Art Investment

Appraisal, Restoration, Preservation


"Art-эксперты": what is behind this definition?

Explain, what is the expertise of the art and why so many confuse art-экспертов with art-консультантами


Neural networks are "trained" to recognize fake paintings

It is an old dream of scientists and neo-алхимиков: just push the button — art-анализатор blinked the lights and drew the conclusion: "fake" or "original". Progress is being made, but the critics on-прежнему laugh at the "robot-экспертом"


In Russia approved the new standard at the examination of works of art

National standard "Examination of works of art. Paintings and drawings. General requirements" (GOST R 57424-2017) approved 22 March 2017


National standard examination. Launched public discussion of the text

In the professional community began discussing the first draft of the national standard "Examination of works of art. Paintings and drawings. General requirements" — the first guest on the examination of cultural values


The Prosecutor General's office again dissatisfied Medina. Now import of cultural values

The General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has brought representation to the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation. For 6 years, the Ministry failed to adopt a formal procedure for import by citizens to Russia of cultural property for personal use


National standard examination. Why?

Decided to establish a working group in the framework of the activities of the Technical Council of the Ministry of culture, which will be required to develop a draft national standard and to submit it for public debate


Examination for the art market: what you need and how to help experts?

Today, in 90% of cases from expert opinion only wait for the names of the expert, the key conclusion about the authenticity in a short paper. However, we expect that in the near future the quality requirements of these securities will increase significantly


Interview with the President of the Guild of Valuers, Mikhail Perchenko

In Moscow has begun work Guild of Appraisers at the International Confederation of antique and art dealers, the establishment of the Guild, it was announced back in 2009. How the score and what documents are issued - this is AI asked President Guild


Fakes of mass destruction

Rougher, made clumsy forgeries, as improbable is the accompanying story, so ... it is easier to find a buyer among novice collectors or even an unprepared public, prone to speculation


Painting: maintenance and control of

How to check the painting? Why are works of art come to the knacker of restoration? Influence of restoration on the price and liquidity. To restore or fix? How to store the product in the apartment?


Услуги ARTinvestment


Индивидуальные консультации от опытных искусствоведов по любым вопросам в сфере искусства

Составление Инвестиционного Портфеля

Подбор предметов искусства для инвестирования под любую инвестиционную стратегию

Индивидуальная оценка

Наши эксперты проведут профессиональную оценку вашего предмета искусства, учитывая его состояние, авторство, историю и другие факторы


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Икона «Серафим Саровский». Начало ХХ века (71 × 57 × 3,7 см)

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БЕНУА Александр Николаевич (1870–1960) Офицер. Эскиз костюма для постановки балета И.Ф. Стравинского «Петрушка». 1957 (31,5 × 24,3 см)

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СИДУР Вадим Абрамович (1924–1986) Сидящая. 1963 (11 × 12 × 5,7 см)

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