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The emergence of abstract expressionism on the West coast of the United States the voice of the Big Lebowski

"Cool school" (Original title: TheCoolSchool)

Director: Morgan Neville
year: 2008
86 min.
film: TremoloProductions, USA

"after the Second world war, a group of freethinking artists settled in Los-Анджелесе not following the traditional art history that preached the new-Йорк. They looked around... and found the inspiration then <критики> called art." The phrase that opens the documentary "Cool school," you can continue: in 1950-х years of the new-Йорк professed religion two families – Guggenhajma (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum) and Rockefeller (MoMA), plus next door was unpacking their suitcases in exile with modernism Leo Castelli. However, new-Йорк will remain in history is the Museum capital of the USA, Chicago — by the center for arts education, and Los-Анджелес and San-Франциско — the birthplace of the gallery business and art-рынка in General.

the"Cool school" — tape on the first art-энтузиастах the mid-twentieth century, which replaced the gold miners in the historic region of "Gold fever". The fever will come later, from 1960-х years — in Los-Анджелесе will host the first solo exhibition of Andy Warhol, a lifetime retrospective Marcel Duchamp and will lay the Foundation of the Museum of modernism, which eventually will become a Museum of modern art LACMA. The main character — not an artist: this is the Ferus Gallery, opened by art critic in a suit and tie, and for two years worked at a loss. However, through a gallery full declare itself to iconic artists of the "new American art": clyfford still, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella and referred to Andy Warhol. But still it will be a place for the branch of young (1962) of the journal of the San-Франциско Artforum and will host the first courses for novice collectors. The gallery will last at least 10 years and will fall to private businesses, the wife of one of the co-founder with somebody else, and brought up on Hollywood Boulevard, art-звезд transit through the Venice Biennale will take the new-Йорк — all this, the film will not show. And for good reason.

Art-рынок West coast of the US immediately became inseparable from Hollywood: a shared party, shared a prohibited substance, the common women and men, and as a result — collectors of art among the stars of the movie. Not spared the Hollywood side and the "Cool school." In addition to live artists, reflectors on the vicissitudes of the past, a significant part of the film is actor Dennis Hopper, with a cigar in his hands silently nodding in agreement with the artists. Narration reads Jeff bridges — the case when I regret that the text is narration, not the narrator sits in the frame in a robe from "the Big Lebowski" with a cocktail with intolerance name. However, the abundance of news, facts, memories, and reasoning, make a "Cool school" is really good and true movie about the history of American art 1950-х. With only one "but": the artists usually only know half the truth.

the Most interesting quotes of the film according to AI:

We were young in the city is not filledart. For us, there was no barrier — Los-Анджелеса <помимо movie> was not the cultural past which we pressed.

Paris threw art at the new-Йорк, new-Йорк threw art at Los-Анджелес. Around us the lights came on, including the camera and whose-то voice said, "you Guys live!"

what kind Of art-рынке can say, if in Los-Анджелесе in the mid 1950-х was not a single French restaurant? And the only two restaurants that were Packed with Hollywood stars.

Art <в Los-Анджелесе 1950-х> entirely like the work of Paul Klee — such a cubist kitsch. Such consumer goods and today can be found on the coasts resort towns like Laguna-Бич.

Museums <в Los-Анджелесе 1950-х> didn't like modern art. Once in the Museum, works of contemporary authors were kept in the vaults — if someone-то wanted to see him, he was sent to the warehouse. Usually it was the students who looked at contemporary art for educational purposes.

What only epithets are not rewarded abstract expressionism: he was Communist, anarchist, ugly and mindless. Were conducted around the whole war.

— Why do you wear a job suit? —, I asked <мужа>.

— Because I have to look like a businessman, — he said.

to build art-рынок in California, it was necessary to build a system: galleries support artists, the artists create a work, critics say artists, museums — recognize and collectors — buy. It took almost 20 years.

At that time there were two types of artists: some are taught painting, wanting to have a permanent salary and social protection, and others did not need it. They were real artists.

I would compare artists of the time with the surfers on the boards in Los-Анджелесе it was so small that it was possible to know all the surfers without exception. Exactly the same was the case with artists.

the Art turned out to be a great alternative for the younger generation: life around was dangerous, and art was given to romance. Many doubted would survive if 30-летие who-то lacked drama in my life — all this gave the art.

At the first exhibition of contemporary art first opened the gallery <Ferus Gallery, in 1957,> was bought all work.

This is terrible — that many in the opening of exhibitions was drug.

One day — and it was 1965 or 1966 — on the discovery of unexpected people came in luxurious dresses and jewels. And then I realized that-то seriously changed.

Art-дилер — is a double-edged sword. On the one hand — is curatorial work, when you make a choice. On the other hand — is working financially, when you make money. One without the other in this worldnot working.

"Cool school" — movie black-белый: not only historical footage but even modern interviews are intentionally devoid of color. The only exception is the work of artists and last frames, when the chronicle of the Amateur camera of the early 1970-х suddenly becomes color. At the same time you understand that "school" is over, starts market.

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