The Association of Artists

1904-1924 St-Петербург — Petrograd

full members: N. N. Becker, R. A. Bergholz, S. I. Vasilkovsky, K. A. Veselov, I. A. Vladimirov, K. K. Wroblewski, I. S. Galkin, I. S. Goriushkin-Сорокопудов, V. I. Zarubin, Yu Yu Klever (father), Y. Y. Klever (son), I. E. Krachkovsky, P. A. Levchenko, E. K. Lipgart, V. P. Ovsyannikov, A. G. Orlov, I. A. Pelevin, A. A. Pisemsky, I. P. Pokhitonov, . A. Sergeev, A. N. Stepanov, I. P. Fedorov-Керченский, R. R. Franz, V. K. Stamber and others.

Members-сотрудники: M. I. Avilov, G. D. Auer, M. A. Balunin, A. F. White, V. Belasen, ALB. N. Benoit, J. I. Brewery, F. F. Buchholz, P. D. Buchkin, A. A. Buchkuri, I. A. Weltz, V. Vsevolozhsky, A. V. Hansen, P. I. Geller, K. E. Geftler, I. M. Grabowski, V. F. Grave, M. M. Malkevich, S. E. Devyatkin, M. L. Dillon, I. G. Drozdov, S. M. Dudin, A. A. Egorov, . K. Toad, S. M. Zaidenberg, S. N. Zenkov, M. S. Ioffe, D. A. Kaigorodov, P. P. Karyagin, . A. Kiselev, P. V. Kovalskaya-Ильина, S. F. Kolesnikov, . N. Kolpakovskogo, G. P. Kondratenko, . I. Kravchenko, V. P. Kuznetsov, I. S. Kulikov, A. V. Makowski, A. F. Maksimov, L. I. Martirosov, P. Y. Murashev, V. I. Fertilizers, P. S. Naumov, L. G. Neimark, A. E. Ovander, I. A. Pass, A. M. Prokofiev, . A. Protopopov, A. N. Raschupkin, F. P. Riznichenko, M. V. Rundaltsov, G. K. Savitsky, V. S. Svarog, S. S. Solomko, V. N. Stepanov, E. V. Obodska, V. N. F., B. O. Fredman-Клюзель, I. F. Schultze, V. I. Shcherbakov and others

Exhibitions: 1-я "year" (1904, St.-Петербург) — 16-я "year" (1922, Petrograd); "autumn": 1909 (St-Петербург) — 1923 (Petrograd); "Spring" exhibition — 1924 (Petrograd@last semicolon)

the Association of academic direction; founded by a group of artists led R. A. Bergholz, which at the end of 1903 came from St.-Петербургского society of artists. The partnership was aimed at "promoting the development and dissemination of art in Russia; strengthening the artistic and financial position of the Association and to fence the same interests mates; sharing device exhibitions in Russia and abroad." The Charter was approved August 22, 1906. The partnership was spearheaded by a Committee of three commissioners, which in turn elected R. A. Bergholz, I. A. Vladimirov, I. E. Krachkovsky, V. P. Ovsyannikov, A. A. Pisemsky, V. K. Stemmer.

1904 the Partnership was organized in the spring of "year" show, and from 1909 — "autumn" exhibition. If at first the participants were mostly active members, from 1916 on they were dominated by members-сотрудников (exhibitors), the number of which reached 90-95 people. Exhibitions were held in the halls of the Society for the encouragement of the arts and were accompanied by catalogues.

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