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Leonid Konstantinovich Borisov (1943-2013) — Leningrad, semidesertic, man "gazanevsky culture", the artist, to develop their own ideas in geometric abstraction

This artist is well know profile collectors and historians of postwar art. He had prominent exhibitions and auction sales. But to say that the name Leonid Borisov at the hearing today, especially in the segment of mass collectible, would palter. Oh, I know him. But I know those who are familiar with the work Eugene mihnova-Войтенко, Zharkikh, Vladimir Ovchinnikov. Those who are going to study the issue, we can recommend a site dedicated to the works of Leonid Borisov: And this short review is conceived rather as a quick reference for our customers. For those who not for the first time sees our spectacular auctions Borisov geometry and wants in General to understand that chemo@

Leonid Konstantinovich Borisov (1943-2013) — Leningrad, semidesertic, man "gazanevsky culture", the artist, to develop their own ideas in geometric abstraction. He is self-taught, he graduated from the electrotechnical Institute, where he not only honed the skills of drawing, but also brought systems thinking. The turning point for 26-летнего boys, extending to art, became acquainted with the artist Alexander Leonov. That is, by modern standards Borisov quite late decided to become an artist. But his first public demonstration fell on became a historic exhibition in DC "Nevsky" in September 1975. She gave the second part of the name "gazanevsky culture." It was attended by 88 artists including Leonov, Hot, Rukhin. In the first exhibition in DK Gas Borisov as an artist not uchastvoval@

Then there was the attempt to unite the society for experimental exhibitions (TEV), apartment exhibitions "Cupcini cultural center", the Association of Experimental Fine Art (TEII), the accusation of parasitism, the work of the operator in the boiler room, the rapprochement with the Moscow artists-единомышленниками (Juice, Shelkovsky, eagles, Koleychuk, Chuikov, etc.).

later — participation in the exhibition in the Russian Museum, as well as a series of exhibitions in Moscow. the Biography of Leonid Borisov is on AI; those collectors who are beginning to study the works of new masters of the Leningrad avant-garde, it will be interesting — here without comneni@

And now about money and the market. And to begin with, what features you need acitivate@

Borisov collectors today mostly buy them for themselves and not for investment. Artist many people like it, but surely to judge about the investment prospects premature. In such matters except good feeling required indicative auction price statistics. And the price of Borisov are still volatile and, as they say, in search of new urovne@

Formal auction record for the works of Leonid Borisov was installed back in 2005: good job in 1977 was sold at Sotheby's for 4 $ 125. Alas, time has shown that it was rather the wrong signal a false start. It was too early. Therefore, subsequent attempts to offer Borisov for 5 Grand, and even more 10 thousand dollars, as Sotheby's in 2013, was predictably unsuccessful. Especially considering that the neighboring Roseberys London comparable class painting was sold 25 times cheaper. In General, offered at Sotheby's price levels have not yet been adopted by the market. And then there was the decline of interest in Russian art, the gain of the crisis, and that. As a result, now second in the list of the most expensive auction of works of Borisov is the assemblage of 1977, sold in our auction ARTinvеstment.RU recently, 20 March 2015 for 50 000 rubles. In the same year we had purchased a spectacular geometric graphics (not painting) with-out holes (12 000) and photography. The thing with holes in it was so good and affordable that I can still bite your elbows. However, not pervoi@

Okay, risks of neraskruchennosti and price volatility is clear. But is there potential? Yes, it is. Signs a lot. The artist's work recognizable, the organizers of the exhibitions on-прежнему include Borisov in the core exhibition. In plus works and that the prices of many works of Borisov available, are in the initial price range. For painting it, say, 1500-3000 dollars. The artist is quite liquid. And works on the market there are many. Here and now we are putting a nice bright oil "Composition. Improvisation No. 2" 1977. For collectors especially important when you have something to collect and there are plenty to choose from. In short, there are risks, there is potential, and then it has Udacha@

Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

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