AI publishes the new ranking of "Yield of repeat sales of works of Russian art"
ARTinvestment.RU   02 июля 2018

How much you earn and lose on the deals with Russian paintings? AI has collected some examples of auction sales made in the last 12 months

to Access the rating of "return on investment in works of Russian artists"

What are good and bad art-инвестиции? It is possible to explain, but living examples everything is much clearer. For example, at the top of the rating of the Chagall painting "the Large circus". The previous owner bought it for $ 12 million, gave otvisetsya 10 years (by the book) and sold for 16. And bought and sold on the same auction even to invent nothing was. And the picture all this time grew in price by almost $360 000 per year. Nice. But not always. Here's the bottom of the rankings the other Chagall, the biblical story of the burning Bush. In 2012, work was acquired for approximately $364 000, and 6 years later sold for just $103 000, having decreased an average of $28 000 for each year of ownership. And in fact even more. Because when you sell you need to subtract also the auction house Commission and fees from the seller.

What we used selection criteria for the ranking:

  1. Selling needs to be identified in our database of auction results as a replay. This is done in manual mode, because the same paintings in different auctions can take place with different names and different droplet sizes.
  2. the Purchase must be made no earlier than 2000. It was possible to expand the time range, but we considered that such transactions @- this really is a case of bygone days.
  3. Resale must be recorded in the last 12 months. So now we are talking about the second half of 2017 first half of 2018. But in the course of time the rating will be recalculated automatically, and the picture in it will change.
  4. removed From the rating of the transaction of purchase and sale "year to year" @- with a difference of less than 12 months. Indeed, in this case, we have either "overspeculation" deals, often even forced technical operations when the auction is forced to redraw the unredeemed lot.

Available ratings:
the Yield of repeat sales in US dollars
the Yield of repeat sales, in annual percentage

Remains to stress once again that when we talk about average annual growth or declinecost, you have to understand that it's arbitrary numbers. In fact, the income of sellers virtually always less, and their loss is always greater than specified in the rating. The above-mentioned fee and charges (and the more prestigious the auction, so they are above) slightly spoil the joy of income and multiply the sadness at the loss.

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