The annual budget art-консультанта: how much is independence in the art market?
ARTinvestment.RU   17 июня 2020

AI estimated costs for the professional who wants to stay afloat and to be aware of events

the Position of art-консультанта — professional counselor in pricing and deals with art, as well as the subsequent management of collections —, by definition, must remain independent. The reality is a little different: being constantly surrounded by large numbers, many times higher than its average rate, art-консультант tempted casually engage in the dealing of art objects. The first, the second mediation, then a few standalone deals — and independent in theory, the expert begins to lobby for artists, one way or another to unite with other dealers, to engage in transparent partnerships with auction houses. Accordingly, its recommendations gain some materialistic bias associated with the possibility of higher earnings. Those who are struggling to maintain fairness of judgment, require a fair payment for their services. But the answer most often hear: "Why so expensive? It's just the Council?" This material was created with the purpose to clarify the pricing of the profession of art-консультантов, which, as we know, among our readers a lot.

the Present value of the fixed tools in the Arsenal of independent art-консультанта that their advice saves collector (or any other employer) of his time and money: ($1200 / yr): perhaps the main international analytical resource, producing regular reports paid — from the indicators of trust art-рынку in General to niche research individual artists and trends. Monitors only public (assessable) market. In addition, ArtTactic helps in preparation of branded HISCOX report Online Report and Deloitte Art & Finance, free for users; ($756 / year): market project of the publishing house holding Art News / Art in America. Proper and timely business Analytics-новостей of the art market, available in two formats: free of charge (the first part of the material) and paid (the rest, the most interesting part). Unlike the ArtTactic report, with the opinion of the publisher, that makes you think of lazy brains. While ArtMarketMonitor — is a very useful tool; ($405 / year): pay is the most complete database of auctions, which in the presence of sufficient material accompanies the website of the visual artist-приятными graphs of price movements, list of countries with the highest number of successful sales, breakdowns by price segments, and пр.; ($450 / year): Artprice data ideally should be correlated with the data of his rival Artnet. The difference in the technology of capturing and processing auction information leads to discrepancies in the databases of the sales of artists. On average, Artprice and Artnet data differ by 10 %, which is not very significant for the artist, with more than 1 thousand sales, but for regional authors with the number of auction precedent less than a hundred discrepancies can seriously affect the analysis. In other words, you need to subscribe to at least two of these bases at the same time;

ARTinvestment.RU ($180 / year): it's just modestly say, the most complete database of auction sales of Russian artists and artists "orbitRussian art", which includes artists of the Russian Diaspora, emigrants of all waves and authors from countries of the former USSR. Having started researching the art market in 2008, analytical portal later introduced a system of their own profitability index of artists and rating ranking; ($360 / year): a tool created more than 10 years ago, but gained popularity in the last few years, when the market realized the importance of marketing metrics in the pricing of artists. Exhibitions (past and future), list of dealers, promoting the author of the grant and the competitive activity of the artist — in short, almost all the necessary information that constitutes the picture of success on the private market; ($589 / year): art-консультанту should know in the face of the leading international collectors, as well as the composition of their collections. Such information provides Larry’s List — fee base, covering about 3.5 thousand private collections, from which, in-первых, to understand, to offer an artist, and in-вторых, to examine the prospects for a particular author based on the significance of private collections, which are his works, and their distribution by country; ($300 / year): news Agency, specializing on inside information about the art market, hence once a week you will come to the rumors, gossip and stories. Among which, as usual, lies the real truth;

• Deloitte Art & Finance Report, The Art Market Report from Art Basel & UBS, TEFAF Report, HISCOX Online Report, ArtPrice Report ($0 / yr): free (finally-то!), but the fundamental reports on the art market as a whole, or its parts (investment online). All such reports are sponsored by major companies that provides users with free access. Some art-консультанты use that short-sighted: as a rule, they describe the past year, with the minimum future prediction;

Harward Business Review ($8,95 / article, approximately 10 articles per year): on the newspaper's website used to publish major market analysts of art, with subtle but useful materials (they need for academic weight of their own activities, as well as benefices in taxation and in matters of pension savings). For example, you can find there the Creator of the Larry's List Magnus Resch about the technology);

• Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Frieze, TEFAF ($24 000 / year): average art-консультант visits 8 international market events per year, which costs him on average $3 million each (flights, accommodation, Prosecco in the VIP-лаунжах with colleagues and noodles eatery alone). Nevertheless, it is at such events there is an exchange of information with colleagues and strengthen old contacts (new contacts — below). For a potential client art-консультанта the presence of the latter on important international events often means the competence to colleagues in the market — its demand. Fell on the year of the cage "Vasilevskogo lounge" — and have to start all over: you do not forget, but begin to ignore;

• Deloitte Art & Finance Conference, Tech Conference Art from Christie's, the Art Business Conference, Communicating the Museum, MuseumNext, Cube.Collectors Summit ($21 000 / year): we have identified seven major events thatnew contacts are established. This academic conference and the summits of market participants. Often, they are free (Deloitte), but to get to them only by invitation. Other (Art Business Conference) sell the tickets cost from several hundred to a thousand dollars. Unlike art-ярмарок that decided to come 3-4 day conference pass or one day, or a maximum of three. But do not think that they will save you budget:-первых, they are in expensive cities (Monaco, new-Йорк, London, Edinburgh), in-вторых, get ready to consolidate the contacts established dinners with the right people. Summary of — same $3 thousand per trip;

• Educational courses and literature (approx. $1 000 / yr): art-консультанту should always update the knowledge using short-term educational programs (e.g., the rate of pricing contemporary art from ArtTactic for £250), and buy newly published literature (usually 2-3 books per year average value of $30). In sum, it will be almost the smallest part of the cost of the profession, but the significance of this point is one of the leading places;

• the Current costs associated with the business ($1 200 / year): the Internet, cloud services, working website and email to communicate with clients, sets of cards — all these little things are about $100 per month;

• In case of art-консультант on duty faced with a check of provenance and its costs be added, and access to various databases of lost, forged or requisitioned works or online-каталоги-резоне individual artists. In connection with the democratization of the Internet-пространства many of them are switching to free mode, others become more [email protected] semicolon we prefer to omit their detailed enumeration. And for art-консультанта it is rather elective, paid individually direct customer focused work.

, a Simple calculation will show us that only direct costs, allowing art-консультанту to stay in the informational and social field amounts to slightly more than $50 thousand note: we are not talking about the ability to perform the acquired information, it should be made default, otherwise the entire annual budget of the expert is spent in vain. What remains behind the scenes, but also included in the cost of art-консультанта, which I want to get the Council: the need to look good (healthy diet and physical form), expensive dress, have modern technological toys (laptop, phone, tablet) and — important! — free time and healthy sleep, a direct impact on the desire to do all of the above. Typically, the ratio of direct and indirect costs for the specialist in the art market is 1:1.

thus, in order to recoup at least the direct costs ($50 million), art-консультанту need to give one advice on a work day, Monday through Friday, costing an average of $200. If he is a law-abiding citizen and pays taxes, the cost will increase according to the organizational form of its business. If we include indirect costs — appearance, health, etc., — should he give such advice twice a day to "break even". And if art-консультант wishesearn — three times a day or more (or more expensive).

to sum up, I want to offer players the art-рынка two simple guidelines:

the Collector: invited art-консультант, in addition to the ability to analyze what is happening, is bound to have all the kit as its tools. This is a "first aid kit" without which nothing. If the cost of services of such a person suddenly begins to grow, think, if he does not acquire the subscription and additional knowledge your money. Ideally, the cost of art-консультанта should be distributed among all customers, if there are sufficient numbers. But if the number of clients leaves much to be desired — take a closer look to your consultant;

Art-консультанту: if you fully meet the market requirements — extend at the beginning of each year subscription, follow the emerging literature, regularly improve knowledge in courses of educational programs and share these knowledge with colleagues — you deserve respect and decent pay. In particular, the respect of those appeals to you for advice. Therefore, if the collector (the functionary, the gallery owner, dealer, or any other employer) asks, based on what pricing your consultation, show him this article. If he is not satisfied with the cost of your webinar (lecture, report of a joint visit to the fair), show him this article again. If you are hired to work as a staff consultant, supply the payment by the customer the above tools first and foremost condition in addition to your salary. If he does not understand their need for successful work, politely wish him luck and look for new customers: with a good track record you will find them very soon.

while you analyze our advice — read the materials of AI. We used to share most information with the free reader — in the first place with the aim of increasing mutual respect, market players and growth in the value of correctly rendered services parallel to the market growth.

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