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How to start a new collector? Idea first — sixties

Buying art in a crisis is beneficial. Such an affordable price was not, perhaps, Oh, 15 years. Many people ask: how to approach the topic? Which artists should more pay attention to the auctions? What to buy to not be disappointed? Below — one of the opinions

it would be Correct to warn that the set of names in this article — is purely personal opinion. However an important objective component in the conclusions of all-таки present. In the selection of authors, I primarily focused on preparing now ARTinvestment.RU liquidity rating of Russian artists in painting. It is based on information on the number displayed and sold at auctions of paintings by specific authors, and the position in the ranking reflects the likelihood of a successful sale of paintings the artist taking into account the standard deviation of the corresponding random variable.

Why I began with the sixties, the post-war unofficial art? Just here accumulated more experience. In our AI Auction that non-conformists have long been in high demand. For four years, we have sold about 800 works from this segment, including painting, graphics, sculpture, porcelain and tiraku. It is important that the work of non-conformists is often presented not only in an expensive (million), but in the relatively affordable segment — to 200 000, which is better suited for the first independent purchases. Finally, the product first names in this segment generally have good liquidity, i.e., they usually can be quickly resold at market price to verify your investment hypothesis. By the way, try to resell occasionally worth all collectors and beginners in particular. There is no better way time to get rid of illusions and adjust your strategy.

Among included in the review liquid artists are those whose market price is already established and solidly at a high level, and to some extent undervalued. Who is who — guess will not be difficult. The strengths of dear artists — is the Museum level of fame, sustainable demand status of the collectors and a good ability to accommodate the capital. That is, they allow to "absorb" a lot of money to the owner it was easier to manage investments, not to waste your time on a lot of inexpensive items. With the top artists of the collector will usually be more relaxed in all respects. But the potential growth of prices — is likely tens of percent, but not hundreds. However in large amounts these tens of percent measured in many thousands of dollars. In turn, undervalued artists have a chance to grow in price repeatedly, they are inexpensive today, but the risk with them anymore. No one can guarantee that in the foreseeable future, their potential is being fully realized. The only thing one can be sure of is that all included in the review — is a really good artists, which you can buy at a public auction at market price, without even leaving home. They today are included in top-100 the most expensive of the sixties. However do not let that scare: in the auction market for each of these authors submitted work for every budget.

Now the names.

Anatoly Zverev (1931-1986). It is the undisputed leader in audience interest for all 4 years that have passed since the launch of our AI Auctions. As a rule, from 20 lots from Zverev is the maximum number of hits. And the number of betsalso can't complain. If Zverev and remains unsold, then, as a rule, only from-за too high reserve price. The artist tops the ranking of liquidity of the art in the segment of the sixties. Painting Zvereva at the Russian auctions is already 300 000 rubles, and the very very good things from 450 000 to 700 000 rubles. But the graphics are quite affordable. Nice drawings collectors eagerly snapping up in the range of 30 000-100 000. And find a new buyer for them will be easy (if the story and the quality is good). Read more about how and why you should buy Zvereva, written and here and and here. And please note that Zverev is at risk as one of the most counterfeited artists. Buy it without examination or verbal confirmation Valeria Silaeva novice collector is extremely dangerous.

Vladimir Yankilevsky (1938). One of my favorite artists. Bright innovator, much ahead of his time. In the early 1960-х Yankilevsky participated in high profile exhibitions in Moscow and in the Arena (together with the Sooster, Sobolev and Unknown-Нолевым). Manezh exhibition — is 30-летие of Moscow Union of artists in 1962, where Khrushchev shared their "competent" opinions about the level of Soviet artists. Yankilevsky now lives and works in Paris. His paintings and gigantic triptychs and polyptych in recent years were sold in Russia and abroad for $20 000-200 000. Not every collector will be able to approach. But good graphic work can sometimes be found at auctions at much more affordable prices: we have, AI Auction, they were sold in the range of 200 000-300 000, the buyers made a great purchase. About Yankilevsky advise you to read we have and here and here.

