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Artist Pavlensky found guilty, freed from punishment and left behind bars
ARTinvestment.RU   24 мая 2016

The conflict is simple: to punish the action with the burning of tires, the Statute of limitations, and for the arson of the door of the reception of the FSB, the court decision is still pending. Meanwhile, the artist continues to hold in jail

may 19, 2016 following the meeting in the Preobrazhensky court of Moscow artist-акциониста Peter Pavlenkova was found guilty of vandalism. Those who are already entangled in his Affairs, explained: this particular sentence was handed down for arson of tires on the bridge in Saint-Петербурге in the framework of "Freedom", dedicated to the Ukrainian events at the Maidan. For "Freedom," Pavlensky was awarded a year and four months of imprisonment. From punishment immediately released due to expiration of Statute of limitations. True, the word "freed" in this case sounds a bit mocking: Pavlensky sitting, and will sit in jail "the Bear". Because it is parallel to another court and ahead of a new verdict — already for the damage of the object of cultural heritage. Recall that an object of cultural heritage, in this case, consider novodel the door of the FSB building on Myasnitskaya (, the door was redesigned in 2008) that Pavlensky burned in the framework of "Threat". the Door is considered as a part of the object of cultural heritage "the Building of the NKVD — KGB, 1940-1947 gg., architect. A. V. Shchusev, the ensemble of administrative buildings of the OGPU — NKVD — KGB of the USSR", protected by the government. For the damage it, for 234-й article of the criminal code, the maximum term is three years.

Who-то say: so be it. Share with burning tires, a homage to the Maidan, frankly, was not liking too much. About the masses, whose sentiment captures the power, and say nothing. But she did not like and even those who actionism is not unusual. Although executed smartly, what can we say.

However, what is good and what is bad — is a dispute that can safely carry with the author, and in the wild. Therefore, many rightly wonder: why keep behind bars, albeit peculiar, but harmless artist, if from his expression no injuries and no substantial damage? Many famous artists have done before him extravagant promotions. But it does not occur to you to judge David Burliuk with Mayakovsky. Or judge Oleg Kulik. Or to put Anatoly Osmolovsky, who with friends posted the word from three letters on red Square. Noise artists have done, but the foundations of the state these actions will not shake. Why starve in jail Pavlenkova? No, Russia does not give the answer.

But there is another aspect. Albeit much less important than the fate of the individual. It consists in the fact that we are a disgrace to the whole world. Do not you feel?

Those who believe that the pursuit Pavlenkova, they decide are important to our society problem, eliminate the dangerous phenomenon and enhance the country's image, it is possible to familiarize with publications of the world press. Not partisan political haters, and, for example, the world's leading publications about the culture. Here are a few of the titles offhand:

the Context is clear without translation. It is only cultural publication. Not to mention the fact that about Pavlensky today trumpeting a General policy BBC, Paris Match, and The New York Times. In General, each of iron.

What we want from our government Affairs Pavlenkova, about clear. Here only the result can exceed expectations. The pace of the place of my country in the history of art will not be judged on innovative projects AES F, the exhibitions of Pavel Pepperstein or Oleg Dou, but only on the severity of the police reaction to the action Pussy Riot, Pyotr Pavlensky and a group "War". Don't be surprised if it was with the persecution of artists-акционистов will be associated for all our art 2000-х — 2010-х. Remember to will not be new museums and turn on Serov, and the era of what-то strange courts, prisons, whips, beating, with the "Dvurechye". Just like our 1960-е in art are strongly associated with Khrushchev in the Manege, 1970-е — with acceleration under Brezhnev, the "Bulldozer exhibition". Just as Chinese art is not synonymous with a new wave of artists, and pursued art-диссидентом by AI Weiwei. Artists provoke the authorities with their predictable reaction is easy to go on about themselves soon become the participants of performances. The artists for this game are ready. And power — no. Therefore, their excessive zeal is converted only in a manifold increase in influence their opponents from the art.

There is a feeling that zealous persecutors of the actionists and other artists do not take into account one very trivial thing: in the story still remain just artists. And the judges, the guards and the vigilant vigilantes that forces on the actionists spend Nemer, the credits are still not listed. You can put — re impossible. No matter how much scare, all for nothing. So artists people.

In the analysis of the case with the arson of the doors of the building of the FSB, the prosecution explained the cultural value of the object in that building were held under arrest outstanding state and public figures, military leaders, representatives of science and culture". From such statements, many jaw dropped. Thought this impromptu prosecution. But it later emerged that the structure is indeed related to cultural values with unusual formulation: "Here in the years of repression 1930-1950 years detained by the outstanding state and public figures, military leaders, representatives of science and culture".

Well, isn't that harms? Isn't this the spirit of vahrich of Bahchanyana? Here who now say that these harsh people there is a peculiar sense of humor? And if so, then do not be surprised if in the future the absurd will reach a logical limit — and at the entrance on butcher hung a sign: "Here, on 9 November 2015 held the action of the artist Peter Pavlenkova "Threat"". However, the joint efforts of the ill-fated door and so has already become a Moscow landmark — cultural values are not on the roster, but in fact.

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