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Konstantin Batynkov. Rider "gay Apocalypse"
ARTinvestment.RU   28 апреля 2015

Among all the "contemporary artists" of the first row Konstantin Batynkov today, perhaps the most popular artist. His recognizable work is in major collections, and in hundreds of homes of art lovers

Among all the "contemporary artists" of the first row Konstantin Batynkov today, perhaps the most popular artist. His recognizable work is in major collections, and in hundreds of homes of art lovers. Not least because of works on the market offers quite a lot of the same beats cost 12-20 thousand rubles can afford a really wide range of buyers. It would be [email protected]

Modest in public, radiated optimism two-meter 56-летний big guy — longtime favorite of not only buyers auction, but our entire editorial staff. Batynkov has been with us hero column "Artist of the week", we do not forget it in the news and the photos. Therefore, to avoid repetition, I just recall some moments from the files by checking their official website

Son polar pilot. The Muscovite. Born in Sevastopol, but the parents almost immediately moved his son to the capital. Growing up in a large family. He studied at the art school. Five-time champion of the USSR in basketball among boys (while I finished school with the Quartet for physical education). A graduate of the Moscow aviation Institute. Higher art education is not received, however, from 1983 — member of the Union of artists. Since the mid-eighties — member of the Mitki group. Until 2002 did the art-проекты in the group with Nikolay Polissky and Sergey Lobanov. The famous project "the Snowmen" and "the Tower" of hay in the village of Nikola-Ленивец — this, incidentally, is also Batynkov together with colleagues from the Moscow branch of the "Mitki". Since the early 2000-х works without [email protected]

Batynkov phenomenally productive. Not a lot of artists about a month can write a strong exhibition from nearly fifty paintings. Batynkov is capable of. His most popular stories @fake mdash disaster or absurd futuristic battles, sometimes marketed Sorokin directly from imagery. "Gay Apocalypse" (putinkovskii determine their own style) — this is the first Association with the name of the artist, of what all is expected of him and know best. But the second Association — monochrome, black-белое performance. In fact, scenes from the artist a great many, from nu ("Nude") to romantic birches (project "Fun"). And not only monochrome. Appeal to color, I feel that was held about 10 years ago (there is color works 2005). Remember that in 2009 was a spectacular exhibition of "Fun", fully formed in polychrome works. And then I noticed that the color painting Batynkov for most visitors was a complete surprise and a real [email protected]

Now about the prices. Formal auction record for a work Batynkov was set at Sotheby's in 2008. Then six-foot submarine was sold for £12 500.

Our readers know that the records 2007-2009 today, unfortunately, represent only retrospectively-исторический interest. Today the minimum budget to start buying Batynkov, is 12 000 rubles. That or a little more than enough to bargain for the drawings are not particularly pretentious galleries or dealers. There are even better deals for the money, but I don't suggest that you go for cheap. Better to pay a little more or even overpay, but the key criterion should remain exactly the quality. Especially now that there really is plenty to choose from. Gallery pictures selected for quality and easy to fit polychrome canvases — about 6.5 thousand euros or dollars (in rubles for almost one and the same).

In Russian auctions schedule Batynkov recently sold in the price range of 12 000 rubles, and the gallery market. With painting more difficult. Paintings at auctions were proposed in the last few years. One of the few auctions that have had several successful painting sold Batynkov, — Moscow auction VLADEY. The latest result — 4.4 thousand dollars for acrylic "Goal" in November 2014 [email protected]

Our auctions also have several times successfully sold the work Batynkov online-торгах. Now on our huge spectacular auction "Space 2" from the same series that was recently shown at solo exhibition "PROКОСМОС" in the Moscow Planetarium, and is preparing a number of interesting [email protected]

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