Published rating of the liquidity of Russian artists
ARTinvestment.RU   28 августа 2017

A high rating indicates a strong market demand and a lower risk of failure works of a particular author at the auction. But it is important not to forget about the other key criteria: authenticity, belonging to the useful period etc.

liquidity Rating of Russian artists. Painting.

the liquidity Rating of Russian artists. Graphics.

the basis for the calculation of liquidity ratios was information on the number displayed and sold at auctions of paintings by specific artists for different time periods, 2000-2017 for the last 3 years. Separately for painting separately on the chart, both for the whole world and separately for auctions held in Russia.

According to our calculations, in the top-10 the most liquid of artists in the period from 2000 included David Burliuk, Andrew Lansky, Marc Chagall, Konstantin Korovin, Ivan Aivazovsky, Ivan Pokhitonov, Moses Kisling, Alexei Jawlensky, Serge charchoune, pinkhus Flint. Most of these authors — artists of the Russian Diaspora, whose works were sold at auctions in Europe and the United States long before the boom in Russian art and the formation of a national auction market.

a Leader in liquidity in the segment of painting in the Russian auction market was Anatoly Zverev. And he is ranked first for the period 2000-2017, and separately for the last 36 months. Why so far? Because it is updated constantly, automatically, as data is written to our database fresh auction results.

According to the method ARTinvestment.RU the position in the ranking reflects the likelihood of a successful sale of the works of a particular artist, given the standard deviation of the corresponding random variable. In order to increase the representativeness of the rating includes only authors with average price of sold works below $3000 (painting) and $2000 (graph).

Our automatic liquid list of authors can be recommended in the first place as an additional guide for novice collectors and investors. It is important to remember that the rating of the liquidity (or any other rating) you can not blindly be used as the only tool for making investment decisions. The result of each candidate from the list should be further analyzed from the point of view of "toxicity" segment on counterfeiting and also to consider the degree of confidence in auction sites, which recorded sales, and many other factors. For example, it happens that the artist has ceased to be sold after 2008, but due to a phenomenally successful sales before the crisis still holds a high place in the rating of liquidity. Or sometimes, in a good statistical liquidity a significant portion of sales of the artist's abnormally focused on what-то one auction site. Any such situationrequire special attention to user ranking.

Finally, for more adequate assessment of the current situation on the art market, we recommend first to focus on the ratings of the liquidity data over the last 36 months, not over a longer historical period.

All ratings of Russian artists can be seen here:


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