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How to buy a painting as a gift

Have important person have a budget for a gift, dedicated and want to do-то decent. What to give Tom, who almost has everything? Buy picture — are advised by experienced people. I agree with them. But will have to try not to be trapped

you Can console yourself that the roads are not gift, and attention. Only this deceit. The gift is the concentrated embodiment of attention. Species may not apply, but pay attention, and how. Not only on price but also on the semantic component. So it would be better to do without epic failures.

the Main risk in this case, three. First: the donor may little meaning in the art. Second: the recipient of the gift, too, can understand nothing of painting. Third: when both are not in the subject. There is a solution. Just keep in mind that all the tips below are just the personal opinion of the author. And these tips should not be taken as a universal miracle recipes for all occasions. In fact, it is written — is my personal response to typical questions about gifts.

What to give, when the "artistic" preferences of the gift recipient is not known, and most likely, they are not?

it Happens that in the house and in the office of paintings and drawings on the walls not find. And then just hang pictures random, from the series "better not be": the cabin, openly decorating, "Wallpaper", souvenir, memories of the tours. Will-неволей officials, businessmen and leaders of the commodity companies over the years accumulate dozens of helpless monotonous paintings of oil rigs, mining trucks and the socialist construction of the little-known Soviet artists-соцреалистов. Often it is the "original" themed gifts, with prizes awarded according to the principle "the Best gift Orlov — eagle". Those that are considered to be one of the most stupid options. Those that cause only discomfort in a person with taste.

How to avoid a similar mistake? I'd look for the picture, not connected with either the profession or field of activity or region of residence nor the name or names of who is present. Don't be chasing pretentiousness, rich design. It is important to give the artist's name. Albeit smaller in size — can be, not painting, and more affordable schedule. But certainly good and well-known artist. Why — following question.

Which is better: "richer", but without a name, or modest, but well-known author?

Between the big, bright "canvas-маслом" in a beautiful frame and a modest drawing in Passepartout (which funny people asking why-то even more) there is a temptation to choose the first. More solid in appearance. But this is the first desire would be better to suppress. Why? People are curious. The simpletons in such positions is usually not. Even if he seems not interested, the recipient of the gift still may want to know who the author donated his new painting or drawing? And agree, it will be much nicer if Internet will give him a decent reference. Just let them know that the author with exhibitions in major museums, albums, publications, fame. At least it's pleasant emotions. And then it can get even more interesting: you suddenly run zip and your gift will be the impetus for the birth of the new collector.

what you call "artist name"? What criteria?

Ernst Neizvestny, Michael Chemiakin, Oscar Rabin, Ilya Kabakov, Anatoly Zverev — then once everything is clear. Even people far from the art these names should evoke. And even more so the generation of 50 , which often give a solidpainting graphics. Any gift recipient will be doubly pleased if his artist was the exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery and the Russian Museum, on it is written a monograph, published albums, were sold at auction. The album, by the way, would also be great to give along with a picture, drawing, or sculpture.

what if the artist I like, but he why-то underrated and little information about it?

Indiscriminately argue is not solved, it is necessary to analyze each particular case. But initially, the criterion of "like" for someone who only recently plunged into the study of art, it seems quite precarious and presumptuous. Why any artist suddenly little information? The artist was an innovator, but information about his accomplishments almost did not survive — so almost never happens. This is a rare case. Very rare. Why — separate long conversation. Let us just take it for granted that the risk to buy smooth, but banal and faceless work on the basis of uninformed "like" would be too large. Perhaps the only exception when a little-known artist will be adopted with increased attention, — is a gift experienced experienced collector to another collector. Savvy people are really able to interesting discoveries, have a taste and understand each other without words. However, this is the aerobatics. Not for Amateurs.

Should I tell the gift recipient about the author and his merits?

And why not? And to do pre-study to prepare for the story. The discussion of the next hours, swords and other Executive gifts will sound weird — and to talk about paintings and drawings, on the contrary, quite intelligent. Talking about the author, his ideas and place in art history often is a genuine interest. I know of a case where, seemingly, relatively inexpensive drawing guests talked for quite a while. So they seized the art. There is even the theme of money is not so inappropriate. If guests are curious, you can easily and the right price to tell as it is, without exaggeration. Still those who should surf the net and quickly learn that how much.

Picture the above the first names are in the range from 500 000 rubles, which is obviously beyond the budget of a considerable part of buyers of gifts. What else is good, but available?

Original drawings (gouaches, watercolors, acrylic on paper) are much cheaper than painting. And draw graphics first names often offered in economy-сегменте. Buy landscape oil by an unknown author, or the signature etching of Oscar Rabin in 20 000-25 000? Or etching of Ivan Shishkin in 40 000? In my opinion, there's nothing to even think.

Here's to you ideas in different price segments.

