The society Obshchina Khudozhnikov

1908-1930 St-Петербург — Petrograd — Leningrad

In 1908-1910 — New Union traveling exhibitions

the Members and exhibitors: M. I. Avilov, M. M. Adamovich, p. P. alkhimovich, S. N. Arkhipov, V. A. Afanasiev, V. P. Belkin, E. D. Belukha, V. Belasen, G. M. Bobrowski, I. F. Borisov, Osip Braz, I. I. Brodsky, A. Ya., Bruscetti-Митрохина, P. D. Buchkin, A. A. Buchkuri, J. J. Weber, G. S. Vereysky, . I. Verkhoturov, K. A. Veselov, E. O. Wiesel, R. F. Wilde, S. A. Vlasov, V. Warriors, V. V. Volkov, K. I. Gorbatov, I. A.'s Cabin, M. M. Guzhavin, I. S. I, E. Y. Dan'ko, . Ya. Dan'ko, G. V. Derwinski, . I. Dormidontov, K. V. Dydyshko, A. A. Egorov, V. I. Epifanova, B. N. Ermolaev, A. K. A Toad, V. D. A. Zamirailo, , V. A. Zverev, A. V. Zakharov, M. F. Ivanov, S. P. Ivanov, S. K. Ukowski, E. A. Kalachev, B. M. Kamensky, A. B. Kaplun, T. I. Katorgin, Z. V. Kobylets'ka, S. F. Kolesnikov, V. M. Konashevich, S. T. Konenkov, I. V. Krestovsky, E. S. Kruglikova, M. K. Kulesza, I. S. Kulikov, M. I. Kurilko, B. M. Kustodiev, V. N. Kuchumov, . E. Lancer, , A. A. Lappo-Данилевский, A. B. Lachowski, K. M. Lepilov, F. K. lekht, V. Lishev, I. I. Lysov, M. L. Maimon, A. V. Makowski, E. M. Maleshevska, E. I. Malyshev, M. A. Marichev, M. J. Miernyk, D. I. Mitrokhin, P. N. Mikhailov, F. A. Modorov, , P. I. Neradovsky, F. P. Nesterov, V. P. Nikitin, A. G. Novikov, M. E. Novikov, L. F. Ovsyannikov, D. G. Okroyants, A. P. Ostroumova-Лебедева, A. S. Pavlov, M. N. Panin, I. V. Petrovsky, M. G. Platunov, I. N. Pleschinskiy, V. A. Plotnikov, Z. G. Podushko, S. M. Pozharsky, P. D. Pokarzhevskii, L. A. Poltoratskaya, A. N. Popov, S. M. Prokhorov, I. A. Radimov, A. N. Raschupkin, , I. Repin, Y. I. Repin, V. I. Repina, K. I. Rudakov, L. V. Rudnev, A. I. Rusakov, A. A. Rylov, . N. Ryabinin, V. E. Savinsky, G. K. Savitsky, . S. Samokish, A. N. Samokhvalov, . Sergeev, M. G. Slepyan, K. A. Sokolov, E. M. Sotnikov, E. K. Spandikov, S. V. Spirin, M. S. Sadkowski, V. A. Tambi, V. I. Tkachenko, J. A. Troupyansky, M. S. Tuganov, A. A. Ulin, V. N. F., . I. Feshin, P. N. Filonov, R. R. Franz, . V. Kharitonov, HP Chiginsky, L. A. Knigin, B. I. Tsvetkov, A. M. Cherkassky, N. N. Chernov, T. P. Chernyshev, S. V. Chekhonin, A. I. Chugunov, P. A. Shillingovsky, . P. Slain, I. M. Sluglett, . Shmelev, V. M. Schulz, A. V. schekatihina-Потоцкая, A. P. Eisner, S. Eskin, A. S. Yanchenko, S. P. Yaremich and others.

Exhibitions: 1910 (London), 1912 (Amsterdam, the Hague), 1913 (Tiflis); 1-я (1917, Petrograd) — 8-я (1928, Leningrad).

the company was founded by graduates of the Higher art school of painting, sculpture and architecture at IAH, with the participation I. E. Repina (1915 — is the honorary Chairman). In the draft of the Charter submitted in February 1906 to the Ministry of internal Affairs signed by C. A. Vlasov, D. G. Creanza, M. L. Saffron, I. M. Chlupata, was intended to establish a society called "Folk art"; for formal reasons, the Charter was approved. 29Dec 1909 approved another draft of the Charter, according to which the Association aimed to "promote the development and diffusion of art in provincial cities of Russia".

August 17, 1910 adopted a new Charter; the Association was named "Community of artists". The first Chairman was D. G., Okroyants, in 1916 it was replaced by M. A. Kerzin, in the early 1920-х — T. P. Chernyshev. Deputy Chairman elected V. A. Plotnikov (1910) V. V. Stepanov (1917). Secretary appointed S. A. Vlasov (since 1917 the duties of Secretary were performed T. I. Katorgin), Treasurer — . V. Kharitonov.

the First performance of the Society was the exhibition in London, organized in October — December 1910 at the initiative . I. Verkhoturova. In early 1912, the Society held an exhibition in Amsterdam and the Hague, in 1913 — in Tiflis. Along with this, the Society members annually participated in the Spring exhibitions in the halls of the Imperial Academy of arts, and in the preparation of the exhibition of 1917, have achieved their representation in the organizing Committee and the jury@the semicolon as the head of the "Spring fair" was T. I. Katorgin.

