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For the first time in the Auction AI. The Painter Mikhail Romadin

Mikhail Romadin designed the original optics, but also a new philosophy of interaction of fine art with the movie. The name of the artist associated with the "Solaris" by Tarkovsky, "First teacher" Andron Konchalovsky and other masterpieces of the thaw


Artist Eugene Strulev. For the first time in the Auction AI

Previously recognized artist Eugene Strulev for part of his generation was the human embodiment of "the rut", a symbol of creative independence and inflexibility in art. So how did it happen that in our day, many do not know this name?


Helium Korzhev. Some of the prices on the auctions

On the eve of the most important exhibitions in the Tretyakov gallery, we publish excerpts from auction statistics famous Soviet realist


Sixties Adolf Goldman. For the first time in the Auction AI

His text-графические of abstraction compared to the medieval palimpsests. His series of "Ecclesiastes" was highly praised by Sergei Kuskov. One of his "fine surface" is on the cover of the first publication of selected works of Igor Holin


Artist Sergey Borisovich Simakov. For the first time in the Auction AI

Works by this artist has never been at auction, and Moscow exhibitions was 12 years old. However, one picture probably know everyone who grew up in the USSR


Artist Sergey Kalmykov for the first time in the Auction AI

Biography of Sergey Kalmykov @ & mdash; this is a story with mystic twists: "bathing of a red horse", a talent, almost buried in the province, the foolishness, the end in the asylum, oblivion and unexpected new discovery


How much are the work of Louise Bourgeois? The prices at auctions

In Moscow, the first exhibition of Louise Bourgeois. For those who are mentally asks the price, we hasten to tell how many actually are one of the most expensive artists in the world


Buy Anish Kapoor. Auctions and pictures

The first time in Russia held a personal exhibition of the famous British avant-garde artist of Indian origin. Fortunately, the prolific and versatile master, and his work can afford to not only millionaires, but also collectors with a budget of $2 500


Conceptualist Andrey Monastyrsky. Auction prices

For the first time on our AI Auction No. 96 exhibited work from the series "Golden lines" key figures of Moscow conceptualism


Artists Association "Mitki". Auction prices

It turns out that with a budget of over 2 000 000 in about two years you can collect a fairly representative collection of "Mitkov"


The Artist Dmitry Bushen. The auction market and the prices

In connection with the appearance of Dmitry Dmitrievich Bouchene (1893-1993) at auction AI, will talk about this bright representative of Russian and French art and investment potential of his works


Artist Ivan Myasoedov for the first time in the Auction AI. Prices, investment

Not just an artist, a bodybuilder, a nudist, a collaborator, a circus wrestler, bullfighter, and a forger who can effectively influence the plans of Ilya Repin, Valentin Pikul and the Federal reserve system of the United States


Artist-sixties Gleb Bogomolov. For the first time at Auction AI

Gleb Bogomolov (1933) — sixties, Leningrad nonconformist, a member of an important avant-garde exhibitions, artist "gazanevsky culture"


For the first time at auction ARTinvestment.RU. Valentin Mikhailovich Hams

Student Tatlin and Rodchenko, the artist, who was awarded a solo exhibition in the state Tretyakov gallery in peak for the "other art" 2008-m to year, the author is interesting, original, high quality and very beautiful works presented at auction AI


For the first time: the paintings of Yuri Zharkikh (Jarki) at auction ARTinvestment.RU

Nearly half of his 77 years Hot has lived in exile. His works are in the collections of the best museums in the world, including the Centre Pompidou, and the number of his exhibitions in the West exceeds one hundred. In the USSR it was not even a small part of such exhibition opportunities


For the first time: the paintings of Vitaly Komar at auction ARTinvestment.RU

Why Sots art was almost com-art, who is an artist as Mosquitoes and Komar and Melamid became an international brand


Lydia Masterkova — Amazon "second avant-garde"

In the famous "list Grobman", which includes 35 names "heroic" period of the second Russian avant-garde, there is only one woman — Lydia Masterkova


Konstantin Batynkov. Rider "gay Apocalypse"

Among all the "contemporary artists" of the first row Konstantin Batynkov today, perhaps the most popular artist. His recognizable work is in major collections, and in hundreds of homes of art lovers


"The poet of things" sixties Andrew Grositsky

Old faucets, pipes, bayonets, shovels and other obsolete trappings of civilization are transformed on his canvases in rhyme patterns


The sixties by Boris Kocheyshvili — 75

At the beginning of April in Moscow of the sixties, the artist and poet Boris Kocheyshvili said 75-летний anniversary — exhibition and poetry evening, all as expected


Abstraction Eugene mihnova-Voitenko at auction ARTinvestment.RU

Buy a work of the famous St. Petersburg sixties today can afford a wide range of collectors even low income


The works of Leonid Borisov at auction ARTinvestment.RU

Leonid Konstantinovich Borisov (1943-2013) — Leningrad, semidesertic, man "gazanevsky culture", the artist, to develop their own ideas in geometric abstraction


Painting by Valery Koshlyakov at auction ARTinvestment.RU

If you disassemble as "by the book", the works of Koshlyakov almost perfectly match the known investment criteria


Information solutions ARTinvestment.RU help art-банкингу. Technology for the analysis of the Russian art market

What to do if intuitive investment proposal for the client's need to Supplement the formal indicators of market conditions? There is a way


Than good graphics in difficult times?

In terms of cooling economic climate it is graphics took over the function of primary coolant auction art market


Hits auctions ARTinvestment.RU. Alexander Labas. Prices, demand, investment

Romantic, Ostovar, an outstanding master. Today the name of Labas is associated not only with innovation in Russian art, but also with exemplary management of the creative legacy of the artist


Hits auctions ARTinvestment.RU. Vadim Sidur. Demand, prices, investment

Three top international auction results for works of Vadim Sidur were installed at auctions ARTinvestment.RU in 2013-2014


Erik Bulatov. Tip for going to the exhibition in Manezh

From 9 September to 8 October 2014 in the Central exhibition hall "Manege" opened a retrospective exhibition of Erik Bulatov "LIVE — SEE"


Alexander Rumnev — artist, who discovered the talent of Anatoly Zverev

A report on the role of personality in history: how the eye of an artist and a keen understanding of painting had a major influence on the history of Russian postwar art


Hits auctions ARTinvestment.RU. Boris Sveshnikov. Demand, prices, investment

Unique situation: natiranie work of the sixties the first tier in our days available at a price of $ 700


Услуги ARTinvestment


Индивидуальные консультации от опытных искусствоведов по любым вопросам в сфере искусства

Составление Инвестиционного Портфеля

Подбор предметов искусства для инвестирования под любую инвестиционную стратегию

Индивидуальная оценка

Наши эксперты проведут профессиональную оценку вашего предмета искусства, учитывая его состояние, авторство, историю и другие факторы


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Auction sale in AI Auction

НЕМУХИН Владимир Николаевич (1925–2016) 11 тарелок (Ø 32 см)

Current bid35000 RUB
End time2024-05-31 12:00
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СИДУР Вадим Абрамович (1924–1986) Сидящая. 1963 (11 × 12 × 5,7 см)

Current bid15000 RUB
End time2024-05-31 12:00
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Икона «Серафим Саровский». Начало ХХ века (71 × 57 × 3,7 см)

Current bid100 RUB
End time2024-05-31 12:00
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