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The most successful and the most failed art-инвестиции 2017 in the world
ARTinvestment.RU   26 июня 2018

Analytical portal Artprice made micro-рейтинги amazingly successful and woefully unprofitable investments in works of art. It is only about auction transactions in 2017, with works whose previous purchase price known to us

Nothing explains the potential for investments in art as specific examples of successes and failures of the collectors. That "art always increases in value" is a figure of speech. And life be-разному. Some buyers are drinking champagne, others get a bucket of cold water on his head. But in General, this is not the tale of the seers and what-то boobies. It's much more difficult. In addition to the fundamental factors it is important how the cards will fall. There is no guarantee that the participants rating of success after a-то time will not be mixed in the ranking of failures. To see this, it is not far to seek. Remember Jacob Cassia – state of the art star and the most expensive artist generation 30-летних? A few years ago he set record after record. And now — look at the list of names in "anti-rating" art-инвестиций: Jacob Cassie 4-м. And not one, but in the company of Jeff Koons. Here's-то it.

See some more examples, this time brought together Artprice.

Top-6 the most successful resales of works of art in 2017

Yes, all the above examples in investment – the envy. Of course, there are glaring methodological caveat – ranking Artprice leads to annual interest, not nominal income in money. But for the normal collector is just not true. Earn $2 494 375 for 17 years (Richard Prince, 3rd place) @- this is clearly better than getting $439 300 for 16 years (Qi, 2). Although, too bad. And the second point, about which many forget. The seller will receive much less than the published sales price. It will be deducted from the Commission of the auction house Buyer's Premium plus an additional fee for the services of the auction (because they are generally on sale the work took, photographed, published in the catalog, etc.). That is, if the picture is sold for 100 000, it really is on the hands of the owner soon gets 70 000. If it is rough. All auctions have different terms, but the order is something like this.

Top-6 the most disastrous investment on the basis of the auction deals with art in 2017

"very good bidness". However, I would refrain from premature conclusions in the style of – "well, immediately once it was all clear." Not at all. There is no-то very bad work. What Cassie is it bad? Or what Koons-то unsuccessful? Yes, its a metal car of the same Bourbon-drenched go ten more liters! And auctions are also very often the top nonsense does not offer. So this "anti-rating" is nothing more than a list of reported failures, about which it became known. How and why – the second question. Each case requires a separate analysis – is it a trend or a coincidence? It often happens that a collector too carried away, repeatedly overpaid, and then quickly decided to get rid of things for any money. Tools needed or abruptly they don't work – it doesn't matter. Plus the gallery owner did not notice belongings of the artist or decided not to insure, not to buy. Then who's-то made the minimum bid and won. For such a successful options buyers love auctions. Worse, if a sharp drop in prices is the result of a clumsy and disastrous "promotion" of the artist. That could be for a long time, if ever.

These examples of failures even more useful than the investment success. Especially for the most vulnerable audience — novice collectors. For them it is a cautionary tale that lead to reckless spending on the background of lack of knowledge, gullibility and over-enthusiastic attitude towards art. This is the first lesson. And the second is that do not be afraid to make a minimum bet, even if it is lower than the estimate that you think you can not handle. Auction – lottery. Sometimes the lots agree to pay significantly below preliminary estimates. Some things are set generally, without a reserve price. And sometimes the one who puts 1000 wins the lot that the owners wanted 10 000.

table 1. The average yield of investment in art by price. Consumer behaviour

the Price range atpurchase

annual income

the Average number of years to
placed on re-sale

$10 000 – 50 000

to 5.5%


$50 000 – 200 000

to 7.1%

to 10.1

$200 000 – 1 000 000

to 8.3%


More than $1 000 000

to 6.6%



Finally, another interesting published statistics Artprice – summary of the behavior of the collectors re: how much to buy, how long keep to yourself and how much income you get. Analysed was 1400 know for certain resales held in 2017. "The average hospital" was that the highest annual yield bring products purchased in the price range of $200 000 – 1 000 000. Their perevalivaet for auction after an average of 10 years and earn 8.3% per annum. Masterpieces, worth over a million dollars yield an average of 6.6% per annum, but the money is far more impressive. Generally, investing in expensive things are better quality (masterpieces) are considered the most effective investment strategy for the art-рынке. So, $ 100 invested in masterpieces (index Artprice100) in 2000 has become about $ 450 by mid-2018. But with the rest of the art not so. According to the Artprice Global Index $ 100 of 2000 has turned in 2018 at approximately $ 125. This is worse than investing in a stock index S&P500 (there is $ 100 for 17.5 years turned into 175).


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