Moscow Association of Artists

1893-1924, Moscow

full members: H. M. Aladzhalov, I. I. Bakal, V. N. Baksheev, V. P. Baturin, S. V. Beklemishev, V. E. Borisov-Мусатов, L. M. Brailovsky, V. K. Byalynitsky-Бируля, V. A. Vatagin, E. N. William, And V. Vladimirov, M. A. Vrubel, M. M. Germashev, A. S. Glagoleva, A. Golovin, E. V. Goldinger, A. S. Golubkina, I. G. Gugunava, V. N. Domogatskii, I. S. Efimov, V. D. A. Zamirailo, , F. I. Zakharov, Y. Y. Kalinichenko, I. L. Kalmykov, E. I. Kamentseva, D. I. Kiplik, . A. Klodt von Klodt von, I. V. Komarov, K. A. Korovin, P. I. Korovin, A. I. Kravchenko, I. I. Krylov, A. V. Makowski, V. N. Bags, P. N. Myronovych, I. I. Nivinsky, S. V. Noakovsky, M. M. Agranovich, P. Y. Pavlinov, V. D. Polenov, E. D. Polenova M. S. Perin, F. I. Rerberg, A. K. Silverman, V. A. Sims, N. J. Simonovich-Ефимова, A. A. Sintsov, K. K. Tarbeyev, A. P. Tokarev, I. I. Troyanovsky, J. P. Turygin, . P. Ulyanov, A. I. Teals, E. J. Shanks, J. F. Chapel, M. I. Shesterkin, A. N. The Navigator . L. Alert, A. G. Yakimenko A. A. Yasinsky and others.

Exponent: A. Arkhipov, P. I. Batyukov, V. D. Bubnova, D. D. Burliuk, S. A. Vinogradov, . S. Goncharov, . M. Grigoriev, O. L. Della-Вос-Кардовская, V. I. Denisov, S. Y. Zhukovsky A. E. Ivanov, B. M. Kamensky, V. V. Kandinsky, D. N. Kardovsky, A. M. Korin, S. Korovin, . P. Krymov, P. V. Kuznetsov, G. A. Lapshin, M. F. Larionov, S. V. Malyutin, V. N. Masyutin, A. T. Matveev, V. V. Perepletchikov, P. I. Petrovichev, L. F. Pyschalkin, A. A. Rylov, . N. Sapunov, M. S. Saryan, V. A. Serov, . V. Nikolay Sinezubov Was, A. V. Sredine, A. S. Stepanov, S. Y. Sudeikin, P. S. Utkin, V. A. Tabor, P. A. Harybin, A. N. Shishov, O. V. Engels, K. F. Yuon, G. B. Yakulov and others.

Exhibitions: 1-я year (1893, Moscow) — 26-я year (1924, Moscow); 1-я exhibition of watercolors, pastels, drawings, studies and sketches (1899, Moscow).

Based circle of graduates of the Moscow school of painting, which until the fall of 1893 held weekly meetings, and had elected the Board consisting of: V. A. Sims (Chairman), D. I. Kiplik (Secretary), I. V. Komarov, V. N. Bags and F. I. Rerberg. In February and March 1893 — April 1894, the club held the "exhibition of Moscow artists", which was conducted count of the exhibitions of the Association. In early 1896, the club was transformed into the "Moscow Association of artists", which thus received the official status. 21 February of the same year approved the Charter, according to which the society aimed "to contribute to the success of the development of art in Russia, and also to take care of the interests of its members."

New members were taken in mtkh on his application by secret ballot at the General meeting (unlike the society where join was still required and recommendation of the Council). Exhibitors for exhibitions were also taken in the meeting of all members of the PCT.

in the Spring of 1896 took place the first performance of the partnership on the academic exhibition in St. Petersburg. Part of the exhibited works were then exhibited at the International exhibition in Berlin and the all-Russia industrial and agricultural exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod (both — 1896). In November 1896 was held on 4-я exhibition MTXwhich continued the series of annual exhibitions.

a Partnership had a particular aesthetic program. Over the years, the exhibitions were attended by representatives of various artistic directions. While the General thrust of the first exhibitions was reflected in the statement color of the picturesque in contrast to narrative and color restraint of late-night Wanderers.

In the work of the members of MTX dominated genre and landscape. The leadership in the exhibitions of the mid — the late 1890-х belonged to the group of artists that later formed the nucleus of the Union of Russian artists (H. M. Aladzhalov, A. Arkhipov, V. N. Baksheev, S. A. Vinogradov, . V. Dosekin, S. Y. Zhukovsky, . A. Klodt von Klodt von, K. A. Korovin, S. V. Malyutin, V. V. Perepletchikov and others). 2@MTX ndashй the exhibition was first exhibited painting "Northern idyll" K. A. Korovin.

Starting 6-й annual exhibition in Moscow (February 1899) and "Exhibition of paintings and artistic industry" in Petersburg (December 1899), in addition to painting, graphics, sculpture, exhibited works of decorative-прикладного art: art pottery, majolica, embroidery, carpets, sketches of furniture, including ceramic workshop of the Abramtsevo Savva Mamontov, a pottery cooperative "Ant".

In 1890-х partnership to promote the art among the masses had planned to hold a series of "National exhibitions" with cheap admission tickets. With this purpose, many artists, including V. D. Polenov, I. E. Repin, V. A. Serov was commissioned by the Board on historical and biblical subjects. The first "national exhibition" was held in 1899, however, further development of this idea had.

In the early 1900-х at exhibitions was dominated by the symbolist trend expressed in the works M. A. Vrubel, V. E. Borisov-Мусатова, . P. Krymov, P. V. Kuznetsov, A. T. Matveev, V. D. Milioti, . N. Sapunov, M. S. Sarian, P. S. Utkin. Was first shown to a wide audience are important for Russian symbolism in works like "Harmony" (8-я exhibition, 1901), "Tapestry" (9-я exhibition, 1902), "the Pond" (10-я exhibition, 1903) V. E. Borisov-Мусатова, Lebed ' M. A. Vrubel (12-я exhibition, 1905), "the Morning of (Birth)" P. V. Kuznetsov (12-я exhibition, 1905) and others.

13-й exhibition (1906) participated M. F. Larionov and . S. Goncharov, representing the avant-garde wing of the Moscow artistic youth. In 1909 and 1911 exhibitions MTX was attended by a large group of members of the St. Petersburg "New society of artists" (NOH). In turn, members of the PCT, and participated in the exhibition of NOH in St. Petersburg (1910). The exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue. In the framework of the annual exhibitions was held posthumous exhibition: V. I. Komarov (1899), E. D. Polenova (1902), V. E. Borisova-Мусатова (1916).

With the emergence of the Union of Russian artists "Jack of diamonds", the society "Free aesthetics" and other associations of interest to the exhibitions MTX significantly decreased. The latest exhibition took place in 1918, 1922 and 1924. The founders of the partnership with rare exception (V. D. Polenov, F. I. Rerberg) were not involved.

Krylov, Ivan Ivanovich1860/1861 -1936
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