10 most unusual ArtTech-стартапов 2020. Part 1
ARTinvestment.RU   31 июля 2020

AI talks about young companies whose ideas have become especially popular with the onset of the quarantine

the fate of startups at the intersection of art and technology previously, we wrote here, here and here. Today we talk about specific companies — those who have either emerged as a market response to the pandemic, or were a little early, but proved its importance on the background of the forced separation of the buyer and the seller. Choosing ten of the most illustrative examples, AI offers to your attention the first "five":

1. ArtAML

Even before the Declaration of a pandemic, the EU and the UK are pretty excited about the abbreviation AMLD5 — "Fifth anti-отмывочная Directive" of the European Parliament aimed at strengthening the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. From January 10, 2020 in the EU the buyer of art objects worth more than €10 thousand was required to disclose the name of the seller. The first art-рынке procedure faced London Art fair, held from 22 to 26 January: some galleries are deliberately understated the price to €10 thousand, others require buyers to present to scan passports. However, after a nervous but successful sale arose a new difficulty: in accordance with the General regulation on data protection EC received information about the buyer to the galleries must be a special way to be stored on specific servers and to report annually to its safety. This problem took to solve the startup ArtAML (by the way, started the product development in 2018, since the announcement of the Directive): the app allows you to scan customer names across multiple databases, including to check whether the client is politically exposed person, whether under any-либо sanctions and whether the place of origin and residence country of high risk. Search capabilities of the app can also help sellers of art to validate and verify the provenance of works when selling on the secondary market. And here comes the interesting point. If the data art-отчетов the last ten years of loyal and collectors above other values of the market put its transparency, then startup ArtAML guaranteed success. If customers perceive a new technology as a kind of "art-стукачество" — have to think about the value of primary sources of distorted information.

2. Foundwork

Closed museums divided the collectors into two conditional categories: those whose Basquiat can't get back, being leased for exhibition, — and those whose Basquiat remains quarantined at home. They were United on one thing: art has ceased to actively work to increase their own capitalization, because they do not have (in particular) social-экспозиционного "exhaust". Without thinking, collectors pay attention to the young artists, whose activity in the quarantine contributed to the increase in their value, as well as new markets. In this case the primary factor for a potential buyer in the era of rethinking the pricing was not auction statistics, but rather, data of another kind: the quantity and quality of exhibitions, participation in contests and biennials, the level and array of publications about the artist and so Young artists have begun to change Saatchi Art to ArtFacts, while the enterprising American curators have created a project Foundwork — mix virtual portfolios, galleries and residences, giving attention to the curatorial and institutional support. One of the advantages of the platform —, it allows creating groups at the regional or creative characteristics, forcing the artists to interact with each other and at the same time making it easier for collector search: not to look 20 Bohemian artists personal sites and Instagram, simply go to uniting all geographical profile on the site. Other ease of navigation is that the collector can find an artist, just putting your geographical point and the desired search radius will be offered the options of talents among neighbors, which is especially important when the unavailability of international (and sometimes domestic) logistics.

3. RokBox

do you Know that Larry Gagosian rents in only one new-Йорке three warehouses: one for art, the other two — packaging storage from them? To keep them expensive, but even more expensive to dispose of. The founders of the British startup RokBox about it was well informed and Larry (and the entire market) with a fundamentally new approach to the packaging art. At the heart of their decision — transforming light boxes that are easy to take form of a work of art, providing a secure fit and safe transport. But the main advantage is reusability at a very cheap cost of storage: "box-трансформер" easily and folded and waiting in the wings, occupying a minimum of space adjacent to the work itself. In addition, RokBox found another advantage, heavily influenced the popular plastic material used for container, raised from the bottom of the oceans as garbage and recycled. In short, the idea meets the most important characteristics of a startup: it solves an existing problem, not create new broadcasts and mass is important (in this case environmental) theme.

4. Fair Warning

Having made a name for itself in record sales "Savior of the world" Leonardo da Vinci, a young employee of Christie's Loic Guzie left the auction house and tried to monetize his own fame — in particular, a statement about creating an elite virtual auction house. According to him, frenzied traffic information, enhanced pandemic, led to the fact that collectors before the start of trading began to lose interest in the art objects placed in the auction catalog a few months before the auction, and to shift attention to more recent lots (a standard situation for all online-предложений, it's funny that she raised such a conservative area as auctions of art objects). As a solution of Gusle created a mobile application, which will receive only selected top-клиенты, the auction catalog will be lots of higher price category, art will be announced in just a few days before the auction, and the auction itself will take a couple of minutes. In other words, the startup Fair Warning — is an analogue of underground poker tournament: where and when it takes place, what the stakes are, no one knows of the participants until the day of the event: in secrecy lies the key to its popularity.

5. Glass

"Better call Saul!" — was written on the card of the hero of the popular American television series.Startup Glass could beat this phrase, replacing only the name: since the launch of an application, its founder Christian hunt is ready to meet the owner in all matters related to the provenance of his work. It is only necessary to send photos of the artwork in a special chat WhatsApp messenger. Further, the system recognizes the image and sends the response message to owner all available information from directories-резоне or documented provenance of this work. Of course, at the other end of the wire will not hunt, but an Autonomous robot with a database of 10 million works from over 1 million sources (digitized in 2014 for another project Christian hunt — platform art trade Artwishlist, which became the second Artsy). WhatsApp-чат to help you determine the place of work in the history of art, — thing is definitely needed and its simplicity is brilliant. But why-то first in memory persistently occurs history Engineer.ai: for many years, the company with multi-million investments were given for the work of artificial intelligence work 26 thousand Indian programmers.

In the second part of AI material readers can get acquainted with the second five newcomers 2020, among which will be a refuge limited edition sneakers, closeout mosaic of Picasso virtual art-Tinder.

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