November 27 (December 7) 1917, the Palace of arts (wing ln. Benoit Russian Museum) opened the first big exhibition of the Society devoted to the 45-летию creative activity Repin. On the same day there was a celebration in the presence of representatives of the artistic community.

August 2, 1923, adopted a new Charter, which stated: "a) All the activities of the Community shall be sent to the dissemination and development of art in the Republic to its maximum height. b) Association of artists to find out the new ways in art and life. C) Finding ways through which art can best be instilled in the masses. g) Maintain beginner artistic talents. d) Raising the technical side and skill in art and the ideological identification of his ways...".

1921-1928 Society has conducted seven periodic exhibitions, which were attended by over two hundred artists. Exhibitions were held in the private room Community at Large Pushkarskaya street, 48, on the Petrograd side, in the premises of the Society for the encouragement of arts, on Herzen street, 38 (5-я exhibition, 1924), the halls of the Academy of fine arts (6-я exhibition, 1925). Exhibited paintings, drawings, works of theatre-декорационного art, porcelain.

a strict numbering, which means that there is confusion in their designation; so, the Society held two 1-х exhibitions (1917, 1921), followed by 3-я (1921), then — two 5-х (1922, 1923). 1-я (1917), 3-я (1921), 6-я (1925), 7-я (1928) exhibition was accompanied by the publication of a catalogue. The society also held a number of short-term exhibitions in various parts of the city, the last of which took place in April — may 1929 and staged solo exhibitions of its members: A. P. Eisner (1926), tambi V. A. (1926), A. V. Zakharov (1926, posthumous), A. A. Lappo-Данилевского (1926, posthumous), M. G. Platunov (1926, 1928-1929), N. N. Chernova (1927), R. R. Frentz (1928) and others. In addition, members of the Community participated in 1-й state free exhibition of works of art (1919, Petrograd), the VI exhibition of AHRR "Revolution, life and work" (1924, Moscow), the jubilee exhibition of fine arts (1927, Leningrad) and others.

V. V. Voinov wrote about 5-й the exhibition Community of artists(Among collectors, 1922, No. 9, pp. 60-63): "the Activities of the community of artists, arranging for the fifth exhibition... should be noted the most sympathetic review... a Wide tolerance to different views on art, to a variety of flows, so sharp among artists, always bringing passion and persistence in their theoretical debates... what-то happily together about Communities of artists, very different from each other and seemingly incompatible... From the selection and grouping of works 5-ая exhibition of the Community is pretty good. So, here are the different approaches and use different techniques of drawing and... immediately an inexperienced viewer acquainted with the currents of painting, ranging from the simple-minded naturalism through impressionism, cubism, expressionism, down to almost non-objective painting, finally, and crafts... Quite rich and varied art. D. I. Mitrokhin put the book mark; V. D. A. zamirailo — vignette for the magazine “House of arts”, roses and a very peculiar song to his intended series of “Bridges”; S. V. Chekhonin gave excellent samples of book graphics, as always shining with amazing firmness of touch and beauty of the composition... the exhibition highlights a group of excellent painters, revealing an acute sense of form and originality of techniques... Among the painters especially draw attention to two names: R. R. Franz and Filonov, — artists of very different “temperament”, and tasks, but perhaps equally powerful, each in their own field... Very nice to see at the exhibition Department of the China State porcelain factory. Artists M. M. Adamovich, S. V. Chekhonin, A. Ya., Bruscetti-Митрохина, E.g., and . Danko, Z. V. kobylets'ka compete against each other in skill, the beauty of the decorative fancies and subtleties of technique..."

a Mansion on Pushkarskaya street actually became a club for the artistic community. Here was organized the Studio, where every day was invited of model, as well as a library, Museum, concert hall and several Lounges. Mondays were arranged artistically-музыкальные evening, heard the reports on art. The society held its celebration of its members in connection with the anniversaries; staged a celebration of veterans-слушателей Academy of arts (1924), the German proletarian artists (1925), and I. E. Repina in connection with his 80-летием (1923).

Since 1925 the company conducted contests with cash prizes: competition of the sketching for the Komsomol newspaper Smena (1925), the poster of Subsistema (1925), on the theme of "worker" in commemoration of the anniversary of the death of V. I. Lenin (1925), "the Triumph of the proletariat" in honor of 10-летия of the October revolution (1927). In 1926 was produced the album "Red October and the Civil war".

Despite this, the Community was attacked "the bourgeois" and a bourgeois. In 1930 the organ AChRs magazine "Art into the masses" (1930, № 4) wrote in the article "Bourgeois grouping of Leningrad" (dedicated to the artists and the Society of artists to them. A. I. Kuindzhi): "the Same evening they drink in "societies" tea, "chew" cut knife slices "Antonovka", draw around the stove-heated hot naked Nudes, write with strong angles“terribly revolutionary sailors” for the exhibition. Warm... soft light... Finely, finely honed pencil... Erasers for “flare” and anyway... a Leisurely conversation. ... “Quiet, quiet all around”... They want to educate young people... They smartly protect themselves in the Union. Suffocating smell of philistinism, they are in his work... All the work of “Societies” is limited to exhibitions. This is their only method of education of the masses. The course of history doomed to extinction, sluggish "bison" are covered, thus, the political phrase used in some parts of modern forms and methods of work."

in the Summer of 1930 took place the Union of the community of artists, society of artists to them. A. I. Kuindzhi society of artists and the Society of artists-индивидуалистов, which resulted in the creation of a new society "Shop painters".

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