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Painting: maintenance and control of
ARTinvestment.RU   13 ноября 2008

How to check the painting? Why are works of art come to the knacker of restoration? Influence of restoration on the price and liquidity. To restore or fix? How to store the product in the apartment?

Paintings at other comparable conditions is more expensive graphics - and this fact, many are inclined to give, among other things, and «Material» explanation. Say, with graphics more trouble: it is stronger influenced by the time the paper breaks, the colors fade, even from the flash, require special storage conditions, in addition to glass and still need curtains, and the exposure time is limited. Dispute No: however, and felt a very high resistance at the time of painting and adverse conditions should not be trusted: with antique paintings, too, is a lot of «age» of problems. Osypaniya, smoke, destruction of paint layer podlakovye pollution, massive blundering поновления and other defects unskilled restoration - all of these potential problems of antique paintings. Complications of this kind should not be dramatized, but it is better to be prepared and as soon as possible to check the status of the canvas.

And how to check? Taking pictures on the commission, the gallery is conducting a series of checks, including canvases are often viewed in the rays of ultraviolet light. The challenge is utilitarian - to verify the existence and assess the area поновлений (record). On the domestic version of поновлениями (record) mean podkrashivanie, Luting, the essence of decorations by a paint layer on top of the original copyright. Remember, as Mr. Bean dorisoval damaged in the museum «Portrait of a mother» James Whistler? Here it is grotesque example of the barbaric поновления. By dorisovke had to resort, when the paint layer was not secured in time and crumble. And it is understandable why this reception collectors include cautious. If поновлением was restored some corner of the picture, it is no great trouble. But if you rewrite a substantial portion of the picture, the price of this product will be greatly reduced. And in general the question of the advisability of purchasing such a beautiful product.

Check the painting on the поновлений fairly simple, and in domestic conditions. Just look at it in light of a portable ultraviolet lamp. These lightweight handheld devices powered by «finger» batteries are equipped with UV-light with a wavelength of 365 nm, and cost about 50 dollars. They are used as detectors of the currency, just pay attention to the wavelength: for the diagnosis of Painting suitable instrument with a wavelength of 365 nanometers is . The dark areas seen in the ultraviolet light - this is поновления not difficult to notice them.

By the way, this is a simple reception using professional buyers to pre-view. The organizers usually do not prevent such a keen interest of potential bidders, the more so in difficult cases, there is a way poumerit their curiosity. If the picture on the pre-show brightly lighted, the ultraviolet lamp is powerless: on the portable detector is not razglyadish. The organizers of this, of course, know, keep in mind, acting on the environment.

In the rays of a magic lamp specialist can see, does not change whether a signature, whether restoration, to detect subtle defects. Ultraviolet shown not only to painting. Experts recommend otsmatrivat with the lamp and the acquired images, in time to find defects as fungal destruction of paper, which appear in the picture with dark spots.

Causes поновлений barbaric and bad restoration as the old world: money and the pursuit of quick profits. High quality restoration of logging phases of state and works with the issue of restoration of passport - this is not the fact that expensive, so more time, that is, the picture turns off for a few weeks out of the market. Time is also money. A product type is needed, because with propleshinami picture to buy unless the judge, who knows how to make it to the hand, but on the buyer's interest in mass can not count. Therefore, a low-cost images with defects are sent to a brush «knacker» to scale поновления more than masterpieces. logic solutions is well explained in the forum ARTinvestment.RU . Enough to answer just two questions. What kind of work to quantify sell more and better: not restored or restored? Answer: restored (read: brought to trade with a view). Second question: good or bad? Answer: poorly. What should I do? Reload the first question.

These days, due to the large amount of trash, even the word «restoration» become a negative sound and simply discourages buyers. It is no coincidence that in recent times, instead of him using slang «conservation». It is clear that in substance the terms are not identical, but for commercial slovooborota quite good - the sellers understand what is at stake. However, all this - reproaches unscrupulous «masters». The benefits of fair and justifiable restoration technology, no one contests. Expensive, too, want to keep painting in neatly condition, otherwise will have to sell at a discount.

If there is testimony and enjoy a good restoration methods . For the decay of the precious paintings, prone to destruction, experts recommend a timely expose of fixation. It is difficult, but sparing technique, not distorting the way the author's intent and paintings. Fixing shown, when the separation of layers of paint, the separation of paint layers of the soil, the separation of soil from the foundation, which has osypaniyami. To consolidate the paint layer restorers using special adhesives. Fixing (or consolidation), only one of many ways to the restoration. It happens that the beautiful work required the removal of impurities podlakovyh, washing the surface of household pollution (dust, etc.), restoring the transparency of lacquer layer and the other works, which can be read, for example, here . Colorful layer restorers can even move to a different basis, if, for example, an original oil on canvas or board threatened in the very near future become the rot.

Experienced collectors and dealers celebrate another important point. Deciding on the need to restore a balanced, presenting a portrait of a potential buyer. The point is that an experienced collector, sometimes with more hunting to buy a thing to cosmetic intervention is organizing itself and its restoration in the workshop, which the trust. That is, selling without a restoration can positively affect both the price and liquidity of paintings. However, this does a particular case. The decision on the restoration could probably compare with the sale of a used car. If the vehicle is repainted (even in good faith), then there is the mass of an experienced buyer's suspicions: Is it all in order, was not there in a serious accident? A majority of buyers, by contrast, enjoy a fresh, clean appearance perekrashennogo car. So in painting: fixing (fixing) - this is all useful prevention and restoration - this is surgery, which requires the consent of the patient.

Actually, more correctly, perhaps, less to think about the age of their works. Remember: they are created to bring pleasure. And in a hundred years, as the Nasreddin Hodja, or Amir pomret or ass sdohnet. Жванецкий supplemented this appeal eastern wisdom to solve problems in the order they are received. Moreover, the means, methods and technologies are constantly improving restoration.

On this same century, better pay attention conventional rules of painting in the apartment storage conditions . At the level of common sense, they are to avoid getting direct sunlight, not vyholazhivat ventilate the room when the winter (temperature causing tension canvas), not to hang the painting in the kitchen that they are not absorbed by fat. Dust with the painting, which is not covered with glass, recommend cleaning with a soft static whisk. I've heard recommendations that you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, but, again, at the level of common sense, it is fraught with the loss of paint layer. So what better poosterechsya and if used this way, only to contemporary works that are strong because of the small age. In addition to the front part, must be periodically cleaned and the back side of the stretcher. But how to deal with glass - and understandably so. Today the painting has become fashionable to harbor a special thin «museum» anti-glass. It is indeed less visible than usual, although the quality of perception of the work, as it convinces, diminishing. Still, there are paintings of paintings: even the invisible barrier violates the purity of eye contact.

used in the publication of ideas, information and opinions expressed by the participants Forum ARTinvestment.RU .

material prepared by Alexander Soloviev

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