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Record de Stael has updated the ranking of the most expensive Russian artists

Three-meter painting "the Stadium "Parc des princes"" ("Large players") on 17 October 2019 was sold at Christie's for $22 248 000. With this result, Nicholas de Stael moved to 6-е place in the top Russian artists — between Soutine and Jawlensky


Top-20 living artists have been changes

$12 000 143 — much needed painting Banksy to take 18-е place in the ranking of the most expensive auction sales of living artists, made on the principle of "one artist — one job"


Living artists: top sales

The ranking of the most expensive works of living artists — is design, talking about the role and place of the artist in art history is much less than on the age and health of the fortress


Top-10 living artists

List last week was headed by British artist Jenny Saville: her painting "Propped" on October 5, 2018 at a Sotheby's auction in London was sold for a record 12.4 million dollars


Top-10 of auction sales in Russian women-художниц in the first half of 2018

Published best auction results for artists orbit Russian art from January to end of June 2018. The rating is based on the principle of "one artist — one painting"


Top-10 Russian paintings at international auctions of the first half of 2018

AI publishes the rating of auction results for artists orbit Russian art in the first half of the year. The principle of formation of the list — is our usual "one the artist — one painting"


AI publishes the new ranking of "Yield of repeat sales of works of Russian art"

How much you earn and lose on the deals with Russian paintings? AI has collected some examples of auction sales made in the last 12 months


The most successful and the most failed art-инвестиции 2017 in the world

Analytical portal Artprice made micro-рейтинги amazingly successful and woefully unprofitable investments in works of art. It is only about auction transactions in 2017, with works whose previous purchase price known to us


Question of the week. What can you believe in the ratings of artists?

The application of mathematics, statistics, and formulas in matters of trade, art requires not only special delicacy, but also a developed sense of humor


The most expensive artists in the world. Top auction results

The rating of the most expensive artists in the world headed by Leonardo Da Vinci, and ends with Paul Cezanne. The difference in price between the first and last positions of the ranking of the top-24 — 389,8 million dollars


The most expensive sculptures in the world. Rating

Argued that the sculpture is always cheaper than the picture... It is not. Three-dimensional works are also able to bring are just mind-blowing amount!


The most expensive paintings of Russian artists

Rating auction results of works of Russian art


Published rating of the liquidity of Russian artists

A high rating indicates a strong market demand and a lower risk of failure works of a particular author at the auction. But it is important not to forget about the other key criteria: authenticity, belonging to the useful period etc.


"Kandinsky in the Tretyakov gallery" has updated the ranking of Russian artists

A new record for the works of Kandinsky now stands at $41 825 000. It is the third largest auction results for artists orbit Russian art. Above prices only at Rothko and Malevich


The auction published the rating of artists of the contemporary (actual) art

Criteria — maximum auction price of the product and the volume of auction sales in dollars. The conversion and change of positions is made automatically upon receipt of new auction results


AI publishes a General auction rating of Russian artists

New top-100 we include painters, graphic artists and sculptors born in the territory of the Russian Empire, the USSR and Russia, or lived and worked here and left a trace in Russian art


AI publishes the ratings of the auction of Russian artists

Наши автоматические рейтинги формируются на базе аукционных результатов художниц орбиты русского искусства, включая «русских парижанок» и др. Какие продавались самые дорогие картины? Кто лидировал по объему продаж в разные периоды? Смотрите рейтинги


Published auction ratings living Russian artists

The names of living artists in the new rating ARTinvestment.RU ranked by total auction sales, and maximum bid prices, respectively over the last 12 months and for the period since 2000. Access rating free


Published auction rating artists-шестидесятников

The ratings of Russian artists of the informal post-war art are calculated according to the database of auction results ARTinvestment.RU. Criteria — maximum auction price of the product and the volume of auction sales in dollars


The results of the-2016. The most expensive paintings of Russian artists at international auctions. Photo

One of our favorite final top-10. All of these artists — is a real pride of Russia. And Yes —, the rating we include all authors who were born in the Russian Empire, regardless of whose citizenship they further took


Top-10 artists orbit Russian art in the first half of 2016

The most expensive work of half was sold in the pre-new-Йорке, rebellious London and its rising powers rival Paris


The results of-2015. The most expensive artists of the orbit of Russian art in the world

Russian artists, but only of international importance, always on horseback. The issue of sanctions and hostility to things Russian don't concern them


The results of-2015. The most expensive Russian painting auctions

The structure of the upper price segment directions are approximately the same as last year, and confirms that the sixties and contemporary art today de-факто are the driving force of the internal market


Top 5 Russian artists at international auctions since the beginning of 2015

In the ranking of most expensive paintings — things that are exclusive artists of world fame. Neither of Serov, or Kustodiev, neither Repin, nor Mashkov. Only those of our who in the West consider to be their


Meet AI the Auction # 100

2 years — 100 trades — 1000 sales


Top 10 lottery drawing for 2015. Pictures of the first half

There is a good indication that the segment "tiriki" will we grow faster than the market. And auction statistics confirm these expectations


The top 12 paintings and drawings in Russian auctions in the 1st half of 2015

A dozen of the most expensive sales in the first half of 2015 provided a total of three auction platforms. The sales are almost equally represented in the work of contemporary artists, representatives of Russian emigre, and post-war unofficial art


Results — 2014. Auctions — leaders of the Russian market

Distribution of Russian auctions in the segment of paintings and drawings by sales in 2014


Results — 2014. The most expensive artists of the orbit of Russian art in the world

The total value of the top-12 works of artists of the orbit of Russian art at auctions worldwide exceeds 149 million $ @there are almost 10 times more than the annual sales of all auction market of Russia


Results — 2014. Top-10 works at auction in Russia

For the first time in recent years in the top not only works-миллионников, but even things close up to the mark of one million dollars


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Наши эксперты проведут профессиональную оценку вашего предмета искусства, учитывая его состояние, авторство, историю и другие факторы


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