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Art Market Analysis & Forecast


Cross-trades in the summer of 2020. ArtTactic Report

Analysis of auction sales of a new format with the participation of the old masters


"Russian week" in 2020, London: facts, figures and key findings

AI collected basic information at the end of the summer series of Russian sales in London


Auction sale of 1-й half of 2020. ArtTactic Report

Analysis of volume sales of leading auction houses in the first half of 2020


Contemporary artists in crisis: John Baldessari

The artist, who helped us understand postmodernism, and did not know what a pandemic


Mixed trades in the summer of 2020. ArtTactic Report

Analysis of the combined evening sales of impressionist, modernism, postwar and contemporary art from leading auction houses


Old masters and new market. Part 1

AI begins with a detailed story about the art market of the old masters


Pricing contemporary art. Part 2

Anna Lipskaya — on how contemporary artists can affect the value of his art


HISCOX Online Report 2020: online-продажи art. Part 2

AI continues to analyze the report online-рынку art from the company ArtTactic


HISCOX Online Report 2020: online-продажи art. Part 1

Specialized report online-рынку art was delayed for several months, but showed unexpected numbers


Simply about the difficult: Art Banking

We analyse what is behind the term "art-банкинг" how it arose and what is this business


The art market 2020-2021: forecast from Bank of America

One of the largest banks in the United States shared their vision of the future of art-рынка


Webinar ArtTactic: from auction — to the Days of coworking-шоурумам

British Analytics company has shared predictions how will the art market in the next decade


"Fresh art" at auction. ArtTactic Report

The British analytical company researched public sales of art created on the eve of the auctions


Contemporary artists in crisis: Rashid Johnson

The second material, a new column AI talk about the impact of the crisis on the most promising rising star of the international art-рынка


Pricing contemporary art. Part 1

Feminism, artists-бренды and accelerating career — main markers of the past decade, market


Contemporary artists in crisis: Gerhard Richter

In a new segment, talk about the impact of the crisis on contemporary artists — in personalities


A UBS Bulletin: focus — art-рынок. Part 1

The Bank UBS launched audio-цикл of five programmes about the present and future of the art market


The indicator of confidence in the market for contemporary art Tactic. Part 2

Continued analysis of the report on the first half of art-рынка during a pandemic


"Russian week" — 2019 in London: statistics, facts. Predictions?

On the eve of the opening of the Russian trading AI reminds about British sales of domestic artists in the previous auction season.


The indicator of confidence in the market for contemporary art Tactic. Part 1

One of the leading international analysts released a report on the first half of art-рынка in the period pandemiya


Art Basel & UBS Conversation: the hunt for social beast

Functionaries and analysts at major art-ярмарки spent online-конференцию on the future of the art market


KAWS in colors and figures. Part 2

Indicators of auction sales, the most famous modern artist of our time — in the rest of the material AI


KAWS in colors and figures. Part 1

Marketing and price indices of the most recognizable contemporary artist of our time


Simply about the difficult: art-фонды

Top 10 theses on the work of investment funds offering collective ownership of art objects


Art and technology. Market ArtTech-стартапов. Part 3

At the end of the material AI — on measures of success, which draws attention to the investor


Report: Art Basel & UBS 2020: online-продажи

Data of the main analytical report on the art market in 2019 today take on new meaning


The theory of delusion: museums — outside the art-рынка

In category "Theory of errors" we are eradicating the myths that successfully disguised as fact and negative influence on the development of the art market and the investment climate. Today we will understand whether museums stand apart from the art market


Alternative investments. Whiskey

AI examines the differences, advantages and disadvantages of investing in whiskey market


Art-рынок in times of crisis. Part 3: War and political turbulence

The end of the cycle indicators of the art market during crisis periods


The loss of members of the art-рынка. Reports Art Handler / Art Basel & UBS

Financial problems rank and file employees art-индустрии and forecast the redistribution of the labour market in 2020 — in the material AI


Услуги ARTinvestment


Индивидуальные консультации от опытных искусствоведов по любым вопросам в сфере искусства

Составление Инвестиционного Портфеля

Подбор предметов искусства для инвестирования под любую инвестиционную стратегию

Индивидуальная оценка

Наши эксперты проведут профессиональную оценку вашего предмета искусства, учитывая его состояние, авторство, историю и другие факторы


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ГРИГОРЬЕВ Александр Ефимович (1949) Композиция. Из серии «Перекресток». 1968 (42 × 41,8 см, ромб)

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ЗДАНЕВИЧ Кирилл Михайлович (1892–1969) Грузия. Горное селение. 1950–60-е (89 × 136,2 см)

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КУЧУМОВ Василий Никитович (1888–1959) Бал. Павловский дворец XVIII века. 1920-е (44,4 × 60,8 см)

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