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A family heirloom, inheritance, hung yourself on the wall, and hung. But decided to sell it, people first think. Where to sell? How not to sell too cheap? Not so simple questions as soon as it comes down to it

a lot of Questions, but they are concentrated around three main:
1. Who is the author?
2. Where to sell?
3. For how much?

fortunately, answers to some of them you can get from-за computer.

To start is to find out whether you're holding a valuable painting or not. Here you need to understand that the old does not mean expensive. Painting, for decades was pleasing to the eye, it may be a reproduction, copy worse copy of Amateur or little-known picture of the foreign author, which are not in demand in Russia. If so, then, alas, we will focus on symbolic money and look for profit in the sale pointless. And in other cases I propose to follow the following plan.

How to install author?

Advise first to try to read the signature and check their guesses through the search engines won't — any he guessed. But without experience and a certain nastranost to make it difficult. So I would personally signed up for and placed there request in category "the Prices, valuation, attribution", creating a new topic with this, for example, the headline: "Help to determine the authorship of paintings". Before doing this, be sure to do reasonable quality photo of the whole painting, and a magnified image of a signature. Just a photo of a signature without a picture will not do, as the experts on the forum attributeerror thing in the manner of the artist. If the artist much-нибудь known, most likely they will. If unknown or Amateur, will also warn. In any case, useful information. The only problem: your question and photo on the forum will remain forever, if not remove it only for 3 days. But such is the price of access to the collective mind. Some try to send such questions to the auctions — say, there are specialists quickly understand. It's worth a try. We in AI Auction we try to respond to such requests if we know. But this is a less reliable option. Auctions are littered with routine, to deal with the complex authorship is unlikely they will have time. And desire.

Suppose you are lucky enough to be signed and it became clear that the thing is really worth the money. Then go to the next step.

How to determine the market price of the painting?

In response to this question, we have a whole detailed instructions. It says what information you can retrieve from the databases of auction results (including free), and auction sites. In addition, it is useful to learn and third-party professionals, who know the situation on the domestic market. Ask on the same forum — times. Send to the auctions the question "what's the estimate?" — two. See the galleries, how long will it take @three mdas. However, in the latter case, we'll have to walk on foot with the painting.

Why do you need to determine in advance the price? Then the next step — is the choice of the seller-посредника. And there will be a bargain. Everything will start to ask you in response: "And you're counting how much?" And at this point you need to understand is the painting worth 100 000 or 1 000 000? So as not to make a bad bargain in ten times.

is it Worth doing the examination?

If the expected price is above 200 000-300 000, it is likely that for sale will need a fresh examination of the Center Grabar (GRC named after academician I. E. Grabar), , NINE them. P. M. Tretyakov, the Centre of artistic expertise in the name of I. E. Repin or a private conclusion that the profile of the expert, trusted by the market. What kind of expert is needed, you will be told at auction or in a gallery or on the forum. In some cases, if the artist has a Foundation, it is enough certificate of the Fund. Often (but not always) a certificate is issued free of charge. But the expertise is worth the money (30 000) and requires about three weeks time. Made faster and cheaper are the conclusion of private experts (from 10 000 rubles). But you have to choose not what is cheaper and what you will accept as proof of identity by galleries, auctions and ultimately customers — usually, savvy collectors. For example, for this-то artist made this specifically-то expert. So, if it's worth the price and potential profits from the sale substantially covers the costs of examination, it is possible to move on — to choose which place is better to sell.

Where to go for sale picture?

You already have some idea, I solved the problem with expertise and now you have to choose one of several ways sale:

1. To take on the Commission in the gallery. In this case, to sell your painting will be non-public, on the Internet she glows. And maybe one day you will get a higher price than at auction. But this gallery will have to work slowly. So the sales process can take months, six months, a year or even longer. However everything can happen much faster (if the gallery knows a buyer for the thing offered), but the timing is unpredictable.

2. To auction. Here, contrary to popular belief, do not need no connection, no protection. It is sufficient to send operators to the auction site email with photos, description and your expectations for the price. If you send us — It's free and anything you do not oblige. Then everything will happen quickly. If the auction doesn't refuse to take your item to auction, he may agree with your price, but it may offer you counter your price — fair for your work on the market and attractive to buyers. When you agreed to the reserve price (i.e. the price below which you don't want to sell), you will need to bring a thing and if there is a authentic examination in the office of the auction, to conclude a contract and to wait. After that, everything will be decided on the appointed day. Will be sold or not sold, but the result will be specific and clear. Bought — well. If you did not buy — hence, it is necessary to adjust the reserve price. And move on. Reproduza not a disaster for sure. Although not great. Feature auctions — publicity. Watching them a pair of watchful eyes. In addition, the success or failure of the auction will go to the database of auction results and information will be available to market professionals.

3. You put the product independently, without intermediaries at specialized sites. For example, in section "Sell" at the same In this case, there's a good chance to catch the eye of collectors and dealers, who are attracted by the opportunity to buy directly the 18-20% auction. But under this option, all the risks of the processlot transferring and receiving money fall on you. So inexperienced sellers, and even expensive works, this way to advise I will not.

significant, perhaps, everything. If the picture is bought, it remains to wait for the money. On auctions payment is usually 7-10 days after the auction ends. The time allocated to the coordination of transactions with customers. But there are exceptions when the auction gallery or take extra time. This is necessary when expensive work the buyer wants to make his examination at his own expense. In this case, he pays the full cost to the gallery or auction and takes the job for examination. After the buyer will receive the opinion that everything is OK, the auction or gallery will give the money to the seller. The deliverer (seller) warned about it in advance and telling all. So this I did, just in case.

the final question.

What if the picture is not bought at auction or is it "stuck" in the gallery?

My opinion is that the success of the sale of paintings — is in most cases a question of price. Of course, in the case where the picture has collector value. Yes, it happens that incorrectly selected point of sale. But most of the thing-таки at an inflated price. The need to adjust. If the picture has not left the auction to sell it, you can try three ways. First — postauction sale. Sometimes (not every time, but it happens) after the auction, a potential buyer calls and asks to make on his behalf a counter-offer. Or at the last rate or below 10-20 %. In this case, it is hard to think and often disagree. The second way — to leave the picture on the auction, so after a few months again to put it on sale. Of course, the price also will have to adjust down. Finally, the third path — to immediately take a picture and after a-то time attributed to a different auction. But in many ways it is equivalent to the second. Acceptors, most likely, look database and see that the picture was sold recently and has not reached such a-то the reserve price. So, it is logical to put it with what-то pause (after all, it just saw all who are interested) and with a reserve below the former. And there could be as lucky. In the end sets the price the market balance of supply and demand. Today the price is dictated by buyers. And nothing wrong with the price adjustments and the sale is not the first attempt definitely not.

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