. I will say the very fact of its existence (Semyon Faibisovich). About the artist AI: "Person of the week: Simon Agroskin".

Alexey Vaulin. The orbit of life. 2013

Vaulin uses color as a textured, almost sculptural mass that sculpts the forms, as well as a subtle graphic technique, spontaneous drawing colored lines and spots; works both decorative and incredibly difficult from a scenic point of view. In intellectual abstraction Vaulina color reaches its full expression and freedom — he reveals himself, his own purity and beauty, equating painting to philosophy (

modern art in General is a very important element of surprise: unpredictable according to the freshness of perception and sharpens our senses. Unpredictability has become our dope, the necessary portion of the "mental extreme sport" to which all aspire, despite eternal tears about the lack of rest. Modern man — he is not for peace, he — for the eternal search, the combustion, the intensity of the feelings and thoughts. The artist especially should not be left as the "inner silence", lulling the attention of the peace. Painting for me —, the very element of unpredictability, although as an author I try to think about your compositions. Butwhat-то now the job begins to lead you and nurturing it, polishing it, you again and again to change himself (Alexey Vaulin).

Dima Goryachkin. The wind in the face. 2020

soaring sculptures Dima Goryachkin all say no to conventions. The absence of a melting furnace is not a reason to refuse to work with metal. The invention of the new technology again as a solution to pressing problems. No slippage! Only forward! Intuitive folding pieces of metal and aplause their welding machine, Dima achieve their goals. His sculptures live and breathe, dance and strive upwards (Olga Pogasova).

What-то time my wife, the painter Dasha Delone, rented the Studio, and I loved to take pictures of the installation or the still lifes of old iron. I generally go crazy on the old hardware, anyway. And one day, Dora comes and says, "Goryachkin, do not you tired? Maybe you have to study sculpture? In the end, your father can be a sculptor". I said, "are You crazy?" <...>

However, I placed the ad in Facebook: guys, I want to learn from the welder, only under one condition: he would make my brain. The result was a man who taught me to cook iron. The boy was going to emigrate to Latin America and wanted to sell his Studio. I came to him, he poked four times and said, "Well, now you know everything." And sold me his old welder. How-то time, I have already bought more professional tools.

First, I went the road that many had found the remnants of old things and of them gathered design. Then I realized that all of these items are pieces of a past life, not mine, but his own, it's not my thing, I don't come to a full understanding of yourself. And I found a private technology – heat iron up to 2 thousand degrees to get ripped texture that I need.

And I realized that the work from beginning to end must be made by my hands. I make a frame, then heated the oxygen and process it (Dima Goryachkin,

Dasha Delone. Cavalry. 2016

the Third avant-garde artist Dasha Delone — is a complex and long history, in which the Painter, Poet, Designer, Publisher and Rider alternately take the stage and create a life filled with events that, in turn, freakish reflexes are reflected on the canvas in the form of flowers and dragons, bottles and Valkyries, pirates, musicians and ancestors (Lisa Plavinskaya, art historian, curator, critic). About the artist AI: "the person of the week: Dasha Delone".

the Work of "Cavalry" (2016) were shown at the exhibition "Who — prologue, and who — epilogue" in the Museum of M. A. Bulgakov (2017) in the framework of the joint project of the Museum M. A. Bulgakov and duet "Give" — Dima Goryachkin and Dasha Delone.

the exhibition of contemporary art entered into a direct dialogue with History, thus emphasizing the relationship and relevance of the opponents.The work of contemporary artists in the exhibition was supplemented by items from the Museum's collection related to the novel and the play of M. Bulgakov "the White guard". Historical memory store works of Mikhail Bulgakov and the former communal flat №50, where he wrote the novel "the White guard" (

Anna Lavrova. Nostalgia. 1991

Anna M. Lavrov — a member of the Studio "New reality" under the direction of Elia Belutin. She was a member of almost all the exhibitions of the Studio until the end of the existence of the "New reality", including the famous steamboat trip on the Volga in the early 1960-х years. Painting classes Lavrov, combined with the work in the applied arts, designing clothes for the Soviet textile industry and participating in international exhibitions (including in Moscow, London, new-Йорке and Warsaw). Even working with large-scale forms, Lavrov created a balanced and technically sound composition, filled with drama of human emotions.

Following the "theory of common ability to contact" Belutin, the participants of the "New reality" has developed its own system for expression in the art of deep human emotions. "Write what you see and what it makes me feel. Create a likeness of the subject, but the complexity of the experiences which you at the moment work is part of", — Belyutina these words more accurately describe the creative credo of Anna Lavrova (

Filled with drama, human emotions, transmitted through a very personal and acute perception, expressed by contemporary avant-garde art, art Anna Laurel appeals to the thoughts and emotions of modern humans, her "Tree of life", although exhausted by the cruel winds of fate, is a lively and warm area in the infinite world in which we live is fleeting, and then merges with the eternal being (Agnieszka Dobroczynski, art historian).

Denis Mikhailov. The Abduction Of Proserpine. 2016

"Abduction of Proserpina" (2016) Denis Mikhaylov reinvents the mural Neapolitan painter Luca Giordano of Palazzo Medici-Риккарди in Florence (1684-1686). "And I decided to conduct an experiment — to make my favorite classics [paintings of old masters] live in the modern world. So, I added new characters, new stories in their [the old masters] work. I began to experiment with images..." (Denis Mikhaylov).