Vladimir Nemukhin (1925-2016). One of the key figures of the "Lianozovsky group", friend and collaborator of Oscar Rabin, the participant "Bulldozer exhibition", the exhibition in the pavilion "beekeeping" at ENEA and many other legendary projects in the history of the informal post-war art. Nemukhin — Creator of an original style. His unmistakable card, card-tables, bear skins are in all considerable collections of the sixties. Painting Nemukhin valuable period (mid-1960-х at the end of 1980-х) is now sold at international auctions in the range of $10 000-30 000. The domestic auction market with the opportunity to buy in 2-3 times cheaper. Plus Nemukhin well sold draw graphics: from 20,000 rubles to 80,000 rubles for the large coloured lithographs, modified gouache. Original graphics — several times more expensive but still relatively affordable (around 120 000). In addition, collectors well buy his sculpture, which is depending on the quality and conditions of circulation of 60 000-120 000 rubles.

Ernst Neizvestny (1925-2016). the Sculptor-глыба. The man with an amazing destiny. Soldier. Hero. The parents of two funerals received. People bold in life and work. Eyewitnesses of the Manezh exhibition, 1962 remember that the Unknown was probably the only one who dared to rebuff Khrushchev. But there is a limit. Unknown practically forced to emigrate in 1976. I can only imagine how many plans remained unfulfilled, and what damage was caused to the Russian art. The painting of the Unknown (usually late paintings 1980-90-х years) do not often appear on the Russian auctions. But it happens. In Russia and abroad, are sold from $30 000. Collectible sculptures are in the domestic market 360 000-500 000 rubles. Collectible original graphics class is of the order of 100 000-150 000, sometimes up to 300 000 rubles. You can find more expensive designs, from 40 000 rubles. But it will be sketchy things, on the fan, then resell them will not be easy. Especially a lot on the market graphics from 20 000 rubles. It looks good on the wall, it is easy to resell, but for investment this material is not suitable. Read more about Ernst Neizvestny you can read we have here and here.

Dmitry Krasnopevtsev (1925-1995 In 2006, at Sotheby's, the price of a picture Dmitry Krasnopevtsev (very good) are very close to one million dollars. Then it seemed that another year-два — and his metaphysical still lifes will be worth more than a million. But two years later the crisis occurred, a large pullback in the prices of all Russian art. After another crisis, 2014, prices for paintings of our famous post-war artist was established at level from $50 000 (for things particularly valuable period, after 1960-го). It is in the world. And in Russia about the same, except a little cheaper. The prices are gradually growing up. A beginner collector need to know that Krasnopevtsev — is a very counterfeited artist. To begin acquaintance with his work should not from auctions and exhibitions and the catalogue of paintings, prepared by A. A. Ushakov — owner of the archive and the main expert of the artist. A little earlier would be well advised to start always with the hall Krasnopevtseva in the Department of private collections Pushkin Museum, which exhibited not only the original work of the artist, but was sort of recreated a fragment of the interior of his workshop, with real objects that surrounded him, — stones, shells, books, shards, branches, etc. the Place was amazing. But — alas, the permanent exhibition of personal collections from-за repair the Museum is closed until 2019. More information about the artist can be read here.

Yuri Cooper (1940) — outstanding artist, designer, poet. Very fine sense of beauty and are able to translate it in any field — from artist books, ceramics, theater and decorationChurch. The works of Yuri Cooper are very recognizable and make a strong impression on collectors. In this case, surprisingly, they still retain a high affordability. So, some gigantic six-foot easel works executed in mixed media, at the current market with opportunity to buy in the range of 450 000-600 000. More compact paintings and sculptures can cost at the Russian auctions around 80 000-200 000. Before the crisis, was worth much more and with time should again become more expensive. In General, the time to buy this artist is assessed as very suitable. Interview with Mr Cooper, you can read here and here.

