Top-10 of auction sales in Russian women-художниц in the first half of 2018
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Published best auction results for artists orbit Russian art from January to end of June 2018. The rating is based on the principle of "one artist — one painting"

Here rather not read, and to look to admire. The names of almost all known: most of the "Amazons of the avant-garde" and the representatives of the Russian Diaspora. In the first place predictably located the most expensive work of Russian artist, Natalia Goncharova. Living — two famous shestidesyatye Natalia Nesterova (8-м place) and the young artist Ella Kruglyanskaya (9-е place).

of the names that are in our area on the ear (I dare say), — Mela Muter and Ella Kruglyanskaya.

Maybe even Louise Nevelson. Although about the "Russian American" Louise Nevelson (1900-1988) AI wrote 9 years ago, deserves a closer look in the investment plan. And properly advised. The auction market of works by Nevelson (née Leah Berliawsky from Kiev) is booming. Since the start of 2018 was put up for auction, about 40 of her works, and nearly all sold. The most expensive — sculptures and assemblages of wood — go to the range $50 000-300 000.

Record sales the Mela Muter (1876-1967) — Maria Melania Muttermilch (nee. Kingsland) — are placed in a price range of $100 000-160 000. She was born in Warsaw into a Jewish family, at a time whenPoland was part of Russian Empire (that we have the technical criteria for the inclusion in the orbit of Russian art). The study of painting began at home, but how the artist implemented in France. In art history she came as the representative of the Paris school. Was known as a portrait painter, was engaged in magazine graphic art, has been exhibited in many Paris Salons, including the Salon of Independent. Mutter lived long (died in ' 91) and a very difficult life. Two years before the death of the surgeons returned her vision (for many years she could not work from-за cataracts), and the artist returned to painting.

Ella Kruglyanskaya was born in 1978 in the USSR, in Riga. Lives and works in new-Йорке. Since the beginning of 2010-х her solo exhibitions with great success in London (including , Tate Liverpool) and new-Йорке. The style to describe not just genre scenes involving graphic by-мультяшному drawn characters. Sometimes it's ironic history, sometimes strange dialogues. Stylistically, her work is reminiscent of book illustration, pop-арт. In the Kruglyansky technique uses as a familiar canvas-масло and egg tempera on plywood, and even includes paintings leaves graphics, etc. For the last five the price of her works has increased markedly. Record — $126 000 — was installed in 2015. For a huge three-meter thing. And it was hardly the first of its auction sale. In the first half of 2018 already six-foot two of her works were sold at the world's leading auction in the range $50 000-70 000.

Our illustrated rating is limited to 10 positions, but at the level of names you can look further. 11-м place — Sonia Delaunay ($60 230 at Christie's), it — Lea Nickel ($47 200 at Tiroche), then — Maria Sinyakova-Уречина ($43 270 at Christie's). From the results of Russian auctions in the top-20 got the work of Rimma and Valery Gerlovin ($32 123, Vladey) and Olga Amosova-Бунак ($17 300 for the Auction AI).

it Should be noted that the majority of works in the rating was sold significantly above the indicative estimates of the auction houses. Mela Muter — is almost three times higher than the estimate, and Maria Vasilyeva — is almost five times more expensive. Is steadily the interest in first names and a few interesting breakthroughs from the second row.

it Remains to recall that the most expensive work of Russian artist, according to the auction statistics are "Flowers" Natalia Goncharova sold back in 2008 for $10 890 964. As for the art world, according to-видимому, the most expensive work of women-художницы is "Dope" Georgia O'keeffe, sold at Sotheby's for $44 000 000.


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