The results of the-2016. The most expensive paintings of Russian artists at international auctions. Photo
ARTinvestment.RU   19 декабря 2016

One of our favorite final top-10. All of these artists — is a real pride of Russia. And Yes —, the rating we include all authors who were born in the Russian Empire, regardless of whose citizenship they further took

which is why the rating of Russian artists or someone like that, "artists orbit Russian art" traditionally tops mark Rothko — native Latvian Daugavpils (then Dvinsk, Russian) Marcus Yakovlevich rothkowitz, who later became a legend of American and world art. It also includes a former Russian lawyer with German and later French passport Wassily Kandinsky — father of abstract art. With Kandinsky in ranking adjacent to his colleague Alexei Jawlensky, which the whole world knows under the noble von Jawlensky. Next — Chaim Soutine, a native of the Belarusian town of Smilavichy, Russian and Parisian, a native of Vitebsk, Marc Chagall. And closes the top ten taken by parents from Bialystok, Grodno province the artist Max Weber.

top-10 of paintings by Russian artists in 2016 compiled according to the traditional rules of ratings ARTinvestment.RU: place of birth — Russia, one the artist — one picture, sell — only auction (no gallery and dealer), and prices in dollars in descending order. In particular, if we have not used the rule of "one artist — one painting", the top-10 this time would consist of four paintings by Chagall, two — Soutine, two paintings Kandinsky, plus Rodchenko and Rothko. Well, rule it turns out all-таки fun and diverse.

what's the point? In-первых, it is beautiful! In-вторых, expensive and, therefore, prestigious. And only-третьих, informative. Because in the first place for the beauty of such ratings and are — additional ambitious tasks in front of them and not put.

let's get started?

Top-10 of paintings by Russian artists at auction in 2016

so in the end — kind of bonus-трек: Pavel tchelitchew. This Russian surrealist recently established personal record, and only slightly held on to the top-10 at the end of 2016. Painting Chelishchev "Concert" was sensationally sold at Christie's five times more expensive than the estimate, and now occupies 11-ю place in the list of the most expensive works of Russian art sold at auction in 2016, with the result $1 735 000.

let me Remind you that we have recently summarized preliminary results for the domestic Russian art market. The report was published three domestic auction record, most expensive painting 2016 was the "Regiment" Helium Korzheva, sold for $370 000.

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