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  • 12.03.2019 Experts: the culture industry brings the US economy is 4 times more than agricultural production This conclusion is contained in a study published in March 2019, Bureau of economic analysis, U.S. (BEA) and National endowment for the arts (NEA)
  • 16.01.2019 "Bought for" — "sold for". Examples of successful and unsuccessful investment in the arts in 2018-м Working on the database of auction results, we are often able to calculate the re-sale. That is, to record when the work was sold previously and how much it could earn. The best examples of 2018 — in our review
  • 11.12.2018 Why deduction of 5 % — is bad for artists Three months ago came into force the government decision No. 285: sellers of paintings commanded to donate 5 % of resale to an accredited organization UPRAVI in favor of the artists and heirs to copyright. Explain what's wrong with that
  • 06.12.2018 As predictions have come true AI on the "Russian trading" in November 2018 Under each picture lots see real results are translated from pounds to dollars at the rate of 1.28. And compare with the forecast AI
  • 16.11.2018 The London "Russian auction" in November 2018. Forecasts ARTinvestment.RU November 26, held at Christie's Important Russian Art, November 27 — Sotheby's Russian Pictures, November 28 — Bonhams. Will still be bidding for PDI and the sale of the collection of Rostropovich-Вишневской 28 Nov 2018. But we only "scenic" auction
  • 05.09.2018 Why is the blockchain not soon take root in the trade of art Now any business if to add to his name the word of the blockchain immediately begins to cost more. Art-индустрии too many people believe that the blockchain is a panacea. At least until, while do not try to "bloccante" existing business-процессы
  • 03.07.2018 Women and generation Y – a new hope art-рынка To such conclusion sociologists of the company's US Trust, which analyses consumer behavior of the wealthy families of America since 1993. The researchers noticed increased activity of new groups of art buyers and the shift of audiences online
  • 13.06.2018 June-2018 in London. How true, our auction predictions Just the "Russian week" of June 2018 by the leading London auction houses sold about $21 500 000. For understanding: it is 2.5 times more than sales of all auctions of paintings and graphics in Russia in 2017
  • 31.05.2018 Russian week in London. June 2018. Opinions and forecasts Specialized Russian auction in the UK will start next Monday. Collectors, gallery owners and owners of private museums in London arrived in good time. Why wait? AI shares his opinion
  • 31.01.2018 How to ruin art-рынок in Russia. Step by step instructions During the years of Soviet power collectors and art dealers have learned to survive in the most severe conditions. However, to throw the art market into a state, "as it was in the Soviet Union" — task in our days it is quite feasible
  • 14.12.2017 The demand for "positive realism". That showed sales in London In the beginning of 2017 in the backroom conversations of art-дилеров raised the question: frequent requests on search "solar" and "joyful" socialist realism — is that? Anomalous outburst or serious new trend?
  • 30.11.2017 The results of the Russian auction in London. November 2017 It is first and foremost about how true our predictions. Sometimes there are no words. But nothing to do: where-то will have to look for explanations where-то shrug, and where-то just choose the expression
  • 24.11.2017 Russian auction in London. Forecast for November 2017 The forecast only affects the main "Russian auction" in Britain. But in November —декабре Russian art auctions held in the USA, in France, but around the world. Don't miss them: there, too, is very interesting and usually cheaper
  • 24.08.2017 How the blockchain could change the art-рынок Rapidly developing technologies based on the blockchain will allow to make deals in a Network is very simple, cheap, without intermediaries and phenomenally safe. The coming global changes in the business-процессах. And art-рынка also fail to Dodge the progress
  • 09.08.2017 Russian art market: the response to the sanctions Illusions that sanctions — this year-два, no more. Probably for the decade. And maybe not one. Besides up-to-date sanctions regime is likely to be periodically tightened. To develop in the new reality requires a new approach
  • 28.06.2017 Why Basquiat was more expensive Kandinsky As the saying goes, survived: Kandinsky compare with Basquiat. And not even equal. In the middle of 2017 painting graffiti-райтера suddenly became worth 68 million more than the masterpiece of one of the main innovators of the early XX century. How to explain it?
  • 08.06.2017 "Russian auctions" in London. How justified our predictions In London, leading the auction house concluded a week of "Russian auction". Long before it began ARTinvestment.RU published a price forecast for Christie's, Sotheby's and Bonhams. And that's how did not match our expectations with reality
  • 18.05.2017 Russian auction in London. Forecast for June 2017 You can, of course, every year, to regret the next lower directory level in London, but at the same time realizing that it is still the best there is on the level
  • 10.04.2017 Why Russia recorded record-breaking attendance at museums? At the final Board meeting of the Ministry of culture of Russia were summed up official results of 2016: the Russian museums visited by 123 million people. Wow! Why is happiness and can it not to waste?
  • 03.04.2017 The results 42-го Antique shops, or "the Patient is rather alive than dead" Subjective impressions about the Central event of the antique market: how did it go and what was coming
  • 23.03.2017 Auction Russian art market in the first quarter of 2017 What progress since the beginning of the year? How has the buying activity? What is for sale? Is there any improvement in the situation? Summing up the preliminary results
  • 13.03.2017 A report by TEFAF-2016: gallery art market was less than one-third Peace of mind! This is just a result of the change of the calculation methodology. Previous reports compiled annual TEFAF Global Art Market Report have gone to a competitor, is now working at the Art Basel fair
  • 07.03.2017 The statistics published by the world auction market for the year 2016 In the new annual report by research company Artprice said that under the influence of a gloomy economic environment, sales of fine art auction market in the world in 2016, significantly decreased compared to the 2015-м
  • 31.01.2017 Life after the CHA While formally there is a strong rumor. Maybe this time will be able to fight back. However, it's time to imagine what the consequences for the national art market is fraught with possible transfer of areas under the jurisdiction of the CHA, the Tretyakov gallery?
  • 12.01.2017 Published our annual report of the Art Market in Russia in English ARTinvestment.RU summed up 2016 for the Russian art market in a special report in the English language. In addition to the key statistics for the domestic market, it includes a description of current trends, information about the structure of demand and other data
  • 14.12.2016 Art-рынок Russia. The results of the-2016 The rating depends on what to compare. If 2015-м, the volume of sales in dollars increased by 43 %. Good, even impressive. But when compared to pre-crisis 2013-м, the sales volume in dollars fell by 69 %. So choose who you like more
  • 07.12.2016 To China with his samovar Auction business of China with my own eyes and ears. Impressions from a trip to the international conference of the Chinese Association of auctioneers
  • 22.11.2016 Russian week in London. Forecast for November 2016 Almost the entire crop of the "Russian week" will bring Sotheby's, the most expensive painting will Rodchenko. And classics, including landing Aivazovsky, will be sold with difficulty and at reasonable prices, that is 2-3 times cheaper than before the crisis. It briefly
  • 03.11.2016 Forbes, you're wrong The contemporary art market is growing at 20-30 % per year? Alas, but why would it? Of course, as important as ever to remain optimistic. But the conclusions in the article the respected publication too strongly disagree with the auction statistics
  • 14.09.2016 "Sotbis" even stuffed, even though carcass Around the same time as the Colonel of Department of counteraction of corruption withdrew more than 130 000 000 dollars, the Facebook readers discussed whether to "fix" the export of cultural goods a new good law and incorruptible officials
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