Mikhail Shemyakin (1943). the name of the loud, the views certainly doesn't need. It seems that everything has to be very expensive. Actually work Shemyakin still can afford a wide range of collectors. For example, he has a very accessible draw graphics. And its good snapping. Large bold signature colored lithographs that are in our auction market of 30,000 to 40,000 rubles. Small etchings a little cheaper. However for investment purposes need to focus not on tiraku, and paintings and original graphics. Unfortunately, the picture of Shemyakin — rarity in our market. But come across. Last year we sold the meter painting "the Mask" from series "Venetian carnival" for 1 506 000 including Commission. On the Western auctions of the first row would have cost more by about 20 %. When you purchase required to take increased precautions: a lot of fakes.

Igor Voroshilov (1939-1989). the Artist-маргинал, autodidact, daring the other poets of Smog, a protégé of the legendary Mikhail Grobman. Creativity Voroshilov feel, understand and love the same collectors who buy the work of Anatoly Zverev and Vladimir Yakovlev. However, from the point of view of investment Voroshilov — is a much more risky option. For him it is not got a serious driving force: there is no regular exhibitions or catalogs or research. We-прежнему know about Voroshilov mainly on the memories of friends and, most importantly, the amazing work that no-нет and appear at auction. Today, they are surprisingly inexpensive for their level. The best paintings in our time, it is possible to buy at auction for 70 000-90 000 rubles without Commission. And drawings — 2-3 times cheaper. I think that this is only until, from time to time. Read more about Igor Voroshilov, you can read here.

Victor Kazarin (1948). Semidesertic, neoexpressionist, rebellious. Gorkomovskoy been exhibited in exhibitions at the little Georgia since the mid 1970-х. Since 1983, joinedgorkomovskoy group "21". Was friends with Zverev, worked with him. In 1986 they even made a joint series of works, are shown later in the exhibition "Zverev — casarin". Very good expressionist painting 1980-90-х years at the Russian auctions on sale today is usually in the range of 60 000-120 000. Sometimes feasible for these many money, you can find simply outstanding inspirational things. Price guide for gouaches Kazarina — 20 000-30 000 rubles. Read more about the work of Victor Kazarina can be read here.

Vadim Sidur (1924-1986). This is the only sixties, the exhibition is right in our day and smash and prohibit. Which indirectly suggests that the questions posed by the artist 40-50 years ago,-прежнему relevant. Exhibition of the Siddur was banned, of course, in Soviet times. A lot of sticks in the wheel insert. But even if not smashed. A boom in demand for sculpture and graphics of the Siddur began in 2013. AI the Auction was at the head of the process to-прежнему remains number one in the turnover of works of the artist. Record price for the Siddur set last year at Sotheby's — $23 000. However in Russia at the auctions of the Siddur sculpture sold at close range 350 000-600 000. The market of the artist there is someone to watch, the demand is increasing and prices are growing every year. Graphics Siddur in our auctions are sold in the range of 40 000-90 000. And for the collectors there are also plenty to choose from. Read more — here.

Anatoly Slepyshev (1932-2016). At the time his work was considered "currency": paintings slepysheva took with him into exile, in order to sell profitably. Sounds strange, because Slepyshev was not included in the clip nonconformists. He was a member of Moscow Union of artists, to underground groups belonged. In the history of the "other art", his name is mentioned among the participants allowed the exhibition in the pavilion "culture House" on VDNH in 1975 and apartment exhibitions. In 1990-е — 2000-е years about Slepysheva seemed to have forgotten. And return attention of collectors took place before our eyes: with 2013 work slepysheva suddenly became the hits of the Auction. Drawings of the artist today go at prices 50 000-100 000. Year-два ago for the money to buy the painting. And now oil slepysheva are already in the range of 200 000-250 000 roubles the auction Commission. Prices rose (a rare case in our times of crisis). And I think that will grow even stronger. Why — can be found in our article.

Nikolai Vechtomov (1923-2007) — artist "Lianozovsky group", each and Rabin, Nemukhin. Very recognizable (which is certainly important), the owner of his own abstract style. A few years ago the name was not at the hearing. Know mostly people in the subject, not the audience. But then the collectors noticed. Interestingly, today Vechtomov — rare artist,prices which have already started to grow in the current crisis, even in dollar terms. Graphics valuable period. today is worth roughly 150 000-200 000. Painting — 450 000-550 000. The artist is at risk for counterfeiting. Fortunately, in Moscow there is one to turn to for expertise on it. But with the small Western auctiontime better at first not to risk it: there are "ectomobile" all the seams.

