Results — 2014. Auctions — leaders of the Russian market
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Distribution of Russian auctions in the segment of paintings and drawings by sales in 2014

the Rules are simple: our traditional annual list of leaders of the Russian auction market, from which we take the top ten, are distributed in descending order of sales volume in money. As usual, we allocate and Rangiroa only a segment FROM — sales of paintings and graphics. Please note that showing a very decent turnover of books, coins, medals, objects of applied art, icons remain beyond the scope of this study. Otherwise, the list of participants and the distribution of seats would be very different. In General, this time we did everything as usual, except this year we decided not to publish figures of turnover for each specific auction house — according to the wishes of several participants. So think of the list not as a rating but as a pedestal. And on its steps, as is known, momentum is not write, a busy place.

so here's what it looks like, in our version, podium 2014, the auction segment FROM:

1. "Scoop"
2. "Office"
4. AI Auction
5. "Three centuries"
6. "Magnum ARS"
7. "In The Nikita"
8. "Russian enamel"
9. "Antiquarium"
10. "VEAD"

AT this time, there is a strong correlation between the share of lots sold and a turnover of money. The very existence of this relationship about the quality of the directories. It used to be that, conventionally, the auction lots sold much, but one-две deals on ultra-high prices formally could put it among the leaders for the money. And Vice versa. This time everything went fairly and objectively. In the top three best annual percentage of sales for painting and drawing — 67,6 % — showed in the first place in money in circulation "Scoop". At the "office" the median sales — is 50.7 %, and at VLADEY reached 63.5 %.

For reference: the average in our auction market, the percentage of sales in the segment of painting and graphics was 40.6 %. Separately for painting — of 35.7 %, according to the chart — to 45.5%. So anything above — is already a success.

Contrary to last year expectations 2014-й auction year compared to 2013-м (, see AI: "Auction house — foremost Russian market in 2013") turned out to be much more complex. Total auction sales in the segment in 2014 from-м made 539,7 million rubles (or almost $ 14 million converted at the average exchange rate). For comparison, a year earlier the Russian auctions sold in this segment nearly 681 million rubles, the exchange rate was about 20.8 million dollars. That is an annual decline in sales was almost $ 7 million.

At first glance, the dynamics looks depressing. But if you start to understand, that fundamentally it's not so bad. And quite understandable.

Start with the fact that in 2013, almost 30 % of the annual volume of auction sales of the year provided implementation only the ten most expensive paintings. In those days, remember, was the "Market square in Uglich" K. F. Yuon for $ 2.4 million, and "Orpheus" K. S. Petrov-Водкина nearly a million dollars (, see AI: "the Russian art Market— 2013. Preliminary numbers"). And in 2014 such phenomenal sales, pulling all the statistics of the market, did not exist. No picture, not even close to managed to get closer to a million. The most expensive painting in the domestic auction of 2014, let me remind you, this " No. 5 from the series "Under the snow"" I. I. Kabakov 627 thousand dollars (, see AI: "the Results of — 2014. Top-10 works at the auctions in Russia"). For comparison, a total of 10 most expensive paintings in 2014 was worth about as much as a record-breaking "Market square in Uglich" Yuon in 2013. It turns out that the low numbers in 2014, partly due to the fact that the market desperately lacked lots-миллионников. At least a pair of former Yonov.

And not enough of them because one over the past year the market has lost several forges millions of records, both proven and potential. Let me remind you that participants of rating of 2013, we already missed the "Russian seasons" (St. Petersburg house, capable of sensation, suspended its work), "Mark-Арта" (not conducted trades in 2014), Rada (the auction is capable of many things, turned its antique direction) and "Litkabinet" (after successful bidding for the animated graphics auction is no longer held trades). Alas, next year we will miss the still legendary "Shishkin", which was held in 2014, likely their final bids in the same format. Sorry. I hope that they will one day return.

however, it was for anyone to enjoy. Many auctions in the past year has kept and even strengthened their positions. So, the "Scoop", a little lost in 2013 "the office", this time occupied all-таки first place in two carefully prepared and very successful auction. In turn, the auction VLADEY, a year had risen 4-го 3-е place, confirmed that his success in the segment of contemporary art is not based on the "manual control", and on systemic factors. Six places moved up the house "Three centuries" — are great. And for the newcomers to the rating of a sin not to rejoice: for 4-м and 9-м areas located respectively auction ARTinvestment.RU and "KABINET".

will Continue. What else hindered you in the past year to keep the positive momentum continue? Why then continue to 20.8 million total 14, not 25, for example? For the answer go away is not necessary: the depressing effect of sanctions is pointless to deny. And it's not only about the fall of the ruble — in the end, the ruble collapsed only at the end of the year. But far more dangerous is the uncertainty began in March. So, from mid-March the index of consumer activity in the segment of Russian art ARTIMXba-RUS fell by 67 to 58 — is a very serious decline (given that the world's purchasing activity contrary grew up). What is this uncertainty? First the buyers has to fall into a reverie: is it worth spending money now or wait until life's real close and sellers will make much lower prices? Then begin to "twitch" and sellers whether to sell on a deteriorating market or better to wait for better times? The answer is no. In addition, many sellers and buyers prefer to wait out the difficult times away from home, and cease to make transactions on the Russian auctions. Summary of — perceived decline in quality of supply, and consumer activity. In the firstturn it happened in the middle and upper middle price segments, while in the initial price range life is not frozen even in summer — him all uneasy, we checked.

Well, with the sanctions is clear. But that is still so greatly influenced the market? I think that what-то of the degree of formal market decline in the money associated with its ongoing structural adjustment. In recent years, we witness the strengthening of a class of well informed buyers. Today, people often tend to make very deliberate decisions to do without fuss, to verify the information, demanding quality expertise to consult databases of auction results. Former carelessness, situations in which who-то-то could famously "provisional government" under a beautiful talk about the investment attractiveness became objectively less. In such circumstances, the gross sales figures predictable fall. If we translate it into the language of metaphor, imagine that the buyers of a supermarket suddenly saw the light. And instead of, as before, to sweep away from shelves of imported goods, began to carefully read the labels, pay attention to the expiration date, to require certificates of conformity to be interested in the conditions of storage and ask the many right questions to employees in the sales area. Horror, of course, but no options. To close, the owners of the supermarket will have to change the range, to adjust prices flexibly and without the snobbery to build relationships with your audience. That is, in the end, supermarkets will have to become more competitive. Almost the same thing is happening in the auction market, which has to readjust and adapt to new demands in difficult economic conditions. But in the end, this urgent, painful restructuring will not last forever. Sooner or later things will get better. But in the medium term this will lead to a more sustainable market, based on respect for knowledgeable buyers.

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