"Mikhailov refers to classical works of different time and level — Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bassano, Guido Reni, K. H. Bloch and others, exposing them to reflow the reflow, the transformations of this kind. <...>

Externally, it reminds of familiar contemporary art practice: postmodern and deconstruction, and political conceptualism. However, it seems to me, most importantly... lies deeper. Typical postmodern procedures usually leave feeling purely premeditated was no more than operativnosti intelligent plan. At Mikhailov a different setting. It "takes work" are not only classics, but also emotionally-культурный layer of relationship with her — a new subjectivity. It is the subjectivity — it combines the analytical plan and the moments of trance and inspiration. Released online the transcendental — and then in the classical iconographic schemes and spiritual meanings... "drawn" as the funnel, new characters. Not only the images but also "voice-over". That is, belonging to the audience. I think that the situation of this "pull" impulse in which the individual is associated with metaphysical, more interested in the artist" (Alexander Borovsky, from the article "Denis Mikhailov").

Andrew Munts. Granada, the Alhambra, Sierra-Невада. 2019

My concept — is a lack of concept. I'm trying to feel himself a free artist, not conned to-либо long-term attitudes associated with a particular direction in art. For me the important search. I try to be open-minded, open to new ideas (Andrew Munts).

In painting Andrew Munz "actively entered the experience made в1910-х and 1920-х years of the discoveries of Kandinsky, Chagall, Lentulov, Malevich. We are not talking about a direct comparison, and understanding figuratively-пластической system outstanding artists of the avant-garde.

, Free improvisation, an expression of accumulated experiences and emotions is the basis of painting works by Andrew Munz. Being including an architect and teacher, Munz keenly feels the chilling part of the rational art. Why it is so valuable to him the opportunity of expression that gives the painting that is not tied to nature, when between the artist and the emerging work there are no images of the real world (Yulia Volgina, PhD).

Arman Sirunyan. №10. 2020

Creativity Arman Sirunian differs sincere and genuine picturesqueness. This property required a maximum voltage of all the harmonic abilities for the sake of a picturesque quality, not quite describable with words. Important information about the work of Arman is knowledge that he worked a lot with space, sound and light as a theater Director and what he had in mind the imitation of Wassily Kandinsky when he started his series "Space flowers." Just their thoughts and experience completely coincidentally.

the Process of writing patterns for Arman splits into two equal parts. First, in the mind of the artist, in his imagination there is a feeling of necessity that-то extremely important, and it is, the people are incredibly hospitable and very talented, starts literally torturing his interlocutors that anticipation of the necessity of creation until, until... suddenly he is visited by the vision of the object, which this time will be the embodiment of his creative foretaste. Thus was born the series of satellitebouquets, was the same gallery "Lingua latina", with all its ten scenic shows and the subsequent conceptual series.

the Second part of the creative process Arman Sirunian is what-то the ancient Greek struggle with the canvas. And it's not finding the right color. Where what color will be located, Arman knows almost from the beginning. But then begins the painful process of reeducation of color patches. The artist many times modifies the richness and texture color stains, without changing its shape and location on the canvas. To the external observer it is not possible to understand the creative mind of Arman, which is occupied by the search space among the rectangular symbols colors in a bouquet. Only the artist himself knows when all these relations come in a would order. The result is almost mechanically reaches the magical feeling of the glow and flicker of colors on the vast, cosmic distances from each other.

Kate-Анна Taguchi. Hotel "Leningrad". 2018

In his work "the Hotel "Leningrad" (2018) Katia-Анна Taguchi captures one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers built in 1949-1952 years by the architects L. M. Polyakov, A. B. Boretsky, and engineer E. V. Metlika. Hotel "Leningrad" was opened November 1, 1953, and to this day have retained their ancestral function — now it is one of Hilton.

Time — greatest anonymous scribe. Ancient texts have passed through many hands, they stood out that-то one, lost that-то more. Kate-Анна Taguchi in their interpretations exclude from the source material that-то one and enhances, accentuates what-то more.

His works, she reveals the internal connection and energy that the historical material gains throughout the centuries. This energy — a result of great focused work Time in which all-таки more lose. For example, the Time destroyed the library of Alexandria and kept buried under the lava of Vesuvius Pompeii. In a historical perspective our entire life is a "palimpsest", that is text that is constantly at risk of becoming in turn erased.

"the basis of my technique — on canvas background which can be uniform@the semicolon on top of this texture I'm starting to draw with charcoal, sanguine. Then cover the image with white on top of them — again charcoal, sanguine, acrylic. The picture gradually becomes a multi-layer — a kind of palimpsest. What-то emerges through all the layers — that's "what the-то" exhibit, creating a new optics" (Katya-Анна Taguchi,

Tatiana Jan. The red table. 2007

Easy, sometimes antique, sometimes watercolor with a radiant smile Tanya Yang, as powerful and fierce in the work — bold. Her tables, fish, pomegranates, figs, flowers, represent a solemn sense of the subject... an Attack on the viewer what is happening from the canvas is the artist's delight from what you see (Irina Starzhenetskaya).

still life paintings of the Moscow artist Tatyana Yang different kind of "portrait" approach to the subject world. The modern vision of the color, shape, and composition in her paintings combined with deep philosophical content, which — powerful tradition of early Christian art and the legacy of masters past (Andrei Tolstoy,

good luck on the 27th-м auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"!

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