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ARTinvestment.RU   07 октября 2019

$12 000 143 — much needed painting Banksy to take 18-е place in the ranking of the most expensive auction sales of living artists, made on the principle of "one artist — one job"

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Banksy (1974) for nearly 15 years, remains one of the most talked about characters (or projects) to contemporary activist art. But only in 2019, his work was included in the top-20 the most expensive auction sales of living artists. And no wonder. After all, the "entry ticket" to this rating by the time was worth more than $ 10 million.

Devolved Parliament (wordplay: "degraded", "decomposed", "transferred powers" of Parliament) — picture of gigantic size, more than four meters wide. Made in the technique "oil on canvas", it is, in fact, is a political caricature, stylized genre painting. Maybe even historical, passing in battle. Chimpanzees, who occupied the house of Commons represent whether the crisis of parliamentary democracy in terms of equality, competing forces, whether the evolutionary degeneration of politicians, helpless before the "Broksita", or "planet of the apes". Last however the least likely: there was a reasonable gorilla, and Banksy — chimpanzees.

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the buzz around bold stock Banksy and sale of paintings by chimps in Parliament 12 million dollars created a sense that Banksy became the most expensive living artist. But it's not. Before him another 17 people, including Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, grotyana and KAWS. IN the PHOTO – the AUCTION RECORD for BANKSY BANKSY Decomposed Parliament. 2009. Oil on canvas. 250 x 420 Sotheby's. 03.10.2019. Lot 28 auction (estimate): $ 1 845 000 – 2 460 000 sale Price: $12 143 000 Source: #Banksy #record #banksy #auction

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From-за Brexit picture 2009 considered prophetic. Partly deserved. The artist (or group of like-minded people) felt and recorded some absurd floating in the air. Ten years ago, when this thing showed at the exhibition in Bristol, she was called by the-другому — "question Time" (parliamentary format, when members of Parliament ask the Prime Minister questions-министру and government members). Later, the artist changed environment (dim light, changed the position of the banana in the clutches of one of the monkeys) and changed the name of the picture.

Knowing Banksy as the author of the first mechanized performance in the course for an auction, observers and this time waited for this insolent what-то trick. But, alas, no fireworks, no flooding — this all went boring in the sense of emergency. Seen frame this time well-examined and enlightened. What, however, does not exclude the presence in the picture is what-нибудь "Easter eggs" — hidden in the second layer, a biodegradable ink and the like. Although the chances of this are small. The work was privately owned in 2011. During this time, the catch would have discovered, if the previous owner was in cahoots with the author.

At the evening auction in London on 3 October 2019 and the high estimate was exceeded by almost six times. The canvas beat a few contenders. The interests of the winner at the auction was submittedhigh-ranking employee of Sotheby's. His name is still unknown.

But the sense that man can only envy. Time to sell was chosen perfectly. Banksy is now at the peak of media celebrity. After a stunt with Schroeder in the frame for his every move is watched correspondents. And then there came the conflict of the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson with the Parliament about the British exit from the EU. Emotions, insults, taunts. The nail on the head. Hardly under any other circumstances, this canvas would be a chance at a twelve million. For cartoons too glamorous. Busy and thoroughly. There is no sharpness and simplicity. But as global problems. Well, for painting...the painting almost nothing betrays the artist with his recognizable handwriting. Too much street "guerrilla" of Beknsi that I like, is not equal to Banksy in the role of the easel of the painter. And it's hard to imagine that after 30 years, this four-meter canvas could gather before him the surprised and enthusiastic audience in what-нибудь international Museum of modern art. Do not understand. On the scale of this plot runs the risk to remain local English history.

$ 12 million for a canvas not made of Banksy's most expensive living artist, as many think. Ahead already a queue of 17 people. Including grotyana and KAWS. Updated ranking of most expensive living artist can be seen here. To see images of the pictures, feel free to click on the square icons.


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