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Record de Stael has updated the ranking of the most expensive Russian artists
ARTinvestment.RU   21 октября 2019

Three-meter painting "the Stadium "Parc des princes"" ("Large players") on 17 October 2019 was sold at Christie's for $22 248 000. With this result, Nicholas de Stael moved to 6-е place in the top Russian artists — between Soutine and Jawlensky

Painter of the Russian Diaspora Nikolay Vladimirovich Stal von Holstein (1914-1955), which entered the history of art as Nicolas de Stael (Nicolas de Stael), is one of the major innovators of European abstract expressionism. He was born in Petrograd in the family of a German Baron in the year of the outbreak of war with Germany. After the revolution, in 1919-м escape of the family in Poland, early death of parents, the foster family. In 20 years — Foreign Legion service in Tunisia, returning to France in 1940-м. He learned from léger and Lansky. It is the "count abstractionism" de Stael called her teacher. And under the influence of spring in 1944, he finally becomes an abstract artist. From that moment, the most valuable period in his work. It will last 11 years, until his death. At the peak of recognition in 1955-м, de Stael committed suicide. Out of the window of the French Studio. He was only 41 years old.

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the Native of Russia Nicholas de Stael rose to 6th place in the ranking of the most expensive Russian artists. He is considered a role model for investment in the arts. PHOTO 1 a New auction record for the artist Nicolas de Stael Stadium "Parc des princes" (the big players). 1952 Canvas; butter. 201×351,5 auction: $20 200 023 - 27 810 000 sale Price: $22 248 000 USD) Auction Christies, 17.10.2019 PHOTO 2 One of the best investment deals in Russian art, closed in 2018: Nicolas de Stael Standing Nude. 1953 Canvas; butter. 146 × 89 Bought for: $132 6 139. ArtCurial. 03.06.2013 Sold for: $12 125 000. Christie's. 17.05.2018 #destal ' #of topological #ARTinvestment #investitionskosten #of archivistici

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the Series with the players is among the most valuable in the works of de Stael. In 1952 he had a short period when he added the figurative elements of recognition in his abstract canvases. Paintings from this series have always been dear to, valued by collectors during the life of the artist. But the fact that they will cost tens of millions, it was difficult to imagine even 15 years ago.

by the Way, Muscovites could observe the investment phenomenon of de Stael with your own eyes. In the summer of 2004, the gallery Jan Krugier, Ditesheim & Cie (then one of the main in the antique world) brought the oil with the players at Moscow World Fine Art Fair. It was the work of 1952 "Football / Soccer in the spotlight" (canvas, oil; 81,3 × 65,5). It cost $3 000 000. Knowledgeable people recognize that price is even too big, but within reason. I remember that when the withdrawal was made difficult, considering that a world auction record de Stael at the time was less than half — $1 674 000. Today's the Moscow players would cost at least $10 000 000-12 000 000. And it is quite correlated with the dynamics our price index for the paintings of de Stael. According to our method, of $100 invested in the paintings of de Stael, in 2003, became $304 to date.

De Stael admitted an exemplary artist for investments in the retrospective review. So, in 2018, his painting "Standing Nude" (1953, oil on canvas, 146 × 89) wasrecognized one of the best examples of investment in Russian art. Judge for yourself: in 2013-м bought it for $6 132 139 on the French auction ArtCurial, and in 2018-м sold at Christie's for $125 000 12. A retrospective of history, based on previous trends, usually dangerous because in the future, growth may stop or slow down. But I think in this case even a few years will be upwards only.

With the automatically calculated ranking of the most expensive Russian artists according to ARTinvestment.RU available free of charge and here.

Source: tass.ru

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