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List last week was headed by British artist Jenny Saville: her painting "Propped" on October 5, 2018 at a Sotheby's auction in London was sold for a record 12.4 million dollars

1. JENNY SAVILLE "Propped". 1992. $12,427 million

Jenny Saville (1970) attributed to promoted by Charles Saatchi group Young British Artists, but unlike the most famous representatives like YBA Tracey Emin with her unmade bed or Damien Hirst with his shark in formaldehyde Jenny Saville chose to no installation, and traditional figurative painting. Her paintings are a hymn physicality, her style compare with the style of Rubens and Lyusiena Freud. Painting Saville feminist, an artist against the idealization of the female body: "I want to paint modern life, and modern bodies." Over the image of a naked Saville applied a quote from an essay by the French feminists Luce Irigaray, and deposited mirror — i.e. intended to be read not a spectator and model. The work was originally included in the collection of Charles Saatchi, and exhibited at the famous exhibition "Sensation" in 1997. At Sotheby's auction on 5 October 2018 self "Propped" in 1992 was sold for a record for all of art by living artists $12,427 million

2. CADY NOLAND "Bluewald". 1989. $9,797 million

Cady Noland (1956) — conceptual sculptor of postmodernism and the installation wizard. Since 2011, the most expensive work of Noland was "Oozewald" depicting Lee Harvey Oswald, the only suspect in the murder of American President John F. Kennedy. F. Kennedy. E` at auction Sotheby's sold for $6,578 million, However, in may 2015 personal record Cady Noland updated: another image of Lee Harvey Oswald "Bluewald", dotted with "bullet" holes, it sold for $9,797 million over three years this was the most expensive piece, created by living artist. Now that title has passed to the self portrait Jenny Saville.

3. Yayoi KUSAMA's "White No. 28". 1960. $7,109 million

Latest personal record of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama (1929) was set at Christie's November 12, 2014: her paintings "White No. 28" 1960 was sold for $7,109 million is the stellar period of life Kusama in new-Йорке when the Japanese artist has become one of the most prominent figures of the protest culture of the 1960-х. Today Kusama lives voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital in Tokyo, and in the walls located near the hospital he produces her work in psychedelic polka dots.

4. CECILY BROWN "Suddenly, last summer". 1999. $6,776 million

British artist Cecily brown (1969), which is called "De Kooning in a skirt," combines in his paintings the abstraction and the figurative. It work charged with eroticism, expression, irony and lust for life. Many of them she calls in honor of classic Hollywood movies. And its the most expensive to date — "Suddenly, last summer" — refers to the eponymous film in 1959 with Elizabeth Taylor and Katherine Hepburn in the lead roles. Last spring (may 16, 2018) the work of "Suddenly, last summer" Cecily brown was suddenly sold for $6,776 million at a valuation of $1,8–2,5 million pun intended.

5. CINDY SHERMAN "untitled film Frames". 1977. $6,773 million

American artist Cindy Sherman (1954) works in the genre of staged photography. With a huge Arsenal of wigs, false noses, costumes, and other Sherman masterfully transforms into a clichéd images of mass culture. At auction Christie's November 12, 2014 21 photos from the famous series "Footage untitled" (1977-1980) was the main to date auction a success Sherman: lot was sold for $6,773 million Fully series consists of nearly 70 photographs that look like stills from old movies, but they are staged images with the artist in the title role.

6. MARLENE DUMAS, "the Visitor". 1995. $6,334 million

Marlene Dumas was born in South Africa in 1953. In 1976, she moved to the Netherlands where he lives and works until now. Her work is more known in Europe than in America. The main themes in the work of Marlene Dumas — birth, life, sex, death, grief, and identity — reflected in the portraits and various images of the; is very often a source of inspiration for the artist are photographs published in Newspapers or magazines, or taken by itself on Polaroid. Marlene Dumas ranks sixth among the living women-художниц sold in 2008 for $6,334 million work "the Visitor".

7. BRIDGET RILEY's "untitled (Diagonal wave)". 1966. $5,813 million

Bridget Riley (1931) — the main representative of op-арта or Optical Art, which translates as "optical art" or "art of optical illusions". About how to give a flat image in movement, artists (among them Sonia Delaunay, and the Italian futurists, etc.) dreamed of since the beginning of the twentieth century, but only the op-арта in 1950-60-х it finally happened. According to Bridget Riley, a work of art "happens" only when the picture is before the eyes of man. By themselves, her paintings — is the painting, which depicts an abstract form. To move and they begin to overflow only when they are-то looks. In 1960-х said that due to Riley's paintings, the viewer there is an opportunity to experience a feeling similar to seasickness or skydiving... the Most expensive illusion to date, — work "untitled (Diagonal wave)", 1966, sold at auction Christie's June 30, 2016 for $5,813 million.

8. ROSEMARY TROCKEL "untitled". 1985-1988. $4,981 million

rosemary Trockel (1952) entered the list with his diptych "untitled", 1988, sold at Sotheby's in 2014 for $4,981 million Creativity Trokel combining decorative techniques-прикладного and fine art, creates the necessary counterweight to the predominantly male art German art-сцены. In the work "untitled" Trokel ironically contrasts the different statuses of women in society by using patterns with the Woolmark company logos (housewife) and Playboy (the embodiment of sexuality).

9. JULIE mehretu "Retopistics: A Renegade Excavation". 2001. $4,604 million

the Artist of Ethiopian descent, Julie Mehretu (1970) has several large auction sales, and among them in the first place deal with the work "Retopistics: A Renegade Excavation" (2001), sold at Christie's in 2013, slightly more than $4.6 million

10. TRACEY EMIN "My bed". 1998. $4,342 million

Legendary work by the artist of the group Young British Artists Tracey Emin (1963) "My bed" was sold at auction Christie's in 2014 for $4.36 million Installation unmade bed, empty vodka bottles, ripped stockings and cigarette butts is estimated at us $1.3–2 million English artist famous throughout the world for his outrageous and provocative work.


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