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Results — 2014. Top-10 works at auction in Russia
ARTinvestment.RU   25 декабря 2014

For the first time in recent years in the top not only works-миллионников, but even things close up to the mark of one million dollars

Our traditional full-scale study the results of the year for the auction market for Russian art is not yet complete. The final results have yet to fail. However, we here have not football, where the score may change at the last second of injury time. A list of the most expensive works on the Russian auctions are unlikely to be replenished at the last moment — new records in dollars, we won't expect. Therefore, we won't be drawing: here they are the ten most expensive works at auction in Russia in the outgoing year of 2014. Prices for convenience, are translated into us dollars at the exchange rate on the date of the conclusion of transactions.

ДЕЙНЕКА Александр Александрович (1899–1969) Оригинал обложки книги «Наша авиация». 1939
5. DEINEKA Alexander Alexandrovich (1899-1969) the Original cover of the book "Our
aviation." 1939
Paper, gouache, mixed media. 23 × 23
Shovel. 03.04.2014
Price: 213,000 USD
МОРДВИНОВ Александр Николаевич (1799–1858) Вид Большого канала в Венеции. 1853–1858
6. MORDVINS Alexander Nikolayevich (1799-1858) view of the Grand canal in Venice. 1853-1858
oil on Canvas. 120,5 × 210,5
Shovel. 23.10.2014
Price: 170 $ 800
ВАСИЛЬЕВА Мария Васильевна (1884–1957) Испанская деревня
7. VASILEVA Mariya (1884-1957) Spanish village
oil on Canvas. 65 × 49,3
Shovel. 23.10.2014
Price: 146 $ 400
КИСЛИНГ Моисей (1891–1953) Папоротники и герберы. 1932
8. KISLING, Moses (1891-1953) Ferns and wildflowers. 1932
oil on Canvas. 73,4 × 60,5
Shovel. 03.04.2014
Price: 122 $ 120
НОВИКОВ Тимур Петрович (1958–2002) Ленинград. 1986
9. NOVIKOV Timur Petrovich (1958-2002) Leningrad. 1986
Cloth, tempera. 140 × 160
VLADEY. 24.11.2014
Price: 118 $ 199
ПЕТРОВИЧЕВ Пётр Иванович (1874–1947) Весна в лесу. 1913
10. PETROVICHEV Piotr Ivanovich (1874-1947) spring in the forest. 1913
Canvas; butter. 68 × 112
Shovel. 03.04.2014
Price: 113 $ 600

In-первых, there is a conspicuous absence in the list of most expensive works of Russian art-рынка paintings Aivazovsky — regulars national auction ratings. Classics in General had to move. If in the past, 2013, 9 of the 11 works of the same rating belonged to the Russian classics of the XIX — beginning of the XX century, but this year more than half of the jobs created in the second third of the twentieth — the beginning of the XXI century. First place was taken by the work, written in 2004. The record of Russian auction market in 2014 for the first time was not the author of "Native speech", one of the leading artists of the postwar unofficial art — Ilya Kabakov. Who-то skeptical will notice that this is what-то a Fluke, not a trend. But there is another view (see for example, AI: "the art Market to generation Z").

In-вторых for the first time in recent years, the list of working-миллионников, but even things closely approached the mark in onea million dollars. But in the past, and in the year before there were several (see AI: "the Russian art Market — 2013. Preliminary figures"). In particular, the "Market square" Konstantin Yuon in 2013, in terms of dollars, was sold for $ 2.4 million. And record 2012 — "mount Athos" by Aivazovsky — at the time, was sold at the "Russian seasons" for 1.75 million dollars. In the current year 626 thousand dollars for Kabakov remained unconquered peak.

In-третьих, rating indirectly indicates the increase of market concentration in the auction business. If in the past record the results have chalked up 5 auctions, this time the cake top-лотов was shared between only three of the auction house: "office", "Scoop" Yes VLADEY. And they did a great job. Given that cope is not all. I regret to say that in 2014-м several auctions business was transferred to the standby mode, and then completely ceased its activities — for example, "Russian seasons", "cone", "HAPPY", "Litkabinet".

-четвертых. In the ranking of 2014 almost no unexpected results. That is, there is not only openly suspicious, but such that it would be difficult to explain in terms of a rational approach. In previous years, to be honest, weird things happened. What does this mean? That the market becomes more Mature, and the participants — more informed. Not only in terms of prices (this by itself), but also in perception of new ideas for collecting and investment. And this is, undoubtedly, the positive outcome of the year.

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