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Interview with the President of the Guild of Valuers, Mikhail Perchenko

In Moscow has begun work Guild of Appraisers at the International Confederation of antique and art dealers, the establishment of the Guild, it was announced back in 2009. How the score and what documents are issued - this is AI asked President Guild

Just in these days in the main building of the Pushkin Museum Pushkin exhibition "Art of Northern Gothic and Renaissance. Painting, sculpture, art furniture from the collection of M. E. Perchenko (Moscow) "(about the exhibition, see here , photo essay on the forum, see AI here ). That's what would have to talk with an authoritative collector, gallery owner, "Old Masters". But service is service. And to Michael Efremovich Perchenko - President of the Guild of Appraisers in ME Perchenko - President of the Guild of Appraisers at the International Confederation of Antiquaries and art dealers M. E. Perchenko - President of the Guild of Appraisers at the International Confederation of antique and
art dealers. Photo: Konstantin Babulin, AI

ARTinverstment.RU: Efremovich Michael, we congratulate you with an important exhibition. But we're on another occasion. Back in 2009 it was announced on the organization of professional appraisers guild MKAAD. Then for a long time - silence. What is the situation?

Michael Perchenko : We have received the documents at the Guild of Appraisers as a legal entity until November 2010. Too long we have not made out the registration. But now we have already started work and completed the first orders.

AI: Assessment, of course, can only be done on the proven thing. Whose examination of authenticity you accept?

MP : We have a very strict approach. That the Ministry of Culture registered 875 experts, but we accept only thirty (referring to a list of accredited experts MKAAD. - AI .). We accept the expertise of specialists, registered MKAAD, appreciate the work and issue paper.

AI: Who among professionals today is the Guild of Appraisers in MKAAD?

MP : So far we have only three: I like my president and two vice-presidents. In Moscow - Oleg Tairov and St. Petersburg - Mikhail Suslov. Soon at a general meeting will be reviewed three dozen applications. After all, we can bring to the evaluation of all the experts of the Confederation of antique and art dealers, all 30 people. They are, as you know, are registered in groups. I, for example, an expert on old masters. Evaluation of the old masters made me and Adrian Melnikov. If you came with a Russian academic art, then give the assessment of Mikhail Suslov, or call Oleg Tairov. If you brought a Western European paintings of the XIX century - this is again to Andriana Melnikov. Experts in their field are both valuers. If they are not museum workers, of course.

AI: the issuance of a document Guild appraisers MKAAD finalizing the product?

MP : Now, we issue a document called not assessment , and analysis market price of the product . The reason is that while we are not accredited as assessors in the Chamber of Commerce in a guild of appraisers. That's when we akkredituemsya at large guild, then we have the right to call the document issued by assessment .

AI: And what prevents to take shape as a professional guild?

MP : According to the rules in order to register a guild of dedicated professional appraisers must be composed of 300 members. And how do I get them? You can rely on experts MKAAD, but also far from 300. We are now hatching plans to join the architects and designers - they were allowed to have in the guild of appraisers at least 50 members.

AI: How assess issues ART CONSULTING, if nowhere to take the 300-member for the formation of the guild?

MP : They, too, issued a document which is not called assessment , and is a proper form of confirmation of the market price.

AI: Does not arise then the problems with insurance or a loan secured by people who agree to this form of the document?

MP : «AlfaStrakhovanie Guild accepts the estimate for the insurance of works of art. Alfa-Bank, under our document may issue a credit. Generally, insurance behind us two powerful partnership structure - AlfaStrakhovanie and Rostra (which is Adviser to Director General Adrian Melnikov).

AI: require Whether you are a document certifying that the person presenting the work on the assessment is its owner?

MP : Strictly speaking, do not ask. We can say we believe in the word. We believe that the owner in whose name issued an expert opinion on the authenticity. Also, some galleries give their certificates in the name of the buyer. And then a thing of the insurance company. She accepts our documents and she knows how she continue to approach this issue.

AI: It turns out that under the thing with your document on the price you can get a loan (in Alfa Bank ) and to insure the product (at least in AlfaStrakhovanie and Rostra), right?

MP : Yes.

AI: A loan is issued for the full amount of assessments?

MP : No, with a discount of about 40 percent. It is common practice.

AI: Evil tongues say that your status laid a conflict of interest: they assess themselves as selling. In some cases, are tempted to inflate the price. How to overcome this conflict?

MP : All over the world so. Who else can do the assessment as not a man, every day, dealing with sales? But the situation with inflated prices is virtually impossible. The calculation is done according to the formula, and we are not going to meet anyone - nor those of others, nor their own. Estimated specific thing - for databases, as, using the formula of Solomon, etc. In addition, we also laid a discount to assess how the world: from the price formula is standard dropped 20 percent.

AI: And how long do you issue a document about the price?

MP : The term of validity of the document - 10 years. But we should understand that we assess on a particular date. And for ten years will change significantly. Exit - to re-apply for assessment at a time when it is needed.

AI: Your are not coordinate on the Internet. And how do people find you?

MP : I think this month will open the site. Until - yes, word of mouth works. Treatment clients registered on the phone: 8 (499) 238-22-39. So that everybody can handle. And we can arrange for examination and works of art, if a person has come to assess the painting without signing.

AI: How much does the Guild of Valuers and how long does an order?

MP : The service is by definition the market price is from $ 500 per item. The exact figure depends not on the value of the product and the complexity of the case. This, of course, without the cost of the examination. Experts determine the authorship and authenticity, take from $ 1 000 to 3 000 euros. By the time of assessment usually takes no more than 10 days.

AI: It is now in demand service evaluation? What is the approximate capacity of this market? It is known also that the first Russian art collectors are not fond of insuring their collections.

MP : They did not, including because that previously had difficulty with their assessment, accepted by insurance companies. Since November, we have evaluated two large collections of 200 paintings. For the purpose of insurance. We already know ten people who are going to insure their collections, and collection of the most serious. Naturally, we not only undertake the collection, but also do custom orders - the assessment of one painting. In general, the market potential - up to 100 large collections, many of which are still secret.

AI: The Secret? This is when the owners - the officials or gangsters?

MP : No, the bandits do not collect art. They prefer things more clear: gold and diamonds.

AI: How is the evaluation procedure itself?

MP : An appraiser visits the house, or him to Moscow to bring a picture (for example, in a special storage room in the CHA, which is based MKAAD). The specialist makes the assessment. Then he is going to rule the Guild, which we consider the evaluation document and decide whether to put his signature. On the board is reviewed and the technology on which to make assessments. Surprisingly, an intuitive assessment of experts may differ from that calculated by formula to 10 per cent - so have a trained eye. In the appraisal report is written that the assessment was carried out according to the formula, but for some formula - not listed. In the final, the client receives an assessment folder (which includes his expert advice, the pictures in different modes and a document on determining the price).

AI: If a company gives the clients a higher rating than its competitor, then all customers will flee to more "good" appraiser. How to cope with it?

MP : But if they are then unable to close and sell or get under a "generous" estimate credit, then they go back to a more honest appraiser. Just when the assessment is incorrect, then the bank to double-check and not give a loan against such work.

AI: Exactly, the banks certainly double-check. We even know some of the banks, which are subscribers of the database of auction results ARTinvestment.RU.

MP : We give a real assessment of the selling that is, determine for how much money a person can actually sell the work at the current time.

AI: It turns out that the fair be profitable?

MP : Absolutely.

Questions asked Constantine Babulin, AI and Vladimir Bogdanov, AI

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