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Top 5 Russian artists at international auctions since the beginning of 2015
ARTinvestment.RU   20 октября 2015

In the ranking of most expensive paintings — things that are exclusive artists of world fame. Neither of Serov, or Kustodiev, neither Repin, nor Mashkov. Only those of our who in the West consider to be their

This ranking is composed mainly of sport interest. The list of names was not for us at all no surprise. So, if you have recently made ARTinvestment.RU top-12 domestic auctions was unpredictable, with Western auctions in advance was all clear. At the level of the names of the five can be confidently called, not even looking in the database. In the ranking of the most expensive paintings in the — things that are exclusive artists of world fame. Neither of Serov, or Kustodiev, neither Repin, nor Mashkov. Only those of our who in the West consider to be their. Even with Russian roots, but their: Kandinsky — German, Soutine and Chagall French, Rothko — American, and even Malevich — Polish, Polish-Russian artist, born in Kiev. Well, for us Russians. Or, if you will, artists orbit Russian art. Because has dropped out in Empire to be born. Especially as some were not only born, but has emerged as artists in Russian [email protected]

so, who of the contemporary artists of St. Petersburg showed the highest auction results since the start of 2015 [email protected]

If not for the principle of "one artist — one painting", 3 of 5 seats would have taken the paintings of Chaim Soutine. 2015 for him to be extremely successful. Generally, Soutine  is a phenomenal author from the point of view of investment potential. In the 1990s the best of his stuff started to get close to the mark of $ 1 million, but cost is still hundreds of thousands. And then said, expensive. At the turn of the 2000s, his paintings are of the highest quality were worth under $ 3 million. And then said: Oh, expensive. When 10 years ago the prices got close to 8 - or 10-millionth mark, experienced collectors shrugged. It seemed like madness. Now: $ 28 million. And nothing. No one argues that the price of 28 million dollars is beyond reasonable. Soutine in 2015, by the way, has updated its absolute record price. And, I think, will update yet [email protected]

Actually, this is the list, but still may be an additional 5-10 names and are those same "blue chip" segment of Russian art in the international market. All their stuff is absolutely marketable on the world market (they are fighting not only Russians but the whole world). They all understood and accept all pricing. And all these artists firmly inscribed in the history of world art (i.e. the risk of revision of their meanings in the history of art minimum). It is a pity that the values of these "blue chips" today, tens of millions of dollars. And something like будет.

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