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In Russia approved the new standard at the examination of works of art
ARTinvestment.RU   23 марта 2017

National standard "Examination of works of art. Paintings and drawings. General requirements" (GOST R 57424-2017) approved 22 March 2017

standard first lists the requirements for expert opinion as to the document with the list of information which it must operate. Even such important details as the date, phone for authentication, it is possible the wording of the conclusions of the experts, describing the history of existence of the subject, etc.

the WG has used the standard as a rare opportunity to systematize the set of terms and definitions for the field of circulation of works of art that were previously unavailable in the regulations and legislative framework. Glossary of standard helps to specify the understanding of authenticity, the history of the existence, attribution, etc.

Another important novel of nonstandart examination — the obligation of the contractor in writing inform the customer about the presence or absence of the contract professional liability insurance expert who will carry out the examination of an object provided by the customer. This does not mean that all experts are now obliged to conclude the insurance contract liability. Don't have to do even those who will work according to GOST. However, it is expected that in some cases insurance will be an advantage and the market expertise will move in that direction naturally.

the New standard is not mandatory for application. Experts and customers can easily work as a standard, and without it, as before. According to the agreement. But the standard, as it more clearly defines the requirements to the approaches, the procedure and registration of results of examination of works of art. For the art market it will become a quality benchmark.

the New national standard examination of art have already been put into effect by Order of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) №176-ст. In its elaboration participated experts from leading expert organizations, lawyers, experts in the art market, art critics and other specialists. In the work on the standard were: the head of the group Igor Kudimov (ANO "Center for independent evaluation"), Irina Kolosova (Institute of Art-бизнеса and Antiques), Elena Piskunova (Russian state University of justice), Olga Glebova (NINE them. P. M. Tretyakov), Anna Kiseleva Rudolfovna (GRC them. academician I. E. Grabar), Natalia Ignatova (NINE them. P. M. Tretyakov), Mikhail Efremovich perchenko (MKAAD), Vladimir Bogdanov (ARTinvestment.RU) and many others.

the Approved text of the standard can be download at our website.

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