Oscar Rabin (1928). In Russia, Oscar Rabin — is the first name associated with the informal art, the nonconformity. Not Kabakov in the West, namely Rabin. Organizer of the "Bulldozer exhibition", the organizer of the "Lianozovsky group", a constant irritant to the authorities and the artist as one which reflected the anguish of life under the Soviet system. In 1978, Rabin was given permission to leave and in the same year was deprived of the Soviet citizenship for the activity, a disgrace to the title of Soviet citizen. Since then and to this day the artist works in France. But the most valuable period of his work is doemigratsionny, until 1978. French painting is valued less. After two crises, the price of the work of Rabin corrected down. And now his painting of the Soviet period to buy at auction in the range of $20 000-40 000. Both on foreign and on Russian auctions. When we will get there, it will cost significantly more. So it seems to me. Drawings Rabin is good, but on the market are rare. They cost around 100 000. But the lottery drawing for sale sea. Etchings Rabin snapping up like hotcakes at prices around 20 000-30 000 rubles. Investment potential in them a little, but as an intellectual interior decoration — is very even. Read more about Rabin can be read here. Like many other artists of the liquid, it is also counterfeited. And the fact that the artist live and can expose the fake, the attackers did not bother (many people think that living artists are not fake).

Oleg Tselkov (1934). Another well-known and expensive artist, painting which continues to grow in price even in a crisis. His canvases are not so rare can be found at the Russian auctions. It does not say that he sold it in flight. Like all that expensive. To art Tselkova not so easy to approach. This is the artist for the rich. His paintings we have are usually offered in the range of $25 000-40 000. In the West there are auctions sale in the neighborhood of $100,000, even $150 000. But we have such cases, I do not recall. From relatively affordable at Tselkova have a draw graphics. Lithographs and etchings are not uncommon at auction at the price of 30 000-60 000. Yet collectors pay attention to a spectacular porcelain Tselkova. Prices on vases and sculptures can reach up to 200 000-300 000. Yes, by the way, Tselkova not very often, but still fake. You need to be alert. Read more about the market of works by Oleg Tselkov, you can read here.

Boris Sveshnikov (1927-1998). In his 19 years student Sveshnikov received 8 years imprisonment for the policy. Miraculously survived. By the way, since leaving camp. in 1956, with his shrill camp of drawings begins the chronology of the history of the "other art" in the same directory. Today, paintings by Boris Petrovich is much cheaper than at the peak of the market, but still not very affordable for the mass buyer. Our last sale this year was in the range of 600 000-650 000, plus 15% Commission. Last year was more than 700,000. It is important that the demand for the artist's work steadily big. And graphics: how not to put, almost always sold. At prices in the range of 40 000-60 000. Well, more can be read there.

this offer is to break. I think fifteen names is enough. Have someone to think about. Of course, a person understand, having read this far, will object: "that's it? Where are the other artists? What, don't know anyone else?".

Calm. In-первых, I can't promise that's the end of it. In-вторых, there are objective limitations. For example, Kabakov, Bulatov, Weisberg, Steinberg, Roginsky, Kharitonov, Chuikov, and other — there is still a lot of good artists important to the history of Russian art, but, unfortunately, rarely present at the Russian auctions. On the West — Yes, they are. But in this review it was decided to focus only on the choices actually available in the domestic public market. That is what is important. Especially for novice collectors.

Finally, I want to reiterate one important thing. Names are names, but for shopping in General and investment acquisitions in particular there is a General approach that should be followed: you always have to authenticate, choose the highest quality possible and try not to overpay. However to pay in this case — sin is not great.

next time there is a thought to make a review of ideas with names of topical (ultra-modern) art. There at the top of the rating of the liquidity of the painting we are and Konstantin Batynkov, and Valery Koshlyakov, Dubossarsky and Vinogradov, Pavel Pepperstein, and many other authors, whose works are sold including at the Russian auctions.

What else to read on the topic on AI:
"Unofficial post-war art. Hood ogniki-шестидесятники".

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