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Pokhitonov Ivan Pavlovich

January 27, 1850 (d Matrenovka Kherson Province) - December 12, 1923 (Brussels)

painter and graphic artist.

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Похитонов, Иван Павлович


Pokhitonov Ivan Pavlovich

January 27, 1850 (d Matrenovka Kherson Province) - December 12, 1923 (Brussels)

painter and graphic artist.

born in the family of the landlord, a retired artillery officer. Systematic arts education is not received. He graduated from the private pension Humbert in Elizavetgrad, then studied at the Cadet Corps in Poltava, and a real high school in Nikolayev. In 1868 he entered the Tepliy stan agricultural and forestry school in Moscow, but a year later was expelled for participating in the People circle and sent to the family estate Matrenovka, where for years had been under police surveillance.

In 1870 he moved to Odessa, joined the faculty of natural Novorossiysk University. He studied at the Mechnikov had a great interest in zoology and ornithology. In 1870 served by teller Odessa State Bank, later left the service, becoming the manager of the estate of his father. In parallel, independently engaged in drawing and watercolor.

in 1871 with his mother and sister traveled to Europe for the first time took part in an art exhibition in Geneva, where his watercolor landscapes were successful. In 1876 he moved to Italy, in 1877 he settled in Paris, devoted himself entirely to art. He is known in Parisian society of mutual welfare of Russian artists, made friends in VD Polenov, M. Antokolsky, V. Stassov, as well as with the French painters E. Meissonier and Jean Bastien-Lepage. For some time perfecting his skills in the studio E. Careers. In 1881 he received a government order for nine panels depicting the battle of Russian troops in Bulgaria in 1877-1878. In 1904, for the job he was elected a member of the IAH on battle-painting.

since 1876 regularly exhibited his work in the salons of Paris. Received a sympathetic critique, quickly earned a reputation as a first-class landscape. Artworks Pohitonova were extremely in demand on the art market, which serves as testimony to the unprecedented contract with the famous Jean Marchand Petit. For him Pokhitonov until his century was supposed to receive a thousand francs per month and sixty-five percent of the value of sold paintings. However, financial difficulties forced Petit terminate the contract after 10 years.

Since 1893 permanently lived in Belgium, in a suburb of Liege Bressan. Many traveled to Italy, France and Russia. Regularly sent paintings to exhibitions in Russia, participated in exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Art Lovers. In 1895 was adopted in TPHV. In 1900, received a silver medal in the Salon des Beaux Arts in Paris.

In 1901, he purchased the estate Zhabovschina in the Minsk province, a few years he lived and worked in it. In 1906, again went to Belgium. In 1911 in the gallery "Lemercier" in Moscow was a personal exhibition Pohitonova. In 1913, arrived in St. Petersburg, where, because of World War I remained until 1917. In February 1917 I went to the Kuban, lived in Ekaterinodar and hot key. In 1919 he returned to Belgium. In 1922 he spent a large solo exhibition in Liege, a year later - in Antwerp. In recent years, could not actively work because of deteriorating vision.

in 1925 in Liege he had a memorial exhibition. In 1963 an exhibition of works Pohitonova held in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

main part of the creative heritage of the artist are miniature landscapes, made a small brush on the plates of red or lemon tree, treated and primed for a special technology. He worked mainly in the open air, the most common motifs of his paintings, miniatures were views of Paris and its environs, Liege, France, seascapes, rural types of Byelorussia. In his works, always built on a combination of delicate shades of color, organically connected devices barbizontsev a fan he was, and traditions of Russian landscape school. Attention is also to the genre of still life and portraits.

Creativity Pohitonova represented in many private and museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum im. Pushkin, the Scientific Research Museum of Russia Academy of Arts and others.

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