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Gleb Bogomolov (1933) — sixties, Leningrad nonconformist, a member of an important avant-garde exhibitions, artist "gazanevsky culture"

Gleb Bogomolov (1933) — sixties, Leningrad nonconformist, a member of an important avant-garde exhibitions, artist "gazanevsky culture."

thus safely assume that, like many prominent members of the unofficial art of the Northern capital, he is not very familiar to the Moscow collectors. This information gap, we have reported in articles about the Leningrad Yuri Zharkikh ("First: painting Zharkikh (Jarki) at auction ARTinvestment.RU"), Evgeny Mikhnov-Войтенко ("Abstraction Eugene mihnova-Войтенко at auction ARTinvestment.RU"), Leonid Borisov ("works of Leonid Borisov at auction ARTinvestment.RU"), etc. But why be surprised? Even in our beloved guide "Other art" mentions neither about the exhibition in DK name Gas 1974, nor about the exhibition in DC "Nevsky" 1975! That is the most important event in the history of St. Petersburg's unofficial art, comparable in value with the display outdoors in the Park "Izmailovo" in 1974-м and exhibition in the pavilion "beekeeping" at ENEA in February 1975-го, in the text of the Moscow guide is not included. Now. Well, the more interesting, you can open SANOVO@

Both St. Petersburg and many nonconformists, Gleb Bogomolov, one might say, self-taught. He finished the Leningrad Institute of the food industry. Since the early 1970-х independently studied painting in his spare time. And I earned working as an engineer, worked what-то time at a shipyard, went in exploration. His full-blooded life in art begins, probably since 1974 — from participating in the vanguard group exhibition in DK Strip, where he exhibited with Alexander Refiev, Yuri Zharkikh, Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Eugene Rohini, etc. In September 1975, he participated in more than numerous exhibition in DC "Nevsky". So pretty soon, in the second half of 1970-х, Bogomolov has become ingrained in the clip artists unofficial art. His work has been exhibited at the semi-legal private exhibitions (for example, in 1976 in the framework of the "Spring apartment exhibitions" in the apartment of Aida and Vladimir Sytsevich), and later on foreign unresolved. So, in the late 1970-х work Bogomolov traveled in the composition of the exhibitions organized by Alexander Glezer's "Museum of Russian art in exile" in many cities of Europe, was shown in France, Austria, etc. along with pieces Mikhail Shemyakin, Ernst Neizvestny, Oleg Tselkov, Igor Shelkovsky, Eugene mihnova-Войтенко. Interestingly, this compromising foreign correspondence career (many artists who remained in the USSR, it backfired) did not prevent the authorities to include the work of Bogomolov in the "Olympic" exhibition of young Leningrad artists in the summer of 1980. Foreign guests of the Olympics had to show ideological openness to new trends in contemporary art, and therefore, exhibited works in both formal and informal khudozhnikov@ @@4 in the Late seventies and early eighties, in my opinion, marked the beginning of the most valuable period in the work of Bogomolov. At this time appeared his original series "Roman" and "Slaves and heroes of Ancient Rome" — heads with massive chins, a La Mussolini, a game of power, a powerful charged things. On energy they can argue with the "masks" Tselkov (Bogomolov, by the way, did not hide his high opinion about the work of colleagues). In fact, one of these heads, called "Winner", will be exhibited at our auction in early September. From my own experience I can say that thing immediately catches the eye, is remembered and possesses valuable in the perception of art of stopping deistvie@

Now about the prices of the works of Gleb Bogomolov. Far will not: in the database of auction results ARTinvestment.RU documented 33 public deals with works Bogomolov, including Sotheby's, Bukowskis and other foreign houses. All this is a very good sign, which means that the artist has long entered the international auction clip. The current auction record for creativity Bogomolov was installed in 2006 at Sotheby's Olympia and $13 000 for a medium canvas with cards 1980. But it was the peak. In the last two years painting Bogomolov exhibited and sold at the Finnish auctions in the price range of $2000-2500. Think about these prices, it is advisable to navigate in today's situatii@

Collectors with Bogomolov will be interesting. The artist is strong, honored, with interesting lives. Not many people know that Bogomolov —; the father of Alexander Nevzorov, a former well-known TV presenter and innovator dressage horses. Work Bogomolov is in the collections of the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, in the Collection of Norton Dodge Museum Zimmerly. About the artist, albums and monographs. So, on now for sale book Michael Herman and Isaac Kushnir "Gleb Bogomolov" (2007). It will be difficult to find another book — "Artist Gleb Bogomolov" (1998) N. A. Tsekhomsky, — but, probably, too it is possible. In addition, information about Bogomolova there are reference books on the Petersburg avant-garde —; for example, in a remarkable biographical dictionary "Artists of the Leningrad underground" Lyubov Gurevich. The market situation by Bogomolov also quite has of collecting: a selection, there are some things of high quality, for reasonable prices. The question is, what else do you need?

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