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Perepletchikov Vasily Vasilievich

Переплётчиков, Василий Васильевич


Perepletchikov, Vasily Vasilievich

October 18, 1863 (Moscow) - 1918 (Moscow)

Painter, graphic artist

son of a merchant, an honorary citizen of Moscow, the candidate of Commerce Basil Perepletchikova. He graduated from the course of the Moscow Practical Academy of Sciences of business. At the same time engaged in painting and drawing under the guidance of AA Kiselev. In 1872, joined a volunteer in MUZHVZ, where he studied with Ivan Shishkin, and VD Polenov. Later attended evening polenovskie drawing.

lived in Moscow. Many travel, traveled along the Volga (1895), the Northern Dvina (1898). Since 1902 has repeatedly been to the North. Visited Paris (1887, 1895, 1901), Vienna (1888), Munich (1898).

He painted landscapes, many worked in watercolor technique, turned to pastels, charcoal, ink, tried his hand at lithography. In 1880 regularly traveled to studies in Savvinsky suburb near Zvenigorod (with I. Levitan, S. Korovin), Pleso and the Volga (together with S. A . Vinogradov), in the 1900's, he worked in the estate Dugin with IE Grabar and NV Meshcherins. Initiated edition of the album "Periodic release pictures of Russian artists" (1886). Participated in the decoration of the magazine "Artist" (1892).

Since 1880 - participant of exhibitions (student's, MUZHVZ). Member and exhibitor of the Moscow Society of Lovers of Fine Arts (1884-1908, with interruptions, member since 1893, secretary). Founding member and permanent exhibitor of the Union of Russian Artists (1903-1918, in 1906-1916 and 1917-1919 - a member of the Committee). Also participated in exhibitions TPHV (1893, 1895-1901), the Moscow Association of Artists (1893, 1895, 1899), the Society of Russian watercolourists (1894, 1896, 1897), "World of Art" (1899-1903), "36-year-artists "(1901-1903)," Salon, "VA Izdebsky (1910), Ekaterinoslav Scientific Society (1910), circle" Environment "(1911). Has exhibited his works at the All-Russia industrial and agricultural exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod (1896), St. Petersburg and the exhibition of Finnish artists in St. Petersburg (1898), an international exhibition in Munich (1896), exhibitions of Russian art in Paris (1906) and Berlin (1906-1907) and others.

One of the founders of the Free aesthetics "(1907-1908), combining" painters "(1917-1918). Orlovsky member of the Society of Fine Arts (from 1913), Ryazan city Kunsthistorisches Museum. Professor IP Pozhalostina (1913-1917). Participated in the activities of the Moscow literary and artistic circle (1914-1917, member of the commission on the acquisition of works of art).

taught in classes of Fine Arts artist-architect AO Gunst (1890-1892) worked in private in the studio of graphic arts at the central Stroganov School of Industrial Art (1907-1908 ).

author of stories about travel to the North: Designer Samoyed Ilya Vylka . Notes on the New Earth /enter. Art. VV Perepletchikov. Moscow, 1914; Perepletchikov B. . North. Sketches of Russian reality. M., 1917.

Perepletchikova works are in major museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, art museums, Vladimir, Voronezh, Rostov the Great, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Stavropol, Ulyanovsk and others.

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