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Buchkin Petr Dmitrievich

Buchkin Peter D.

January 22, 1886 (d Sofronova Tver province) - June 21, 1965 (Leningrad)

Painter, graphic artist

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Бучкин, Пётр Дмитриевич


Buchkin Peter D.

January 22, 1886 (d Sofronova Tver province) - June 21, 1965 (Leningrad)

Painter, graphic artist

He spent his childhood in Uglich. Graduated Uglichskoe city school. In mid-1890's, he studied at Jacob iconographers Bogomaz and VM Klevtsova. In 1899-1904 he studied at the Central School of Technical Drawing of Baron Alexander Stieglitz at AN Novoskoltseva, AA Parland, VE Savinskoye , NA Koshelev, VV Mate. In 1904-1912 continued his education at the Higher Art School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at IAH at GR Zaleman, J. F. Tsionglinskogo, FA Roubaud, P. Chistyakov. In 1912, for a series of etchings was awarded an artist and became entitled to a pensioner's trip abroad. In 1913-1914 as a pensioner IAH visited Germany, France, Italy, in Paris, studied at the School at Kolarossi F. B. Nodena.

lived in St. Petersburg (Petrograd - Leningrad), in 1942-1944 - in the evacuation in Uglich. He worked in the field of portraiture, landscape, creating paintings for domestic and historical subjects, to book illustration. He turned to the techniques woodcuts, etchings, watercolors. Reproduced their works (mostly portraits) in the magazines "Niva", "Twinkle", "Sun of Russia", "spectator».

In 1917 he was drafted into the army, served in the Baltic Fleet sailor division submarines. In 1921 demobilized.

in 1921 was one of the organizers of the publishing house "Rainbow", in 1921-1930 was in charge of its artistic and technical editors. In the 1930's made a number of creative assignments: visited socialist construction, farms, part of the Red Army. In 1935, together with a group of artists made a voyage on the Volga, during which he wrote many sketches and studies.

Since 1912 participated in exhibitions. Member of the Society of Russian and exponential watercolors (1907-1918), the Moscow Association of Artists (1912), the Society of Artists. AIKuindzhi (1914-1930), the Association of Artists (1916-1922), TPHV (1917), the Community of Artists (1921-1922). In 1917 he was awarded the Prize. AIKuindzhi for watercolor "Before the Mirror", "Portrait of the folk singer Mezentsov. Participated in an international book exhibition in Florence (1922), the Jubilee Exhibition of Fine Arts in Leningrad (1927) and others.

taught at the Central School of Technical Drawing of Baron Alexander Stieglitz (1917-1919), the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Architecture and Sculpture (1932-1940), the Leningrad School of Industrial Art -- Leningrad Higher School of Industrial Art to them. VI Mukhina (1947-1965, head of the department of monumental painting), Professor.

In 1956 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Author of the book "The fact that in the memory. Notes by the artist "(L., 1962).

retrospective exhibition of works by the artist held in Uglich (2006).

Buchkin belongs to a prominent masters of Soviet art in the first half of the twentieth century, whose works (especially the paintings on historical and revolutionary themes) contributed to the emergence of socialist realism. Somewhat differently manifested itself in the landscape, where he performed the continuer of the traditions of Russian landscape school, and his watercolors with views of Uglich inherent lyricism, chamber sentiment.

Buchkin works are in many museum collections, particularly in the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Uglich state historical-architectural and art museum and others.

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