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"The poet of things" sixties Andrew Grositsky
ARTinvestment.RU   27 апреля 2015

Old faucets, pipes, bayonets, shovels and other obsolete trappings of civilization are transformed on his canvases in rhyme patterns

Main theme of the sixties Andrey Borisovich Grositsky — metaphysics of the material world, pictures-объекты — know almost all lovers informal post-war art. The artist is not accidentally called "the poet of things". Obsolete trappings of civilization (taps, pipes, locks, shovels) are transformed on his canvases in rhyming patterns and bizarre metaphors. However, without going into the philosophical aspect of his work, I can definitely say:-первых, see — no one will confuse; in-вторых, it is simply beautiful without any [email protected]

newly opened exhibition "Eighty. Archaeology of the gaze" in the Moscow Museum was the right gift for his birthday, which Grositsky celebrated last year. By the way, does not say that exchanged the ninth decade. Looks ten years younger, smiling, friendly, on-прежнему works. A number of works in the exhibition dated to the years 2014-2015. It turns out that in General "the Archeology of sight" came out quite a retrospective, as it encompasses the period from the early 1970-х to our [email protected]

And seventies —; the time of appearance of the new Grositsky. Painting Department of the art Institute. V. I. Surikov, the artist graduated in 1959. In 34 years, in 1968, became a member of the Union of artists. In the same 1968-м (he Grositsky considers it a turning point for his work) he gave his farewell to sezannizmom and "knave of diamonds". A reminder of the early period of the artist can be found in our database of auction results: there is an entry with its characteristic stanitski "Naked" 1967, sold in London in 2008 [email protected]

But judging by the exhibition in the Moscow Museum, the transition to fully own topic in the art related to the study of aesthetics outdated household items, took place in 1968, and much later, after 1974-го. Until that time, things (e.g., Apple) in the works Grositsky served, I think, only scenographic role in a surreal environment, reminding the world of Magritte (the exhibition note on the painting "the Night" 1973).

Until the mid 1970-х exhibition possibilities Grositsky limited rare apartment exhibitions. The first audience for his "poetry of things" were colleagues and a narrow circle of "friends". Perhaps the first in his life loud the show was held on 20 September 1975 — on a landmark exhibition in the pavilion "culture House" at ENEA (opened six months after the so-called "Bee"). On "House of culture" works Grositsky were exhibited together with the works Zvereva, Voroshilov, Rabin, Roginsky, Turkish. By the way, in 2010 in the "House of culture" based on those events gathered a memorial exhibition "Unbearable freedom of creativity. 1975-2010" (in the group of curators — employees of Department of the newest currents of the Tretyakov gallery Kirill Alekseev and Cyril Fireflies, artist Mikhail Odnoralov), and the Grositskogo there too [email protected]

a year after "House of culture", in August 1976-го hosted a group of "Experimental" exhibition on the Treadmill, organized Coloccini (Slepyshev, Roginsky, Odnoralov — only 13 artists). Then a strange failure information more than 10 years: there is practically no information about participation in exhibitions, except one — exhibition "Tradition and innovation" in the club sculptors on the street Zholtovsky in March 1982-го. And in 1987 Grositsky exhibited in the hall "On Kashirka" (street of Academician University, 35) 1-й the exhibition "the First creative Association of Moscow artists", called "the Artist and modernity", organized on OHL. Namugenyi exhibition "Object-1" (Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28). It is difficult to believe, but the first solo exhibition Grositsky took place in 1988, at 54 years old. And before the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery was still long 19 [email protected]

in Obedience to the requirements of the format, I turn to the economy. Grositsky has long been in demand at auctions. Only for 2014-2015 our database registered 7 auction [email protected]

auction record belongs to the large canvas of 1986 "Heaven and earth". A very similar thing now exhibited in the Museum of Moscow. But not the same. The same was with provenance "from the collection of Alexander Glezer," and went to 21,7 auction for thousands of dollars. But... what year? That's right, in 2007-м. A year later Geneshapiro five-foot canvas 2003 sold for 18 thousand dollars, and "Shovel" with "Sovkome" at the same time went for 15 thousand dollars. These prices were at the peak of the market. Now forget about those price levels indefinitely — painful process, but [email protected]

Three-year maximum auction for works Grositsky has been installed at our online-аукционе in April 2014. Large canvas "Oblivion" 1988, valuable period, was sold for 160 000 (4 480 dollars at the time). In August of the same year for the picture-объект "Holy Grail" at the auction AI paid 130 000 [email protected]

Many visitors were surprised that Grositsky is quite spectacular graphics, which should be much more affordable for the money. However, the best way to define your preferences — to see everything with your own eyes (picture doesn't do energy work and certainly does not make an impression, leave a "living" things), we have to go right now in the Museum of Moscow. The exhibition will last long — to 17 [email protected]

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