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Braz Osip Emmanuilovich
Pseudonyms,autonyms and aliases: Iosif 1873–1936  

BrAZ Osip (Joseph) Emmanuilovich

10 (22) January 1873 (Odessa) - November 6, 1936 (Paris, France)

painter, graphic artist, teacher, collector.

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Браз, Осип Эммануилович


BrAZ Osip (Joseph) Emmanuilovich

10 (22) January 1873 (Odessa) - November 6, 1936 (Paris, France)

painter, graphic artist, teacher, collector.

Studied at Odessa Art School at KK Kostandi, I finished it in 1890 with a large bronze medal. In 1891-1893 studied at the Munich school Holloshi Sh. In 1893-1894 he worked in Holland and Paris. In 1895 he arrived in St. Petersburg and entered the Academy of Arts in Repin's studio. In 1896 participated in the academic exhibition, where his first great work "Portrait of the artist EM Martynova," noted Prize of Moscow Society of Art Lovers (MOLH) and acquired by PM Tretyakov. In 1897-1898 he worked on the portrait of Anton Chekhov, the final version of this picture was painted in Nice and is the only complete portrait of the writer's lifetime. In late 1890 - early 1900's made portraits of Russian artists and AP Sokolov, N. Kuznetsov, IY Ginzburg, K. K . Pervukhina, L. Pasternak, S. Ivanov, PI Neradovsky, MVDobuzhinsky, I. A . Fomin, Konstantin Somov and others, accomplished many custom portraits of women.

had his own private art studio in St. Petersburg (among his students was, for example, ZE Serebryakov).

In 1907-1911 he worked in France.

was a member of the association "World of Art" and a constant exhibitor of his exhibitions (1900-1903, 1911-1917, 1922, 1924). Since 1903 was a "Union of Russian Artists", participated in its exhibitions (1903-1906), but in 1910 left the membership of the Union, together with a group of Alexander Benois. Exhibited his work at exhibitions MOLH (1896-1899), "Society 36 artists" (1901, 1902), the Association of South Russian Artists "(1893, 1894, 1897, 1898, 1908, 1913). Exhibited in Paris, Vienna, Rome.

In 1913 painted landscapes of the Crimea, in 1915-1917 - landscapes of Finland. In 1914 he became an academician. In 1919 participated in the First State Free Exhibition of Works of Art in Petrograd in 1921 - in the first exhibition of paintings by the Community Artists in Petrograd in 1922 - the first Russian art exhibition in Berlin.

in 1920-1924 led the studio of easel painting in the State of free art workshops. In 1924 he was exiled to Novgorod, where he wrote numerous watercolor landscapes, in 1926 held its personal exhibition in the same year at the request of the Leningrad artistic societies were returned from exile.

In 1927-1928 he taught in VHUTEINe. In 1917-1928 (with breaks) worked in the State Hermitage Museum curator, restorer and expert on European painting. Success in this field contributed to his long experience of collecting paintings by old masters, particularly Dutch. In 1928, pictures from his collection into the museum.

In 1928 he settled in Paris, where he continued to paint and led the successful commerce with antiques.

Despite a number of "kitchen" still lifes created in 1920 - "Still Life with a brass mortar" (1920), "Still Life with Blue Jug (1921)," Still Life with a white cloth "(1922 ), etc., - Braz mainly known as a master of spectacular parade of portraits, written in free style stroke texture and different color combinations and beauty.


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