Budget 30 000-60 000. For this money you can buy a subscription etchings, lithographs and other types of graphics artists-шестидесятников: Vladimir Nemukhin, Oscar Rabin, Victor Pivovarov, Dmitry Prigov. This same range often gets designer porcelain — plates Vladimir Yankilevsky, Nemukhin porcelain. And these things are easy to acquire at the Russian auctions. Sometimes the same frame can "fit" original graphics by Vadim Sidur (which exhibition not so long ago defeated in the Arena), graphicsof the sixties by Boris Kocheyshvili, gouache paintings and even interesting contemporary artist Lucy Raven, small paintings by contemporary artist Anya Zholud. If you're lucky — drawings of Konstantin Batynkov, but already at the limit.

range 60 000-140 000 you can roam much more freely. For example, closer to the upper boundary it is possible to buy spectacular oil expressionist Aron Bukh. Or very beautiful more than a meter wide canvases of Russian hiperrealista — Sergei Geta, Sergei Bazileva — artists directory exhibition in the Tretyakov gallery, and generally nice story. Another 120 000 rubles or a little more — is the threshold amount for the segment of sculpture of the sixties. For example, for this money you can buy recognizable statues of Vladimir Nemukhin. Within the boundaries of this price range have a chance to purchase a strong graphics Anatoly Zverev (with caution all-таки stories on the fan), the drawings of Igor Vulokh, etchings by Marc Chagall, powerful neoekspressionista oil Kazarina, painting Anatoly slepysheva or Peter Ossovsky. From the modern — large acrylics of Konstantin Batynkov, Alexander Savko and palimpsests digital composition on metal Konstantin Khudyakov (stereoanlage of a new metro station "Fonvizina").

From 140 000 to 200 000 — so much at the Russian auctions now is a relief painting of Andrey Grositsky, sets of small drawings by Dmitri Krasnopevtsev, painting Ilya Tabenkina, sculpture Vladimir Yankilevsky, the paintings of a master artist "Vladimir school" Kim Britova, Eduard Gorokhovsky, and many others.

And here 200 000-500 000 — is a surprisingly complex range. For one too much and another too little. Closer to the lower end of the range you can buy original graphics Vladimir Nemukhin, closer to the middle (if you're lucky) — a major figure of Vladimir Yankilevsky, the paintings of Michael Roginsky. And even the best works of Vladimir Yakovlev, his piercing flowers of the most valuable of the period and virtuoso watercolors of Arthur Fonvizina, for example.

500 000-1 200 000 RUR — budget simply on jealousy. this money is enough for a major painting by Mikhail Shemyakin, canvas, Dmitry Plavinsky, Natalia Nesterova, oil Nicholas Vechtomov, Eduard Shteinberg, Vladimir Nemukhin, a large painting of Yuri Cooper. For the money (even closer to the beginning of the range) in the auction market you can buy the best paintings by Anatoly Zverev — inspirational, valuable period. Sometimes so much, maybe a little more, enough to buy a great metaphysical paintings Dmitry Krasnopevtsev. It is important to understand that for this money you can already apply for the highest collector's level, things of a Museum class.

Where to buy a picture of a gift?

Everyone Sandpiper praises its swamp, so for me the most comfortable option — AI Auction, as well as our new available art AI Market (with prices from 5 000) and other Moscow auctions. Now they go every week, sometimes in several pieces. But still we have to act in advance. It's all-таки not a store where everything is in stock. Here today and gone tomorrow. I myself a few times so the elbows: like it a lot, then buy, and then just disappeared for years. The best deals you need to "catch".But on the auctions often get to buy cheaper than expected. The convenience and openness of the auctions does not mean that we should not use other channels. If clear budget and direction, you can send a request to the gallery: if-то is what you need. Anything can happen. In the galleries, by the way, traditionally sold by expensive Russian classics in the range 5 000 000-10 000 000 (Shishkin, Aivazovsky, etc.). There are such gifts. At public auction such offers are extremely rare, so they immediately need to go to the gallery.

Returning to the original important doubt: what if don't like it? Allegedly, the recipient brought up in the system of socialist realism, he was pleased, that the pictures all depicted like. Human landscapes like, flowers, that soothed. And we have him in abstraction and expressionism for the eyes. Maybe all-таки as-то softer?

These concerns are understood. However, my opinion remains the same: it is better to give a good picture of the risk that the celebrant did not understand than mediocre, but with his usual "optics". And then, not necessarily the same to give hard modernism and postmodernism. Who likes to be realistic, — well, there is a modern hyperrealism. A great outlet. And seems to have more does not happen, and some names already in the history of national art.

And generally preferred approach — to act more boldly, and there was not. Time will put everything in its place. In the end, why bad to think about the recipients of the gifts? People change, views change, tastes change. Not like today — will taste in ten years. But if this does not happen, then in the worst case will easily sell to someone who understands. In any case, remember the one who gave the good word.

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