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Zamirailo Viktor Dmitrievich

Zamirailo Victor D.

November 12, 1868 (Cherkasy Kiev Province) - February 2, 1939 (New Peterhof near Leningrad)

painter, graphic artist, set designer

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Замирайло, Виктор Дмитриевич


Zamirailo Victor D.

November 12, 1868 (Cherkasy Kiev Province) - February 2, 1939 (New Peterhof near Leningrad)

painter, graphic artist, set designer

Studied at the Drawing School of NI Murashko in Kiev (1881-1886). In 1883-1889 worked independently;'s advice MAVrubel.

lived alternately in Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg (Petrograd, Leningrad, 1904-1907, from 1914). He worked in the field of easel paintings and drawings, applied graphics (designed, book, magazine graphics, ex libris), a monumental painting. Since 1885 engaged in a list of churches in Kiev, Gus-Crystal, Abastuman; Vrubel worked as an assistant in the restoration of frescoes of St. Cyril's Church and Vasnetsov in the performance of the paintings of Vladimir Church (both in Kiev). In 1910-s been brought to their paintings Kazan station in Moscow.

From 1897 worked with publishing houses in Moscow and St. Petersburg, in 1905-1906 - satirical magazines "Bugbear," "Hell-mail", "viewer". Worked on the design of books "The Song of Wise Oleg" Alexander Pushkin (1900), "Mtsyri", "Demon" by Lermontov (both - 1914) and others. After 1917 it cooperated with the State Publishing House, private publishers "Alkonost", "Epoch". Served thumbnails of covers and illustrations for the book "Jack - the conqueror of giants" KI Chukovsky (1917 and 1921), "Mysteries" VF Khodasevich (1922), "As in anything not used "by A. Tolstoy (1924)," Don Quixote "Cervantes M. (1925)," Gulliver's Travels by J. Swift (mid 1920), "The little ragamuffin" J. Greenwood (1929).

From 1905 he worked as a theatrical designer. In 1908-1921 created a series of easel paintings Capricci. Many worked in the techniques of watercolor, sepia ink.

Since 1896 - participant of exhibitions. Member and exhibitor of the Moscow Society of Lovers of Fine Arts (1896-1898), the Moscow Association of Artists (1904-1911), the Union of Russian Artists (1908-1911), "World of Art" (1911-1924, with interruptions).

After the revolution, participated in exhibitions of "Community of Artists" (1922, 1925), a group of "Sixteen" (1927). Has exhibited his works at the 1-st state of free art exhibitions in Petrograd (1919), a traveling exhibition of Russian art in the United States and Canada (1924-1925, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles), anniversary exhibition "Graphic Art in the USSR. 1917-1927 "," Theater and decorative art. 1917-1927 "in Leningrad (all - 1927), the international exhibition" The Art Book "in Leipzig (1927) and others. In the early 1920's was involved in the "House of Arts" in Petrograd.

taught at the Higher Institute of photos and photo equipment in Petrograd (1918-1921), Leningrad Vhuteine (1925-1929).

Zamirailo - one of the leading masters of Russian art in the first third of the twentieth century, known as a superb draftsman and a talented book illustrator. The formation of his individual style was influenced by passion symbolism (creativity Vrubel and G. Dore), characteristic of early work, as well as the proximity of the masters association "World of Art". Characteristic features are the predominance of works Zamirailo graphic start on a picturesque, expression, expressive lines and decorative colors, grotesque, fantastic images. In books, graphic design principles developed miriskusnicheskie, seeking to organic combination of all elements of the book (illustrations, vignettes, font).

works are in many museum collections, among them - the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin and others.

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